IM CONFUSED, what sort of diet should i have to help clear


i dnt know what to eat, what not to eat, and everythinfg seems forbidden to eat. if i do eat say meat or wholewheat stuff how much should i eat in a week, and i want to have smoothies as brekfast whats the best kind and is this a good very confused.also water has to be either bottledor filtered, so tap water outta question?



my acne is mild/moderate thank god, so do i need to be as exptreme as to cut out wheat complelty, i dnt mind cutting out dairy, but not hweat too!!

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  1. The only persons who should cut out wheat from there diet are those who have celiac disease. Wheat, rye and barley are the grains that contain the amino acids that constitute the protein in these grains.
    This protein in wheat, rye and barley is called gluten.

    Persons who have celiac disease are normally thin children.
    They inherit the recessive gene for celiac disease from both parents so it becomes a dominant gene. The reason the children are thin is because they cannot absorb nutrients from their food because the celiac disease disables their guts from absorbing these nutrients.

    Adults who had celiac disease as children grow up as adults with celiac disease.
    You don’t outgrown celiac disease.

    An adult who did not have celiac disease as a child can get celiac disease as a result of extreme stress in their lives. Something turns off or on, in their genes because of the stress, to cause this to happen. People who get celiac disease also have the disease diabetes, in their families.

    You can find out if you have celiac disease by having a blood test done by your doctor. A biopsy is then done of your gut to confirm that you do have celiac disease.

    It is a big step to eliminate a grain from your diet because when you eat vegetables you get amino acids that are not complete proteins. Grains like wheat, rye and barley also contain amino acids that are not complete proteins. But when you combine vegetables and grains you get a combination of amino acids that constitute full protein.

    The only other way to get complete protein is to eat meat, fish, eggs, dairy and or soy.
    Soy is the only vegetable that contains complete protein.

    The symptoms of celiac disease are bloating, gas, the inability to absorb nutrients in the gut, and a person who has celiac disease and is not diagnosed with this disease, gets very thin because they cannot absorb the nutrients from their food.

    I have not heard of anyone actually developing acne from wheat, rye or barley gluten.

    If you think you are getting acne from your wheat (bread?) then check to see if cottonseed oil is in the recipe for the bread.
    Cottonseed oil can cause acne and other skin conditions when it is eaten in food.
    Cottonseed oil is often in fryers and in bakery items like bread or even pizza.
    If you have acne then you should stay away from cottonseed oil.

    Do a search on Google Scholar and ask about cottonseed oil, and male contraception in China. There are dozens of articles and you can access them as long as you change the words in your search. Try different combinations of words for your searches.

    Cottonseed oil contains, even when it is refined, a small amount of gossypol. Gossypol exerts an effect on the bodies reproductive system. Both males and females are affected by the gossypol in cottonseed oil. There is also aflatoxin in cottonseed oil. This aflatoxin is the result of the spraying of a Mercury spray on the cotton seeds to kill off the fungus that develops on the seeds while they are in storage. The aflatoxin is actually dead fungus and it has some Mercury in it. Fungus is a ‘living’ thing. Living things contain proteins. Dead fungus is a protein. So cottonseed oil does contain protein that causes trouble for people, some people get severe allergy to cottonseed oil, and symptoms are skin conditions including acne with cysts.

    For older persons, over the age of forty, good all round digestant tablets taken before each meal will eliminate the normal digestive problems older people develop. These problems we get, as we age are gas, bloating and sometimes gut pain, and or constipation or diarrhea. So digestive problems like gas and bloating can be handled by taking good digestants.
    Gas, bloating and other digestive problems are not necessarily celiac disease.
    And having celiac disease is the only reason I can think of to stop eating wheat, rye or barley.

    Check out the info on cottonseed oil. I bet it is in your diet.

    Solomio 😮

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