Hello all! I documented pieces of my first experience with Accutane here about 5 years ago. It can be found here http://www.clearskin.net/viewtopic.php?t=6655

At the time, I was deployed to Kuwait, and was given the medicine by a civilian derm in the city. I was only able to complete two months (with GREAT results) of my course because it was time for us to pack up and head home. So obviously, my acne came back. And no, I haven’t been clear for the past five years. I’d say it came back after about three months. All this time, I’ve been going through the usual, OTC, doctors who only think to prescribe Doxy, Retin-A, etc…finally my new derm decided I’m a good candidate for Accutane. So here I go again. I’m thinking about only posting on the exact same days as I did the first time and comparing what was happening then, to now.

I took my first pill this morning after my appointment. 40 Mg (same dose as first course)

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12 thoughts on “YAAJ…ROUND TWO!

  1. Day 2 – Uh, what I experienced on Day 8….5 years ago, I’m starting to experience on Day 2 of this course..lol. I think it’s only because when I started my first course of Accutane, my skin was HOR-RI-BLE and I had big zits everywhere on my face. It’s not as bad now so maybe I’m just able to notice the isolated things. And oh, the whiteheads are what I’m talking about, under my nose, and above my mustache.

  2. Day 4 – Other than the more-than-usual whiteheads on my face in the morning, nothing much to talk about. I think I have a better appetite, though.

  3. Don’t feel bad if your acne gets worse at first.

    I had a horrible "initial breakout" that led to several large "multi zits" dominating my cheek and neck.

    Good luck with this round. Maybe the 2 months in Kuwait on ‘tane will help this course work better or more quickly. 🙂

  4. Don’t feel bad if your acne gets worse at first.

    I had a horrible "initial breakout" that led to several large "multi zits" dominating my cheek and neck.

    Good luck with this round. Maybe the 2 months in Kuwait on ‘tane will help this course work better or more quickly. 🙂

    Hey Paul! Hopefully, that’s what will happen. But that was five years ago so I’m not counting on it lol.

  5. Day 7 – I’ve experienced a little shoulder soreness for the past two days. Dry patch of skin on right cheek. Nothing else really major. During my first course, Day 10 was the onset of my initial breakout. We’ll see lol.

  6. Day 10 – Right now it is BARELY Day 10, it’s actually 2:05am. I seem to be right on track with my first course as far as initial breakout. Yesterday, my chin and mouth area broke out in lots of whiteheads. The type that you can slightly prick with a needle and drain. BUT, they always……come back. I guess because after I prick them, I don’t put anything on them to dry them out, and that’s because well, I’ve read that you shouldnt put much of anything on your face besides moisturizer. Anyway yeah, also have a zit under an eyebrow, and a sore one right on the tip of my nose (never get zits there)…so here it comes, can’t wait to get over the hump. For the past two days I’ve also noticed a little red in the tissue after I blow my nose in the morning. Slight shoulder and muscle soreness persists.

    (Edit) Today has definitely been the driest, and the flaking is noticeable now.

  7. On Day 11, I grew two new healthy ‘lumps’ on my chin, and two on my forehead. The skin around my nose and mouth is a whitehead haven and I can see the solid white stuff in individual pores better than usual. This, coupled with the dryness and flaking (which REALLY needs an exfoliation intervention, ugh) makes for an ugly situation. Not totally unbearable though. *sigh* The sides of my face are pretty much blemish free, though.

  8. Day 13 – Accutane is funny in that you can looks f’ed up one day, and "ok" the next. Today was an ok day. Because I’m darker skinned, I don’t worry about red spats that last forever, so I popped the two that were on my forhead, don’t worry they were ready. I also got the one on my chin last night too. It wasn’t happy today but seems to be going down now. I also didn’t wake up with as many whiteheads this morning. During my first course, THAT marked the ending of my initial breakout and I never broke out again while ont he Tane after that. My nose bled during my sleep I suppose, but it wasn’t enough to drip onto my pillow case or whatever. Noticed the red tint when I blew my nose this morning. Back still aches a little. And my lips are dryer and dryer everyday. But as far as skin, it was an ok day. Only 3 days of initial breakout? Let me pray!

  9. Day 15 – The two on my forehead are taking forever to go away. The angry one on my chin is still drying up and going away now. A few small whiteheads on my right cheek this morning. Feeling a sore spot in my temple area. Other than that, everything looks cool! No back pains for a couple of days, but I do see blood in the tissue ever morning when I blow my nose. Dryness not bad.

  10. Day 19 – Same as day 15. The bump on my forehead and chin have gone away a little more. Only had like 3 new zits in the past couple of days. Nose is drying out pretty badly. I’m almost bored with this journal this time around, there’s nothing to talk about lol. I’m seeing results so quickly.

  11. Day 30 – Since I last posted, I’ve had maybe 3 or 4 new zits. What really was new to me, was a lot of blackheads that showed up on the bridge of my nose, and hardened sebum "spikes" were all over the lower cartilage part of my nose. That’s gone now though. I’m not getting really dry lately, lips nor face……but my Doctor just gave me my second month’s worth of pills an kept me on the same dosage. 40mg. The worst part of all this is the back and shoulder soreness. That has been persistent this time around. The first course I didnt experience it at all.

  12. Day 67 😀

    Well, between Day 30 and now, there has been nothing worth reporting. I may have had two or three zits in that time. The thing that HAS been hard to deal with though, are the dry lips. They soak up EVERYTHING and always beg for more moisture. The winter months don’t help either. Other than that, its been going great. I am obsessing over these rolling scars now though. I dont think Ill ever get rid of those unless I get some type of laser surgery or whatever. They’re too far gone. But at this moment, I have ZERO active pimples, and I’m happy with that. The dry sebum keeps extracting out of my nose too. But that’s nothing and not even noticeable. Maybe my derm will increase my dosage next month? Because there’s really no action. My check up did have abnormal readings for my liver a few days ago. But the reading, he said, is usually thrown off by alcohol. And of course….New Years, I drank, and I told him. I know better but c’mon lol.

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