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I bought her mascara (only comes in black) and a sample of her liquid foundation. The foundation is really nice. I like the mascara a lot also. It’s not gloppy but it does build out the lashes. I heard on a Youtube video review that the make-up is great but that the mascara is kind of hard to remove. I’ll find out tonight. I have Jasons Quick Clean Make-up Remover Pads. I love the foundation — it really goes on smoothly, covers well and is really pretty. It has good coverage. Time will tell if it breaks me out at all. It’s a very flattering make-up.

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3 thoughts on “Katie B make-up

  1. I realized after I saw myself in the sun in the car mirror that the color of foundation I chose was not a good one for me. It’s too dark and too orangey looking (G200). I got a sample of the G100, which hasn’t come yet. I also purchased the "peach puff" blush and samples of the highlighter stick and the foundation/concealor stick. (I know, I’m a real product junky.) I only have one pimple right now which is a kind of nasty infected one in my eyebrow. I hope that’s not connected to using her mascara. By the way, the Jason Quick Clean pads did not work to remove her Faux Lash mascara. I bought a small size of Lancome’s Bi-facil on EBay and that did work to remove it.

  2. I’ve stopped using the Katie B. make-up. I started breaking out and getting zits under my eyebrows also. I’ve gone back to using Evan’s foundation powder. I also bought Dr. Hauschka’s lengthening mascara in the color aubergine. They don’t make it in brown. Aubergine is like an eggplant color, which I thought might look weird, but it doesn’t actually look purple to me on my lashes. It’s nice. My eyes have been itching a lot though, but not when I’m wearing the mascara, but rather after I remove my eye make-up, at night. Maybe it’s my pillowcase, I don’t know.

  3. I actually just tossed the Katie B mascara, even though I only used it a few times. It was clumpy and whenever I would put it on it would smear onto the skin near my lashes and it was difficult to remove the smears. It always seemed to end up under my eyes also by the end of the day. I had to use Bi-facil to remove it and even then some of it would remain on my lashes. I feel like I was pulling out my lashes in the process. The second sample of her liquid foundation that I got in a lighter color was pretty dry in consistency compared to the first sample. I was breaking out on my face and even on my eyelids in the area under and in my eyebrows. They sent me the wrong color of blush (I bought a full size) and she let me keep the wrong one and sent me the right color, which was very nice. All in all I find her make-up to be too heavy for me. It’s more for someone who wants a real Hollywood glamour made-up look I would say.

    I’m currently trying Mineral Fusion make-up (I will start a new thread about this make-up) which I got at Whole Foods Market. Whole Foods will refund your money on anything you purchase there that doesn’t work out for you.

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