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I posted these messages on another board, and I realized that the information might help people over here, please read all of the messages all the way through:

I forgot to mention that the strength of the glycolic peel you get from the doctor can be as high as 70% but probably will not do any more for you than the 30% because glycolic acid peels the skin in a progressive manner.

Also, the 70% is usually irritating for most people that I have talked to/or read their experience with the 70% on the web, and I have heard of permanent or semi-permanent red marks being made by the 70% even when the doctor does the peel.

Also, the doctor will charge from $35 to $100 per glycolic acid peel. In California the low price is usually around $75.00 per peel at the doctor’s office or at a clinic where a doctor is registered as being “on staff.” The 70% can only be purchased by a clinic where a doctor is on staff or by a doctor.

The glycolic acid peel I have at home cost me $89 dollars for the set of glycolic 30% and the blue prep lotion, and there are at least 50 peels in the bottle. $89 divided by 50 equals $1.78 per peel. The doctor buys his glycolic at a discount, and 70% is more expensive than 30% but I would guess that his cost is probably around $2.30 for the glycolic he uses in each peel.

WOW, that is a nice profit.

I forgot that I paid for the shipping which was $5.95…that brings the full price up to $95.90. The price per peel is now $1.92.

Hi Vita,
Clean your face so there is no make-up or excess oils on it.
Rinse well and towel dry.
Cup your left hand and pour a little of the blue prep lotion (it is watery) into the cup area in your left palm. Dip your fingers from your right hand into this lotion, and use your fingers to apply this stuff all over your face and neck where you are going to put the glycolic liquid gel.. Let the prep lotion dry before you apply the glycolic liquid gel.
Rinse your hands and towel dry.

The 30% glycolic I use is in a liquid gel form, and pours out of the bottle.
Put around a tablespoon in your cupped left hand.
Again you use your fingers to dip into the glycolic and apply it on your face and your neck.
Pour out as much as you need to put a nice coat on your skin. Avoid getting too close to your eye area.
I believe the instructions will give you a time limit for the first few times you use this peel.
I keep it on my skin for at least 10 minutes or longer before I rinse it off. I have been using this treatment for a while now, and I have learned how long my skin will tolerate the glycolic. You learn how your skin tolerates this product as you use it.
I feel a tingle where I put this stuff on my skin, and the tingle lasts for several minutes, sometimes longer.
If you get it on the area just above your upper lip and you have some lines there the lines will smooth out right away, this is my experience.
Soap will stop the acid action so you should use a clean washcloth that has been rinsed in soapy water to remove the gel from your skin.

Always be very careful to keep the glycolic gel away from your eyes.

After I remove all of the glycolic gel from my skin with the soapy washcloth I shower, and let the shower really rinse off my face. Don’t use water that is too hot. Warm to cool is best after doing the glycolic peel. If your skin still feels tingly then apply some soap to it to neutralize.

For soap you need “real soap” and I use a bar that is made from olive oil, and does not have any perfume or dyes in it.
This real soap neutralizes the glycolic acid very nicely.
Your skin will be very dry after doing the glycolic peel and the dryness will last until the next day if you are like me.
If you are a guy you can just put a moisture lotion or a cream on your skin, and leave the house because you will look normal…you will not be red or pink.
If you are a woman you can put on your cream or moisture lotion, and your make-up and leave the house, you will look normal.
DO NOT PUT ANY ACNE MEDICINE OF ANY KIND ON YOUR SKIN FOR AT LEAST 24 HOURS AFTER DOING THE GLYCOLIC PEEL. Your skin will be extra sensitive because the top layer has been renewed.

I have NEVER flaky peeled several days after doing this peel.
The skin is removed on the washcloth when you clean off the gel before you step into the shower. (I like to shower after doing this peel because it really rinses the skin off real well.)

30Glycolic.com is the place where I got my kit.
They sent me something called Chiffon Cream with the kit because they know the skin is very dry after the glycolic peel but I did not use the Chiffon Cream because it had mineral oil in it and mineral oil is very bad for skin that is acne prone.

70% Glycolic is more than twice as strong as the 30%. The 30% exfoliates the skin without doing any damage. I have done a lot of these peels now and the glycolic has not harmed me. BUT the glycolic I have been using has improved the texture of my skin. After I do the peel I have to moisturize my skin and I use Earth Science Apricot Night Crčme, which is strong medicine for skin that has been dried out from the glycolic but does not break me out. I do not use this cream all the time but I use it when I need it. It is good especially for under the eyes. Glycolic also removes surface discolorations if you use it at least once a week I know because it has done this for me.

I think it will get rid of any surface discoloration like the red marks from old acne since it removes the top layer of skin.

I have heard that some people have had a bad reaction to the 70%. I have also been told by a woman who runs a spa that you need to build up a tolerance to glycolic so you use the 30% for a while then you use the 40% for 10 peels or so, then you use the 50% for 10 peels all the way up to the 70%.

Glycolic is an ALPHA Acid, which means it penetrates through the epidermis layer of the skin down to the dermis. There is some controversy about how it works. Most experts say that it only removes the loose dead stuff on the surface of the skin. BUT, I remember reading that it can actually help to loosen the upper layers of the skin in the epidermis and make them exfoliate much, much sooner than they would normally exfoliate. If you are 20 your skin will exfoliate by itself and renew itself about every 20 to 25 days without using any type of peel. If you are 30 the normal exfoliation is longer. The time it takes to normally exfoliate your skin increases as you age. That explains why the older you get the duller your skin can appear if you do nothing to help it to exfoliate.

Now we all have acne problems on this board and we need to exfoliate much more than people who do not have acne problems, and as we get older the process takes longer and longer to exfoliate naturally. Plus, exfoliation really does help acne to calm down because it does remove the top layer of the skin. I have found my skin looks much better since I have been using this product. I also use a product that has hyaluronic acid in it and I use olive oil in my cooking to oil my skin from the inside out without breaking out. Soon I will also be using aloe and MSM on my skin. You see I really do a lot of things to keep the acne away. I think keeping acne away is a lifelong fight for us because of the type of skin we were born with

Glycolic Acid Peels at home…

Here is the exact link to the 30 glycolic site.


The bottles are 8 ounces each…I have done 40 peels, and I still have some of the prep and the glycolic left so I had guesstimated that 50 peels could be gotten from one kit. The web site says 25+ peels but they may be thinking that some people are doing their backs and/or chests too.
I only did my face and neck.

You can use the toll free phone number they provide like I do, and you do not have to put your credit card on the web. If you do not have a credit card maybe they will take some other form of payment like a money order. All you have to do is call.

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