Friend’s daughter’s skin cleared up with diet changes

This is from an email I got from a friend of mine (changed the name):

Ann [her daughter] was diagnosed with gluten intolerance/celiac and that was a big wake-up call for me. I saw her skin clear up from really terrible to no blemishes and her energy has gradually come back.

It might be worth it to try cutting out gluten and see if it helps. I find that I feel better in general without gluten even though I haven’t been diagnosed as being celiac. I eat quinoa, buckwheat and rice and also found a gluten-free oatmeal made by Bob’s Redmill. I’m also allergic to milk products and cut them out of my diet. I’m not saying that cutting out gluten will clear up everyone’s acne, but it might work for some of you. I would give it like 3-6 months or so though, I would think, to see results. I’ll find out how long it took Ann to clear up.

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3 thoughts on “Friend’s daughter’s skin cleared up with diet changes

  1. I asked her how long it took for her skin to clear up after she stopped eating gluten, and this was her response:

    It actually took awhile. But she didn’t have regular acne but really a terrible skin condition that looks like acne but is really a reaction to gluten. I forget the name. I think it differed from acne in that it was all throughout her neck area as well as her face. I’d say roughly 8 months. And she is also on birth control pills. Still if she gets even a little gluten in her diet her skin condition will flair up. Hope that helps.

  2. Hmmm, I wish my acne could have been cleared up by diet. Would have been cheaper than Accutane. 🙂

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