dark area from an old recovered keloid scar how to White it

hi everybody i heared alot about this forum and that i will benifit from her alot. 😀
from 18 months i think i have a car acciedent and i have a cut on my face im White eventhought i had as doctors said ( keloids ) after very long time with treatment with ‘scar gel’ it becomes flat and becomes better alot than before and doctors said to me that there is no any keloids now.
but there is a dark lines around the place where the cut was its now little than before but i wanna to make it White or to lightining this area to have my skin colour, so my doctor told me about a laser operation but he found from my blood analysis report that my WCB or white blood cells is less than 4 so he told me he cant do laser now, but again its now flat and just wanna to Whitining that area, so do u offer me the best cream in the world that may help me and the fastest ever to buy it.
and thank u very much

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