Salt Crystal Lamp

Not sure if this is the right place for this discussion 😀

Does anyone here have a Salt Crystal Lamp? Or have any experiences with them?
I am wondering if they do work – and to what sort of extent.

I have been feeling sooooooo tired and rundown for the last few months. I’ve made a conscious effort to eat more veggies, hoping that might help – but I can’t say I’m feeling much of a difference.

I read that these lamps are meant to energise you etc… but i’m a little sceptical… I dunno.

My mom bought one for my nephew and it has helped his breathing etc – he used to sneeze A LOT!!!!! and now my mom says when he stays over at her place he doesnt sneeze at all.

I found this site
but of course, there are tons out there.


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One thought on “Salt Crystal Lamp

  1. I have a smaller sized salt rock candle holder which I had bought as a housewarming gift years ago for someone whose house I never did get over to. I was thinking of just using it myself. I was told to be careful not to get it wet as it will just melt away.

    My cousin Cindy has been using an electric Himalayan salt air filter device which she said worked for her allergies. (See ) Also, if you go to this page at Cindy’s website, , and then click on the Solay Wellness link that will take you to their website (and give her some percentage of any purchase you make there). [They let their website go for now so it’s not working — 2-1-09. You can go directly to ] They have various salt-based air filters there, both lamps and electric salt filters. You could contact my cousin Cindy and ask her her experience with both the salt rock lamps and the salt filters, how well they each work.

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