Zinsel-e Imzo Skin Heal Capsules

HI… has anyone heard of these Zinsel-e Imzo Skin Heal Capsules??
I am in South Africa and came across them, they are imported from somewhere, just don’t know where… I’m guessing USA.

the site here in SA for them is http://www.imzo.co.za/skin_main.htm

They are for any skin disorders – acne, excema etc they are supposedly good for anti ageing as well. (they also have nutrition shakes and hair growth products etc)

My skin was going thru a dodgy patch so i bought a pack to try… and it did help a bit… so i carried on using it. I have been taking them for 2 months now. my skin is doing pretty good.

These capsules are safe for kids (with excema or whatever) and also safe for pregnant ladies… so it seems pretty safe.

I havent experienced any bad side effects, like on roaccutane… so thats cool 🙂 🙂

Just wanted to drop by, say hi and see if anyone has heard of these…?

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One thought on “Zinsel-e Imzo Skin Heal Capsules

  1. I’m not familiar with those supplements, no. I found a great brand of natural food-based supplements called Catie’s though that I really feel are helping me in general (energy, stamina, less aches and pains, etc.) — see http://www.energyessentials.com . I’ve been taking her organic greens, vit. C powder, magnesium pills, women’s multi vitamins and calcium plus pills. They are expensive but most supplements make me feel nauseous and upset my stomach and these don’t at all. When I first started taking the greens powder I had some weird symptoms, like itchiness all over and a little acne. I don’t have real full blown inflamed acne at this point of my life, but still get small ones sometimes. I talked to a naturopathic doctor at their office there in Calabasas, Dr. Tony O’Donnell, and he told me to start off with a small amount of the powder each day and then build up the amount over a week or two. My skin’s totally clear now (been taking the powder for a few months now). Catie told me to take half a scoop of the greens and Vit. C powders in the AM and again in the PM.

    I’m still using Devita’s skin care products. Their roll-on spot treatment is very good. I’ve stopped using the clay masque because it makes my skin feel dry. I suppose I should use it once or twice a month anyway though. I really hate that drawing itching feeling when it’s drying though. Ugh. I used their tomato leaf masque at first, but found it to be harsh (it’s for oily skin and acne). I switched to the Cappuccino Cocoa Mud Masque which is supposed to be for all skin types, but it’s still pretty strong for me. When I run out of Devita’s products I may switch to a raw organic line I found called Livia ( http://www.liviaskincare.com ). I tried some of their trial sizes and I loved them. They’re expensive but are very concentrated and last a long time.

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