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I just purchased Devita’s Optimal Rejuvenation Serum today to use in place of Evan’s As Young As I Feel Serum. I just really don’t like the feeling of putting emu oil on my face — I don’t like using animal derived ingredients in general. Devita has a line of products for acne that look interesting: . Anyone here ever tried it? They have a trial kit for the acne line. I also got their lip plumper today. I’m considering checking out other of their products. Evan’s Clarity line has been working very well for me, but I am getting pretty tired of mixing everything with a spoon first and having to wash the spoons and all. Also, the creams contain a fair amount of oil and feel pretty warm on my face in this summer heat (can’t afford to use A/C very often). I wonder if the Devita creams might feel cooler. I’m just feeling in an experimental mood right now.

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  1. I ordered the acne/oily skin "try me" sample kit from Devita today from Whole Foods. They said it should come pretty soon. I tried the Opt. Rev. serum last night and it felt so good on my face, I actually said "Ahhh" outloud. It felt really soothing and also my skin was able to breathe — it felt really light. I did put some of Evan’s Clarity lotion on top of it. The other thing about Evan’s products is that the post office leaves the packages sitting on my front porch, and one time it baked so hot in the sun that it ruined the products — they got like rancid butter, curdly and yellow. I had to order new ones. Evan gave me a 30% discount on the replacement products, but still, a lot of money down the drain. I also had to toss a lot of extra products that I had due to having ordered the kits previously, so I don’t order the kits anymore.

    Evan’s products are really pure and natural, but because of that, they go bad faster. Devita uses some kind of natural preservatives. I can just pick up the Devita products at Whole Foods. Evan makes great products that work for me, and the Devita products contain acids (glycolic and salicylic). I’m not sure that I want to go back to using acids again, but I want to give these a shot. If I buy them at Whole Foods, and start to have problems, I can always return them too. I feel like a traitor, because I love Evan and her products, but I like to try new products sometimes. Devita is coming out with their own line of make-up soon also (this fall, she said). Evan’s make-up is great too though, and the purest make-up I’ve seen.

  2. Uh, oh, I’m getting some bumps happening, but nothing’s sprouted into an actual red inflamed pimple yet (under the skin type stuff). Haven’t gotten the sample kit yet.

  3. Definitely breaking out more, although it’s not big stuff. Still, have a couple of little ones with white stuff inside. I haven’t been using the Clarity Lotion regularly since I got the Devita serum. It’s been so hot here and I didn’t want to put anything oily on my skin. Evan’s Clarity line does work so very well to keep me clear though. Each time that I’ve stopped using them for some reason, particularly the Clarity Lotion, I start to break out. I haven’t gotten the Devita acne products yet.

  4. The Devita acne kit I ordered is in at Whole Foods. I stopped using the Opt. Rev. serum though and went back to using Evan’s products already because I was definitely breaking out more. My skin has already almost all cleared up going back to Evan’s products, including the AYAIF serum. I’m beginning to regret having ordered the Devita trial acne kit considering, but I guess I’ll still give it a shot. I’ve been using the A/C more because I just can’t seem to function well with this degree of heat in here — it just drains me of energy and I lose my appetite and can’t sleep well either. It doesn’t bother me to put the creams on when it’s cooler in here. Maybe I should just stick with what works for me. There’s something in my nature that always wants to experiment and try new things and see if I can get even better results (like with wrinkles and those few little white bumps that won’t go away). I’ve been using Evan’s products for some time now and doing very well on them. Maybe I just need to use her masque more frequently. I need to eat more healthfully also.

  5. I got a pretty nasty hard plug in a pore on the side of my mouth and I stupidly squeezed it. I hope that I don’t get a permanent scar from doing that. I keep thinking that I’ve finally "outgrown" acne but whenever I don’t keep up with using Evan’s Clarity products I start to break out again. Her products are really amazing and work so well for me. I special ordered the Devita acne kit so I think I have to purchase it from Whole Foods, but now I’m nervous to even try the products. I should probably just stick to Evan’s products for the rest of my life and not play around with other stuff, considering that I could end up with more permanent scars. I’ve been craving poultry a lot lately also and I think I’m going to give in and go back to eating chicken and turkey again because I’ve been feeling pretty lousy lately. Then it won’t really be inconsistent with my diet to use the AYAIF Serum. I don’t know…

  6. I tried the Tomato Mud Masque today. It kind of burned while it was drying (they say to leave on for 20 minutes). After I rinsed it off my face was very red, like a very bad sunburn. It’s been 30 minutes and my skin is still very red. This may be too strong for my skin. I hope I look okay by tomorrow. It’s scary looking — like I fell asleep in the sun for hours.

  7. A lady from the Devita Company answered about the Tomato Leaf Mud Masque:

    Yes, it’s suppose to be red. It can take an hour to calm down, which is why I like to use it at night. I usually do masques when I have time to devote to them, not when I’m in a rush. It has a detox effect, and it will be more intense at first.

    The redness did subside after about an hour. It’s kind of alarming to see one’s face look so burned though and the masque itself was uncomfortable. I don’t think I could take it more than once a week.

