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I was staying very clear on Livia’s skin care products, but they have changed some of their formulations so now I’m leery of continuing with them. Also, I didn’t realize that all of Livia’s toners contain colloidal silver which is an ingredient I’m very leery of after reading on Dr. Weil’s website about risks associated with using it. I’m running low on some of my Livia products, so I decided to try Suki’s Mini Kit Nourishing (sample kit) and then I tried her Mini Kit Balancing. I’m also using Suki’s tinted moisturizer and her concealor. I started to break out somewhat when I was using the cleansing lotion. I found the Balancing products to be too drying though. I’ve ordered Suki’s sensitive cleansing bar and I’m thinking of trying the other products in the Mini Kit Nourishing in the full sizes. I was doing really well with Livia but they’re now putting cocoa butter and octyl palmitate in the Plum Peptide Moisture, and I’m afraid it’s going to break me out. I have been breaking out a bit with the Suki products whereas I was pretty much always clear when using the Livia skin care line with Evan’s make-up. I hope I don’t end up giving myself acne again.

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  1. (Where the heck is everybody?) I spoke to a product use expert at Suki named Alisha (very nice and very helpful) and she advised me to trade in the Nourishing Toner for the Balancing Toner because the latter has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. She also advised me to get the Transformative Clay Cleanser and to use the Exfoliate Cleanser only 2-3 times a week since I have sensitive skin. (Those without sensitive skin can use it daily.) I had already gotten a full size of the Intensive Brightening Cream and she said that I should keep on using that during the day and as an eye cream also. She said to keep on using the Pure Facial Moisture Nourishing at night that I still have from the mini kits, but that if my skin didn’t clear up after switching the toner and cleanser, then I should get the Pure Facial Moisture Balancing instead.

    I have had this annoying white bump in the smile line area for like a year or more (like in between the pores with solid skin over it). Before I got around to exchanging the toner, that bump turned into a big nasty red infected cyst. I bought the full sizes of the Balancing Toner and the Transformative Clay Cleanser on Sunday night and have been using those along with the Exfoliate Cleanser that I still have from the trial kits. I’ve also been using the Clay Cleanser overnight as a spot treatment on the pimples. Some pus came out of the cyst last night and now it’s a dried up dark scab. Not pretty, but hopefully after it heals I won’t have that stupid white bump anymore. I got another little pimple on my jawline that looked like it was starting to get infected, but after using the new toner and cleanser, it has dried up to almost nothing.

    I ordered the Sensitive Cleansing Bar from Whole Foods 2-3 weeks ago, but still no word. I was advised by another lady at Suki (Heather) to switch off between the bar and the Clay Cleanser. Alisha told me that the bar was originally made for cleansing the body but that they were getting a lot of positive feedback on using it for the face, so that they now recommend it for the face also. Their literature claims that the Clay Cleanser isn’t drying, but my face feels a little tight after using it. You can use the Clay Cleanser as a masque also — you leave it on 5 minutes for cleansing, 10-15 minutes as a masque. My skin doesn’t feel that tight if I just leave it on for 5 minutes but I left it on for 15 minutes today and it does feel pretty dry.

    I’m beginning to think I should have just stuck with the Livia products and just started using the Suki toner instead of the Livia toner but I’m afraid to try the new formulation of the Livia moisturizer. Shoot, I wish companies wouldn’t switch around formulations so much. My skin had been staying so clear using the Livia products and Evan’s powder foundation and blush. My skin was getting kind of dry though, even when I was mixing the Evan’s powder with her foundation base cream for oily skin. It’s kind of a hassle to mix the powder with the base cream every day though and then you have to wash the little plastic spoons too. I do like the Suki make-up.

  2. Another little zit is coming up near my eyebrow, so I went and bought the Pure Facial Moisture Balancing today. Alicia answered an email I sent today and she said that I should use the PFM Bal. during the day also (it’s normally recommended for overnight use only) in the areas where I’m breaking out and only use the Intensive Brightening Cream in the areas where I’m not breaking out. What a pain. I didn’t think that the I.B. Cream would be a problem with break outs because she had said that that one was okay to begin with. Oh, man, I am so tired of still having to contend with zits at age 57! This is just ridiculous. I thought I might have finally outgrown acne, but no such luck. My skin was feeling dry after I used the Cleansing Clay tonight and was a little flaky also.

