Greens to Go powder

A friend of mine gave me a box of Greens to Go powder packets because he didn’t care for the taste. I have been putting it in fruit smoothies (haven’t tried it in just water yet) and I do like the taste of it that way. He got it at Costco. I was looking at the website, , and saw some testimonials there for people who said their skin cleared up. I’ve only used it a couple of days so I don’t know what it’s effect on my skin will be (I only have 2-3 small bumps anyway) but I can report back. I don’t really have much acne anymore now though — guess I finally mostly outgrew it in my mid 50’s, geesh. I still have to be careful what I put on my face though because I can still break out with the wrong cosmetics. I still use the Suki clay mask at least once a week and use the Suki toner for acne-prone skin. I’m taking Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s line of supplements (per his Vitamin Advisor for seniors) and also Metagenics EPA & DHA High Concentrate fish oil which Dr. F. recommended for anxiety and depression. I’m trying to eat more raw foods, especially salads.

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2 thoughts on “Greens to Go powder

  1. Hello Lenore :angel how are you?

    From what you have written it appears that your skin is behaving these days. That’s good! I don’t have much trouble any more either.

    I guess you could say that we are ‘success’ stories because we learned how to control/stop acne from the information we learned on this web site.

    Solomio 😮

  2. Lovely photo Solomio. I stopped using the Greens to Go Powder because I thought I might be getting an allergic response (itching all over). I got some New Chapter Berry Greens powder instead and seem to be doing okay with it. It doesn’t contain any grasses in it, like wheat or barley grass. I think I am allergic to the grasses. I use it in smoothies. It doesn’t taste too good in just water.

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