re genetics and prevention

I just wanted to say that even though certain conditions and illnesses do have a genetic component (can be inherited from one’s parents), that still doesn’t mean that we are doomed to have the same problems our parents or grandparents did or that they can’t be prevented also. I’m reading Dr. Fuhrman’s book Eat to Live and he makes that point very strongly about heart disease, diabetes and other illnesses. I’m convinced that acne could be prevented also if kids were brought up on a healthier diet. The thing that convinced me were the studies by Weston A. Price and others who studied indigenous cultures and found that acne (and many other conditions like dental cavities) were virtually non-existent until they started eating a modern processed foods diet. It’s easier to prevent a condition in the first place than to treat it after the fact. It’s tough in this country, though, particularly when the food in school cafeteria’s isn’t even very healthy and we’re surrounded by lots of bad food choices everywhere.

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  1. Do you think so? You know my father in law thinks that acne has to do with hte shape of the pores..and says that’s why black skin people don’t have acne. Have you noticed that? I have never known anybody with black skin with acne..

  2. There are Afro American people on the infomercials for ProActiv and Murad’s Acne Complex who had acne.

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