Isabella Pelle….Extreme Eye Rescue

Nothing said "tired" like my under eye circles – no matter how much sleep I got there they were, greeting me in the mirror every morning. I got fed up and started trying as many eye creams as possible. I raided Sephora (and my checking account too) for eye creams. Zero results (like the balance in my checking account by that point). I took my search online and came across a brand called Isabella Pelle. They make an eye cream called Extreme Eye Rescue. They offer free shipping, so what the hey – I tried them out. I am in love with this eye cream. It reduced my under eye circles enough that with a dab of concealer they’re actually, well, concealed (i had REALLY dark circles) and I even feel that the skin quality around my eyes has improved greatly. My eyes look younger and that makes me happy lol VERY happy. Anyways, hope this helps. Check them out online 😉

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