can my doctor help?

Hi there,

I don’t have acne but I do have about one or two spots each day, my skin is also pale and then blotchy in places like my cheeks, chin, forehead and i have blackheads around my nose n chin which are impossible to get rid of. Also i have large pores which are mostly blocked around my cheeks.

I wear makeup everyday because of this because I feel so unconfident with my skin being like this its a complete nightmare in the mornings havin to get up really early just to cover up my whole face so that I have the confidence to go out of the house! If i do go out of the house for a walk (say in a park where I know hardly anyone will see me!) I still feel awful.

I feel that my skin probably isn’t bad enough for the doctor to take me seriously.

Was just wondering has anyone else been to the doctors with this type of skin and what happened? I don’t want to feel as if Im wasting their time.

Maybe beauticians would be a better idea? but then again I am a student and this would prob be costly.

Please help!

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2 thoughts on “can my doctor help?

  1. Be thankful you don’t have acne.

    From what you wrote it sounds like you do have oily skin where the pores are enlarged with oil flowing freely, and you have some areas where the excess skin oil has congealed into dark, lumps within the pores, we call blackheads. You are very lucky that the bacteria on your skin haven’t invaded the open pores to cause infection.

    Buy yourself some antibacterial wipes that come in a carry case that can be carried in either your purse or in a pocket. These wipes usually cost around a dollar a package, and this price should be within your pocketbook. Wipe your face with one of these antibacterial wipes every couple of hours to wipe off the excess oil from your face. The antibacterial action will ensure that you also wipe away bacteria that could cause acne.

    Keep your hands away from your face unless you have just washed them. Open pores are susceptible to picking up infection from the hands.

    A moisture cream that contains a ‘transdermal agent’ like aloe, and does not irritate your skin, should stop the blotchy redness that troubles you. A lack of moisture within the skin is often the cause of a blotchy skin when the blotchy symptom is not caused by an infection. .

    In the evening you can give yourself a home facial by taking a clean, laundered washcloth that you soak in rather warm water that is squeezed out to the point where the cloth is damp dry. Wipe your face with an antibacterial wipe before you place this warm washcloth over your face.
    Place the warm, damp washcloth over your face so the damp heat will soften the blackheads. Then apply to your face, a facial mask, that you can find at the drugstore, that dries into a firm mask. The action of the mask, as it dries, should help pull out some of the blackheads.

    Never, never attempt to squeeze out the blackheads with either the cloth or with your fingers. When skin is damp warm it will break down easily from squeezing, and can tear off on the surface, leaving a scar. Squeezing can also cause bacteria to get inside the pores and when this happens the pore becomes infected.

    It is the bacteria, that are normally present on everyone’s skin, that are the troublemakers when it comes to acne. Some people get infections from this bacteria, and some people don’t. The ‘key’ word when it comes to acne is ‘bacteria’. It is bacteria getting into the pores that makes the infection. Always keep that in mind when you choose a treatment for your skin.

    A professional esthetician can give you a facial that will also help pull out the blackheads from your pores. A professional esthetician can also use a special tool that can extract blackheads, and a professional has the skill to do this task without causing scars..

    Good luck.

    Solomio 😮

  2. Good advice Solomio. I second that advice re not squeezing the blackheads. I have created a real mess on my face that way in the past where I turned a blackhead into a big infected cyst by squeezing. You did say that you had a couple of spots every day though. By "spots", do you mean red pimples? If you have a couple of pimples on a constant basis, that qualifies as acne. Do they ever get inflamed or infected (filled with pus)? Even if you only get a pimple or two now and then, it needs to be taken seriously if they’re the type that could leave a permanent pitted scar. What type of make-up are you using? Some cosmetics can worsen acne. Take a look at this article for guidance on what ingredients in cosmetics can worsen acne: . It also indicates which ingredients are potentially irritating. There are other good articles there too.

    There’s a line of naturally based skincare called Naturally Clear that worked well for me when I had acne. (I’m in my fifties and don’t have much actual acne anymore): . It didn’t clear it up completely but it cut way down on the severity of it. I’ve also done well with a line called Devita: . Their moisturizers are aloe vera gel based. You can find the products for cheaper at . They’re also currently on sale right now at . Devita’s spot treatment roll-on stick works really well. Also, her tomato leaf masque is very good for oily congested skin.

    I’m a big believer in diet and supplements also. I think that everyone should read some books on nutrition and experiment to find out what helps their skin and any other health issues. Some authors I like are Dr. Andrew Weil, Dr. Mark Hyman and Dr. Joel Fuhrman. I feel that an anti-inflammatory diet is very helpful for a lot of conditions, including skin conditions. I take Catie’s Whole Foods supplements — in particular I think her organic greens powder is excellent and cleansing to the body ( ).

    Catie’s Greens has:
    Adaptogenic, AntiStress, Antiviral, Antifungal, and Antibacterial Properties

    You might also want to look for Dr. James E. Fulton, Jr.’s book on acne, Acne RX. I haven’t actually read that one myself but I did read his other acne book and it was very informative and helpful. Oh, another line of skin care that helped clear me up was Your Prescription Plus (it’s now called "Only Yours"), although they contain more chemicals, like benzoyl peroxide: . I went through a series of acne facials at a studio in Tarzana, CA (in Los Angeles) called DermaCare ( ). They got my skin clear but it was a pretty painful, time-consuming and expensive process (the extractions can be quite painful). I had a Jessner chemical peel done there also, for scarring, and I regret having had that done because it damaged my skin. I was feeling good though before that because my skin had cleared up, so I would recommend them for the acne facials. Some people are happy with the results of their Jessner peels but I regretted it.

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