    I’m thinking now that I should have stuck with Livia and switched to another one of her moisturzers and used the Suki toner instead of switching totally to Suki products. Another reason I switched to Suki was because all their products came up as being really safe on the Environmental Working Group’s cosmetic safety database while the Livia products were not rated as being as safe.

  3. Thank goodness, my face is clearing up now. I’ve been using the scrub 3-4 times a week and then using the clay cleanser the rest of the time. I’ve continued to use the Intensive Brightening Cream during the day and the PFM Balancing oil at night. (I use the IB Cream as an eye cream at night.) The Suki Sensitive Cleansing Bar and Luscious Lips Berry Cream Trio came in yesterday and I’m going to pick it up at Whole Foods today. I’m going to alternate it with the clay cleanser so my skin doesn’t get too dry. My skin feels pretty comfortable right now though and it’s pretty much clear again. The big ugly cyst is still healing but is pretty flat now and can be covered with make-up. I also got the Suki Butter Cream Healing Salve which I use on the sides of my neck (eczema), elbows, knees and around my lips when they get dry.

  4. I really like the Suki Sensitive Cleansing Bar and the lip trio. The pink color (sugarberry pout) is perfect for a light cheek tint and can be mixed with the darker color (wineberry kiss) for evening. I find the wineberry kind of dark to be used by itself for me as I have fair coloring. The cleansing bar has a really nice fresh scent and is not at all drying and my skin feels soft after using it. My skin is totally clear now after switching to the balancing line of products. I’m still using the Intensive Brightening Cream without any problems. My skin’s looking and feeling good. I also tried the sample sizes of the shampoo and conditioner and I like them also. I want to try the hair/scalp conditioning oil too. It’s a very lovely and very healing line and I could see myself using their products for the rest of my life. The only thing is that they’re awfully expensive, but at least the expensiveness is for good reasons, like that they’re all natural and organic, come in glass containers are a green and "fair trade" company (see ) and are effective. I believe that the company has a lot of integrity and the products are very healing so I feel that I am putting my money toward something I believe in. I feel very comfortable in my skin these days and I don’t angst over it like I used to. I always wanted to use creamy make-ups instead of powders and theirs is the first creamy type make-up that I’ve been able to use without breaking out.

  5. I’m still using Suki and my skin is staying quite clear and feels good. I use the Clay Cleanser as a cleanser for 5 minutes 3 times a week in the morning and I use the scrub 3 times a week in the morning on different days. I use the Balancing Toner (I’m just misting it on now — no cotton ball) and I use the Intensive Brightening Cream during the day on my face and neck and under my eyes. I use the balancing oil at night and use the Brightening Cream under my eyes and around my lips at night over that. I really like the tinted moisturizer and the concealor and also the cheek/lip berry trio. The only thing I don’t like about Suki is the cost. I’m trying to make it last by just using as much as I need and no more.

  6. I won an auction for a trio of Suki products: the velvet body lotion, the Intensive Brightening Cream and the Clay Cleanser. I didn’t need body lotion right now but it is wonderful and very soothing, and I will use up my other body lotion eventually also. I ended up paying like $73 for the three products, which is still a lot of money but I think it was like $53 less than what they retail for. I hope that I can continue to find Suki on EBay because it’s the only way I’m going to be able to afford to continue using them. They’re wonderful products though and my skin is very comfortable and is staying clear. My skin does feel dry after using the Clay Cleanser though. I was thinking of trying their cleansing lotion but it does contain cocoa butter, which I’m concerned might break me out.

    I’m hoping I can find some of their serums on EBay eventually. The consultant there recommended that I try the Bio C 10% serum. She sent me a sample of it (which they don’t normally do) and I was comfortable with it. Someone wrote a testimionial there about it helping to clear up her skin, although she didn’t feel it helped so much with wrinkles. My skin’s been staying clear, so I’m wanting it more to help with aging skin. It’s like $80 though — waaaay over my means.

    I was having a problem with the pump on the Clay Cleanser for a while (clogged up). I kept trying to un-clog it and eventually I took the whole pump top off and soaked it in water and cleaned it. It’s been working since then. I think it got clogged up because I was shaking the bottle before using it. I’ve stopped shaking it and it’s been working fine for some weeks now.

  7. The Suki Bio-C serum was up for auction on EBay but I didn’t win it. It went for $41.99 (retails at $80).

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