Angelina Jolie lips

I found my Jolie lips at Isabella Pelle. This company sells a plumping lip balm called extreme pout lip balm. It plumped my lips in 2 days of use. I use this balm everyday.

When I go out with friends I use their plumping lip glosses, and lip growth serum. My mom uses the lip growth serum more than I do.
This company ships anywhere 4 free.

Goodbye chicken lips…..hello to Jolie lips…. Razz

Here’s their link:

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One thought on “Angelina Jolie lips

  1. hijk794

    I personally have no problems with someone advertising their business, but make it in the right format. This is a skin/makeup related forum, and you are peddling polo shirts? Where in does it have a section about fashion?

    What a dweeb :crazyeyes

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