DermaSponge – Where Goregeous Skin Begins?

Okay so hi there, new to the site but thought id share my experience of this product with you all, as when i was ‘reasearching’ before i went and bought there wasnt many ‘real reviews’ about this microdermabrasion product.

for years iv suffered with acne, mainly on cheeks and chin. now the acne has calmed down considerably but i have been left with the dreadful scarring.

i bought this product after seeing it advertised in a magazine whilst at the hairdressers and thought id give it a try. i regularly use a microdermabrasion scrub by No7 called Total Renew which i think is great but my scars look like they need something a bit more intense to make a difference. so this is my first ‘medical’ so to speak step at conquering these scars.

i bought the Deluxe Kit for 60 GPB and you get 6 Sponges along with the pre wash, a relief gel, hydralipid serum and a sun cream.

So ive just used my first sponge. I used the sponge a little longer than the reccomended time of 3 minutes. it doesnt hurt as much as i thought it would when your using your circular strokes, however, once id finished forehead, both cheeks , chin and upper lip my face started to burn. its just like sunburn – when facial expressions are minimal! but used the relief gel and the serum to hydrate. face is red and kinda blotchy at the mo.

anyone else had experience with this product?

D x

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  1. Im thinking about buying it but I haven’t seen a lot of reviews on it. Can you keep me posted. I want to see how it goes for you.


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