I read a post on healthboards.com about using olive oil to treat acne and as a moisturizer. I’m curious… has anyone tried this before? The people on that thread claimed it worked wonders on their skin and did not break them out.

I also tried the scrub they were raving about… olive oil mixed w/ table salt. However, I was too chicken to try this on my face. Instead I used it on my body. I just gently massagd it into my skin while standing in a hot bath then soaked in my bath for about 10 min. Wow… my skin has never felt so soft and satiny! It wasn’t oily at all. Just very soft and smooth. I put on Oil of Olay Total effects body lotion afterwards and felt like I’d been to a spa. 🙂

I am very curious to see if this will be a good exfoliator on my face. A girl tried it and she said she felt as if she had just had a facial. It did not break her out either.

Any one try this or willing to try this?


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2 thoughts on “OLIVE OIL

  1. Hey Misty,

    Coming from a person that has tried this i wouldnt if you have sensitive skin. Oily either because it will make things worse! I have both and i broke out into these little bity white heads all over my face mostly around my mouth, chin, and hairline.

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