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I won some Trivani skin care and other products on EBay for a very low price a few weeks ago — the cleanser, toner, day moisturizer and night cream, and also a shampoo, conditioner and Provani, their progesterone cream. I like them for the most part and haven’t broken out from them. They do contain some chemicals though, like butylene glycol, although they claim that all of their products are non-toxic and non-carcinogenic. The toner sprays on kind of heavy and is too focussed of a spray though so I have to spread it around with my fingers — the directions say to let it dry completely before applying the creams. They recommend other products in place of the the day and night creams for people over 30 years old, Yuvani and Instalast, but they are super expensive (like $100 and $200 or more) and I can’t afford them, even on auction. I would like to try the serum eventually though, which is around $39. I’m not sure about the Provani cream yet — too early to tell if it will help me. I think it’s helping with the panic attacks and heart palpitations but I’m still having a lot of anxiety, insomnia and fatigue.

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  1. My skin is doing well on the Trivani products so I went ahead and ordered the serum and also their deodorant to try. One can sign up as a wholesale customer for free (they waive the membership fee if you buy a product) and they’re currently giving the autoship prices to wholesale members also. I’ve been getting a lot of compliments on my hair since using their shampoo and conditioner. My hair seems to be getting progressively in better condition as I continue to use their products. I haven’t tried their styling mist yet though, because they described it to be like a hair spray to use on styled hair and I don’t use hair spray. I’ve been using Innersense’s curl cream.

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