Healing Seed skin and hair care products

The Healing Seed products contain hemp seed oil (www.healingseed.net ). I’ve been using their shampoo and conditioner for months now and I like them a lot. They make my hair soft and they’re soothing to the scalp. The only thing about the conditioner is that it’s so thick that it’s really hard to squeeze out of the bottle. I’ve been putting the conditioner into a jar ahead of time because it’s too difficult to squeeze out of the bottle with wet hands in the shower. They’re going to change the packaging on it to a tube soon which should make it easier to dispense.

I’ve also been using their facial cleanser and facial cream for maybe a month now and like them also. The cleanser has a nice satiny finish to it and a pleasant light scent and doesn’t dry the skin. The face cream is really nice also with a very nice fresh light scent. I’ve been using it like a month or more and I haven’t had any real problems with breaking out. The main ingredients are organic too, which is nice. I’ve been using it on top of my Suki products though. My skin was feeling dry just using the Suki products alone; my skin feels a lot more comfortable now using the H.S. cream on top. I haven’t been using the Suki Cleansing Clay as frequently as I was, because even though they say it doesn’t dry the skin, I feel it does dry my skin, even just leaving it on for 5 minutes. The Healing Seed is planning to come out with a scrub and an eye cream sometime this year also. The Suki products are very good but they’re so expensive. Also, the Suki Intensive Brightening Cream is really lightweight, more like a lotion or serum than an actual cream. It’s good for using as an eyecream though.

Once I use up the Suki, I’m going to try and simplify my skin care routine and just use the H.S. cleanser and face cream and maybe go back to using Devita’s Optimal Rejuvenation Complex (it’s like a serum — see http://www.devita.net/products/ProductView.mgi2?mgiToken=J02WJN214U6JX359&ID=DAL ). I always loved the way that felt on my skin — it was sooooo soothing. There are places online that sell it a lot cheaper than at the Devita website also. I read a review somewhere of a girl who said that using the H.S. facial products cleared up her skin. They certainly haven’t broken me out anyway, but I don’t know if they will be enough to keep me clear on their own. My acne is way reduced from what it used to be, but I still break out if I use the wrong products. Dr. Hyla Cass recommends a cream called Derma Q-Gel for an anti-aging cream. I’m reading her book for women called 8 Weeks to Vibrant Health — I got it from the library.

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