NATURAL HOME REMEDY? PLEASE advise if this is ok for acne

i read if you take some turmeric, honey lemon juice and rose water and apply on face daily for a few weeks for 20mins…it should help..

is this ok are there any side effects?


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2 thoughts on “NATURAL HOME REMEDY? PLEASE advise if this is ok for acne


    I use turmeric in a rice recipe when I do East Indian cooking.
    This is the first time I have seen turmeric used in a facial treatment.

    There are NO transdermal properties to the similar facial recipe in the above web link so the facial will stay on the top upper layer of the skin; it will not penetrate even the first layer of the epidermis. The epidermis is composed of the five top layers of skin.

    Milk contains lactic acid, which is a mild exfoliate.

    I’ve read that Cleopatra used to take baths in milk but no one ever said what type of milk the lady took those famous baths in.
    It could have been yaks milk since I don’t think there were many or even any, cows in Egypt, back at the time of Cleopatra. Have you ever seen a picture of cows in relationship to a pyramid, or anywhere in Egypt, either on the outside or the inside of one of the tombs there in the pyramids?
    I know Cleo had cats…cats milk?
    How do you milk a cat; enough for a bathtub full for Cleopatra?

    Honey has germ killing properties.

    If the chickpea flour, garbanzo bean flour or besan that is listed in the above web site is corsly ground it can be used as an exfoliant in this facial recipe if the product is rubbed on the surface of the skin.

    Wipe off the bulk of the turmeric face mask with your fingers

    The above quote comes from the web site.
    Here is where the mask becomes an exfoliant mask to remove the loose dead skin cells on the top surface layer of the skin.

    Your face should be ‘glowing’ after using this mask, but the glow will be from the mechanical rubbing off of the mask.

    Turmeric might do something if a transdermal product is mixed in with it.
    But then the deep yellow color of the turmeric would definitely transfer to the top layers of the skin. And turmeric is a bright yellow color.

    The lemon juice in the original facial recipe printed on the board will dry out the skin, and it should tighten it a bit because lemon juice drys out skin when it is applied to the surface of the skin. A word of warning here; never go out in the sun with any citrus juice applied to the surface of your skin. I have read that citrus in men’s after shave has been blamed for breaking small blood vessels on the surface of the skin on the neck and cheeks of the face. Rose water is an old remedy that is used for a moisturizer for the skin. Still there are NO transdermal properties to the original recipe posted on the board so the facial will only stay on the outside of the skin; it will NOT penetrate, and this is good because who wants to get a bright yellow face?

    Solomio 😮

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