Mineral Fusion make-up

I am trying out the Mineral Fusion line of make-up which is sold at Whole Foods Market. The good thing about Whole Foods is that they will refund your money on anything that doesn’t work out for you.

First, the negatives. They are not totally natural and contain some synthetics like butylene glycol, although they also contain a lot of good natural ingredients. They are also quite expensive, although the sizes are more generous than other make-up lines. I have to say I love all of them so far and haven’t had any adverse reactions to them. I first tried their eye pencil in the color "rough". It’s the first eye pencil I’ve ever used that goes on easily and smoothly, even over eye shadow and it’s a very pretty color for me. I also got their mascara (rock), eye shadow trio (fragile), lip liner (splendid), blush (airy) and concealer duo (neutral). I am going to also try the Sheer Tint base in neutral as soon as they get it in stock. They’re all great and perform and wear really well. The mascara doesn’t clump up or smear, even when I cried at a movie yesterday, but it comes off easily with my Jason’s make-up remover pads. I think I’m going to be keeping all of this make-up. It should last for a long time. I’ll report back as to how my skin reacts to the Sheer Tint.

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One thought on “Mineral Fusion make-up

  1. I tried the Mineral Fusion Sheer Tint base yesterday in the color neutral. It’s nice, although it may not be enough coverage for me. It’s closer to a tinted moisturizer than a real foundation base. I’ll try applying it heavier today. I may return it and try the compact foundation instead. The Sheer Tint contains an awful lot of chemicals though, and they’re up high on the ingredients list, meaning that there’s a large amount of them in the product. I also got another blush color (pale) which is really nice and a lip gloss (clarity) which is also very pretty. I’ve been using the concealor on my face (not just under my eyes) also and haven’t broken out from it, not yet anyway. The make-up is all really nice but expensive. The only place online I’ve seen some for less is on EBay, but not a lot of choices there.

    Here’s a video about the make-up: http://blog.wholefoodsmarket.com/2007/09/

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