Garden of Life’s raw organic vitamins

Garden of Life has a line of vitamin supplements made from organic raw food sources, called "The Vitamin Code": . I bought a bottle a couple of weeks ago called "Perfect Weight" and I do feel a difference (more energy and endurance) and lost a pound or two also, even though I haven’t been very regular about taking them every day. (I can’t swallow pills and have to crush tablets or open up capsules and put the powder into applesauce.) I’m really into using raw organic products now and am trying a line of raw organic skin care (Livia) and just ordered some samples of raw organic hair care to try also (Morrocco Method). I’m trying to eat more raw foods in general also, although I haven’t really gotten into doing any fancy raw cuisine because I don’t have the time for that. I am loving the Livia products so far and haven’t broken out at all (although I may have finally outgrown acne, not sure). I haven’t had a bad pimple for a long time now — just a little one now and then that goes away without getting infected or inflamed.

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