Organic Line – The Victorian Garden

HI Everyone…

I’ve been using an Organic line made here in South Africa for the past 2 months or so… its called THE VICTORIAN GARDEN
Apparently they do have suppliers overseas, and I’m sure they would ship all over the world too. There stuff is SO nice to use… and their names are so yummy, its all juniper berry, and chammomile, and lemongrass and all sorts of wonderful things!!

I’ve tried A LOT of their stuff in the last few weeks, for the face and the body…

My skin has responded pretty well to it… Generally my face is looking quite good… its getting smoother and less blotchy… I’m just trying to get it softer… I think I need more hydration… I got a moisturinsing mask yesterday – hopefully ot’ll help 🙂

They have this oil called Lavender & Myrrh Facial Healing Oil for Problem Skin which is THE MOST AMAZING product i have EVER come across… it has really helped even out my skin tone… as well as heal up pimples really fast!

I’ve used their cleansers, toning spray, exfoliator, 2 types of masks, day cream, night cream… all are wonderful!

I also have their anti wrinkle night oil … which is so soothing to my skin. Yesterday I bought Sesame & Honey Nourishing Eye Cream which feels fabulous when you put it on!

my body doesn’t react badly to anything… so, i wasn’t really expecting any results out of the ordinary. I’ve bought foot lotion, hand cream, hand soap and their body exfoliater (Grapefruit & Mint Exfoliating Body Scrub – which is meant to be for cellulite)… i used it last night, and my arms feel SO SMOOTH today 🙂

I’m VERY happy with this range as it is GREAT and very very affordable too!!! I spent the equivilant of 50 USD yesterday and I got 9 products!!! and they last long! … the day moisturiser is about $5… and one jar lasted me just over 2 months…!

product listing:

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