is it ok if i still eat wholewhat brown bread and brown rice

i know alot of people here and loads of books say that if you want clearer skin, then you should cut out processed food, caffeine, white carbs etc. well i can do all that, and even limit meat to say 3 times a week, lean meat that is chicken, but they also say avoid wheat, and dairy. dairy is ok to avoid im not a fan of cheese and milk anyway, but wheat too…will it not work if i contined to eat wheat albeit the healthier brown version,

also what about eggs?


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2 thoughts on “is it ok if i still eat wholewhat brown bread and brown rice

  1. Personally, I find that I feel better in general if I do not eat wheat flour. I do eat sprouted wheat though (Ezekiel burger buns). Some of the sprouted grain breads have gluten added to them though. I don’t think the Ezekiel breads do though, although some of their products contain unsprouted wheat flour. I feel that when wheat is sprouted that it is easier to assimilate and less likely to cause a bad reaction. If someone is truly gluten-sensitive though, they can’t eat the sprouted wheat either.

    I eat organic Omega 3 eggs also, maybe 4-6 eggs a week. I am 56 years old though and I have pretty much outgrown acne (finally) at this point, I think. When I had acne, I did notice a correlation between eating dairy and wheat flour and my skin. I think it depends on the individual really, but I have read testimonials of some people who found their skin to clear when they cut out various foods, like wheat flour and dairy products. Apparently wheat is cultivated differently nowadays than it used to be and more people seem to have allergic reactions to it than used to. Also, dairy is mostly all homogenized and pasteurized these days, which makes it a less natural and more processed food. I also avoid processed sugar, fried foods, etc. I’m trying to eat more raw foods also. I hate to say this, but there was a lady on an acne board who went on a raw foods diet strictly for like 6 months and her skin did not clear. Maybe it would have cleared eventually, I don’t know, but in the meantime, it’s important to use something topically to control the acne also to prevent scarring (preferably a naturally based product, like Naturally Clear or Devita, etc.). Some supplements can help the skin clear also. Garden of Eden has come out with a line of supplements derived from raw foods: . I’m feeling better since I started taking their Perfect Weight vitamins (about a week), and I think a lost a pound or two also. Dr. Fuhrman’s "DHA Purity" liquid (vegetarian, from algae) is a good one I think.

  2. Brown rice is healthy stuff, and is gluten free, so eat up!

    Actually, any kind of unprocessed rice is pretty good for you (wild rice, etc).

    Don’t forget other grains, such as oats too!

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