DermaCare Clinic in Tarzana, CA

For any of you in or near Los Angeles, there is a very good skin care studio in Tarzana called DermaCare: . When I had pretty bad acne, they did get me cleared up. I do regret having had the Jessner chemical peel though because it altered and damaged my skin, although there were also some positive results from it. The facials are expensive though and the extractions can be quite painful, but they have cleared up some stubborn cases of acne there. They use a line of acne care products called Yours Only: . They do contain benzoyl peroxide and other chemicals though, but they did clear up my skin. You can look for a salon that carries the Yours Only line here: .

I am wary of using topical products with chemicals in them, but they did work. Maybe after using them for a while one could switch to a line like Naturally Clear ( ) or Devita ( ) and still stay clear. Or one could try the more natural products first to see if they might work and then if they don’t then try the harsher products with chemicals. I don’t like the idea of the chemicals absorbing into the blood stream and possibly being cancer causing (benzoyl peroxide is listed as a cancer risk at the Environmental Working Group website): .

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