Inthusiasm Makeup (Organic)

Last week I bought a foundation from

I have been using MiEssence but I find the coverage too light… it’s more like tinted moisturisers…

Anyway, the Inthusiasm Foundation is really nice. The coverage is good and they have about 8 different colours, and the match is pretty good for me.
I don’t wear makeup everyday, but the day I did wear it all day, it stayed on well, didn’t change colour and didn’t cause any problems with my skin.

It has an almost spicy smell (very faint)… I know it sounds wierd, but there it is 🙂

Anyway. I also got a lipstick (nude) which is a nice shimmery natural pinkish colour. And I got black mascara – it’s the first time I’ve used an organic mascara, and i’m quite impressed.

All in all… it’s a good line… I think I will be sticking to this foundation! 😀

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4 thoughts on “Inthusiasm Makeup (Organic)

  1. Thanks for posting that geckogirl. What kind of consistency is the liquid foundation? I mean, is it more like a thicker cream or is it more liquidy? I wonder if they sell it in the U.S. at all.

  2. Its quite a thick creamy texture. They also have matching powders, but i don’t like powders so much. If you look on their site, it says the products were brought in from america under the name aztec earth… The lady is very helpful on email… You could drop her a mail if you interested 🙂 i’m very happy i discovered them! AND the lady who distributes in my area is SO CLOSE to my house i could walk there! 🙂

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