my dermatolgist told me diet is key and water helps, anyone had any personal experiences of drinking loads of water that helped their skin clear.also ive been told to drink still mineral water, not tap. but its way to expensive to do that daily , what can i do…is filtered water better?


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  1. I drink A LOT of water… every day… at least 6 glasses each day, sometimes even more. I never used to drink much water.
    Unfortunately i don’t think it has helped my skin at all 🙁 i really wish it had.
    I’m sure it’s good for other aspects (not drinking juice = sugar… etc etc) but it is not the miracle that so many people seem to say it is 🙁

  2. Hello,

    The water help to your skin, to be younger bit didn’t help to acne problems.

  3. I don’t actually count how many glasses of water I drink but I always carry a bottle of water with me (filtered from my Multi-Pure filter at home) and I always have a glass of water available to drink in my living room and in the kitchen where I spend a lot of my time. You can read an article by Dr. Andrew Weil about drinking water here: http://www.drweil.com/drw/u/ART00581/water-an-essential-part-of-life.html .

    Evan’s Garden carries some water filters that look interesting, although I haven’t tried them yet: http://www.evansgarden.com/water-purifiers.php .

  4. My recommendation, for what it’s worth 😮 ; drink only about a half-cup at a time.
    But drink as often as you feel thirsty. 😮

    One test that tells those of us who wear contact lenses 😮 that we need to drink water is we know that our eyes 😮 get ‘dry’ when we get dehydrated. Our lenses feel uncomfortable because they dry up, to an extent, on our eyes 😮 . When this happens we need to add water to our lenses by using drops formulated for this purpose. Or we can use plain saline that has been formulated and packaged just for use in the eye. If we drink enough water our bodies lubricate our lenses with water from inside our bodies.

    This lens-drying thing happens to me sometimes when the barometer drops, like just before it rains.
    I know that moisture is leached out of plants in my garden just before it rains.
    This is connected to the barometric pressure dropping.
    I figure that we are also affected by changes in barometric pressure because like plants, we are also living things that are composed mostly of water. 🙂

    Another thing that affects the amount of water we need is the temperature.
    When it is warm we sweat and eliminate water from our systems out onto our skin. I have read that this water/sweat contains toxins so sweat on the face actually does send toxins out the pores. Wiping sweat off of the face and body also helps remove ‘normal’ bacteria that is always present on everyone’s skin. Some cultures use sauna baths to eliminate toxins through and off the skin by sweating them out in the sauna.

    Another way to get dehydrated is to be sick. That’s why the doctor always tells us to keep hydrated especially if we have diarrhea and or are throwing up as the result of being ill.
    The first time I got a high blood pressure reading was when I got dehydrated from being ill. When we loose too much water from our systems it causes our arteries to constrict to try to conserve the water our systems need to maintain blood flow through our bodies.. When arteries constrict we get a high blood pressure reading. This is just one of many reasons a person can get a high blood pressure reading.

    Have you ever gotten leg cramps after exercising? A way to avoid severe cramping after exercise is to drink some water both before and after exercising. The more you sweat when you exercise dictates how much water you need to drink afterwards. Try to keep it down to a half-cup at a time but drink as often as you feel comfortable with drinking. We produce lactic acid within our muscles when we exercise especially if we don’t get enough oxygen to our muscles while we exercise. Our systems want to remove the lactic acid. The way we eliminate lactic acid from our muscles is having enough water in our systems so our blood can carry the lactic acid to our kidneys, and we urinate. It’s more complicated that that but you probably don’t need to know just exactly how this works, all we need to know is we need to drink enough water so we can eliminate the by product of exercise, we need to breath well too while we exercise to bring enough oxygen to our muscles, so we don’t get those terrible leg cramps.

    Another way to get dehydrated is to walk outside on a windy day. The wind blowing on our skin dehydrates our skin, and our bodies keep replenishing the lost water on the outside of our skin, from our insides. So we need to drink more water when we are outside. This can help stop wrinkles from developing on our faces.

    Yes, as we go through life, 😮 we go from having acne 😮 to having wrinkles 😮 …unless we remember to drink enough water. :lol
    Woo Hoo! 😮


  5. Very interesting information Solomio. It’s so nice to have you back on board on the board 😀 .

  6. It might, it might not. Probably depends on your personal level of dehydration.

    I’d say drink when you’re thirst, and as long as you’re consuming several ounces of water per day, shouldn’t be an issue. I’ve heard to take your body weight in lbs, divide it by 2 (halve it), and drink that number of ounces per day in water.

    Personally, that seems a little extreme–even taking into consideration that a lot of your daily water intake comes from the food you eat. I probably consume 1/3 of an ounce for each pound I weigh per day.

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