How to even out color of face?

I am olive complected. I tan very easily even though I make no effort to be out in sun. My skin is very oily but Clean & Clear 3 Step has helped TONS. (combination benzoil peroxide and salycytic acid)

I have some light acne scars (marks, not pitted or indented)
I have a tan-stache above my upper lip caused by birth control pills
…I tried sunscreen but all sorts made me break out.

I have seriously dark circles under my eyes, even from birth. I have a lot of European mixes in my family; I figure there was nothing I could do for it.

I have little blue-ish veins on my cheek that are visible. Again–I always figured it was probably my diet (!) and only make-up would cover.

Does Mederma or some other OTC work? I cannot afford to see a derm or get expensive products.

Best way to cover/get rid of discoloration (under eye circles, tan-stache, etc)

I would love some recommendations, please! Anything you’ve tried and works?

I have recently read on Calendula (from flowers!) will make skin radient. But how will other product affect my skin? Aloe vera to reduce scar visiblity? I’m so confused from reading so much!

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