Coonobabe makeup

Read in ELLE magazine about a brand called Coonobabe. Some celebs like Mylie Cyrus, Emma Watson (harry potter), and Vanessa Hudgens use it according to article. This brand reflects the South Beach scene. I ordered from them the liplust lipstick, glosses and their happy ending foundation. One word: excellent. The foundation is very similar to the other brands like mac, bobbi brown.

I use their Pepino cleanser for my oily skin, and Manzanilla toner as followup. Leaves my skin tingling, without the overdrying.

Two policies they have: 1- all of their products are made in the USA, no china junk branded with famous brandname. 2- they ship 4 free anywhere in the world any size order. I do not know of any company that does that.

Check them out at:


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