Gillian McKeith “You Are What You Eat” TV show

I just love that TV show on BBC called "You Are What You Eat" where Gillian McKeith comes into people’s homes and teaches them how to eat healthfully and exercise. See . Has anyone here read any of her books? Is she into internal cleansing at all? The people she works with on TV end up losing a lot of weight and gaining all kinds of energy and feeling great. She can be pretty rough sometimes but I feel like she really cares and is passionate about what she does. Some of the people’s before diets are pretty shocking (all junk food). It does make me angry when people feed their kids that way. The kids don’t have much choice about it. To me it’s like child abuse in a way. There was a statistic they had on the show that kids who are overweight are five times more likely to die from stroke or heart disease before the age of 65.

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2 thoughts on “Gillian McKeith “You Are What You Eat” TV show

  1. I love that show! Everytime I watch it I swear to improve my eating habits…

    I think she is awsome and she’s got it right — if you want to look good, you gotta start inside out.

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