green smoothies?

IVE BEEN going through this forum and came across green smoothies,.i think its a great idea and would love to start. so just wanted to know do i drink this all day, i want to drink this for brekfast only. but 8 cups for brekafast???im confused. also is this a high calories content drink if im drinking 8 glasses a day i want to lose weight too so im really confused as to how much im meant to drink daily. it says 8 cups OR 2 haldfuls of veg, si if put 2 handful of veg in my smoothies and drink this all will that be too much……and are there any side ffects…..

please clarify all this, im bewildered, and would lov to try it.alos has anyone noticed a difference with trying this. i have mild.moderate acne, im not sure if its mild or mod, but if i put abit of makeup you cant really see it.

so please can someone give me any personal experiences of how it went for them and also clarify my confusion

sorry for the rambling.

thankyou ever so much

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  1. That is a lot of green smoothie to be drinking. Maybe you could do a green smoothie fast for a day or two as an internal cleanse (see the internal cleansing forum sub-board here).

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