  8. That IS scary!
    That’s one thing i LOVE about Evan’s Garden’s Masques… after using them… my skin looks better immediately…

    Good luck with this line Lenore

  9. I used the tomato masque again today but applied it much more thinly (the instructions say to apply thinly). This time there was no significant discomfort while it was drying and my face didn’t get beet red, just a little flushed. I have to say my skin is doing great on these products so far — it feels very soft, moist, and comfortable and I think my tone looks better. I don’t get itching from the steam that comes up while washing dishes like I used to either — I used to keep having to take off my rubber gloves to scratch my face, but not since I’ve been using the Devita products. I had the itching problem from heat/steam prior to using Evan’s products though. Evan’s products didn’t cause the problem, but they didn’t cure it either. I feel like a traitor, because I’ve become friendly with Evan, and she’s a wonderful lady and I still think her products are excellent, but the Devita products may be more practical for me right now. They’re not as perishable and don’t require mixing and I find them to be lighter in texture. I don’t think they’re organic though. I may get another acne kit because I can’t afford to buy a bunch of new products right now. I found a website where they’re on sale for 30% off: .

  10. It’s been two weeks on the Devita products and my skin is doing very well. I did get another little zit near my mouth but it stayed very small and the little scab has come off. The only breakouts I’ve gotten since using the products have been close to my mouth. I think that I was using too much of their lip plump stick on my lips (it’s like a lip balm but contains peptides for plumping up the lips). I think that it was smearing onto the skin around my mouth and causing clogged pores. My skin is pretty much all clear now and feels very moist and soft. I’m very pleased with these products and I do think I am going to make the switch when I can afford it. I hate to waste Evan’s lovely products, but the toner I have doesn’t smell right (it was in that package that got left baking in the sun) so I’d have to replace that and the Clarity Lotion soon anyway. Her products are more pure, natural and organic and all, but I’m going for convenience and simplifying my routine at this point. I may order another acne kit to test out the Devita for a longer period of time, just to make sure, before I invest more money in products. Evan’s products are excellent but being as natural as they are, they are rather fragile and take extra maintenance. I noticed at Devita’s website, under the "locations" section of where one can find the products sold locally, that there are quite a number of doctors’ offices that sell her line. I think that’s a good sign, that they are effective for acne.

  11. I found Devita on a 40% off regular price sale at . In the "Product Finder" area, choose the brand but don’t select any category (doesn’t work right if you do). I bought two more acne trial kits, an Italian Breeze spray deodorant and a blemish roll-on stick. I like them both. They said that the 40% off sale is only through the end of September and then the products will go to 20% off the reg. price. Their regular prices are generally a little higher than the prices at the Devita website though, I’m debating whether I should just go ahead and get the products at the sale price now or wait until I’ve given the products a longer trial period to be absolutely sure. That’s a big difference in price though. I did get a little white head by the side of my nose, but it is just a little thing and doesn’t seem to be getting worse. I’m thinking of trying the alpha beta weekly home peel too.

  12. I checked out Devita International at the Skin Deep website:

    They list ratings for 19 of their products but only one of them is one that I’ve been using (the Daily Solar Protective Moisturizer 30). Most of the products are rated a "1" (on a scale of 0-10, with 10 being the worst (highest risk) ), but there are some of their skin care products listed there that rate as high as a 3. I was thinking of getting Devita’s Alpha Beta Home Peel kit but it contains salicylic acid which has a pretty high risk rating at the Skin Deep website. (See ). It might not be a problem just using once a week, though. I also wonder if how it’s all formulated makes a difference in the safety rating of the end product also.

  13. My skin has been totally clear for like a week now. I feel bad because I missed the 40% sale at . It’s back to 20% off. Oh, well, maybe another sale will come up by the time I use up the other trial kit (I want to keep one for travelling).

  14. The trial kit lasted for 1 month and 5 days before I ran out of anything (the SPF cream ran out first). I still have quite a bit of the other products though. That’s a long time for a trial kit to last — very economical. Still all clear.

  15. I had a zit coming up on my chin yesterday and used the Devita spot treatment on it and it’s gone already. My skin’s been very clear. I just don’t know at this point how active of acne I actually have though. I am 56 years old after all. I did start to break out somewhat when I didn’t take my supplements for a while though, so I’m still somewhat acne prone. Now I’ve got dry skin a lot. I don’t like using the tomato leaf masque (dries really tight and is itchy) but I’m afraid I’ll start breaking out again if I don’t. I think I’ll just use it once a week from now on. The cocoa masque is supposed to be less drying. They have the tomato leaf masque in the anti-aging kit so I guess they think it has some kind of anti-aging properties. There’s no masque in the dry skin trial kit though. I would like to try the night cream although it’s not recommended for acne prone skin. My skin has been dry for a long time now though, ever since I had that awful Jessner peel done years ago really. I’d like to try the cocoa masque but they don’t seem to have any trial sizes of it. I found Devita products at a good price at .

  16. I got a deluxe Devita travel kit at which contains the night cream, Vit. C serum and eye cream amongst other items. The sizes are very generous. I think the eye cream will last me for a year or two as a little goes a really long way. I had a zit coming up on my forehead last night. I thought it might turn into a bad one but I put the spot treatment on it and it was totally gone this morning. I do still have a zit in one of my eyebrows though (they’re so annoying). I was trying some samples of Katie B’s make-up foundation and her mascara the last couple of days and I wonder if they could have caused the break outs. They’re supposed to be non-comedogenic though. I’ve got a thread re her make-up on the make-up forum. The Devita eye cream is awesome. Even just using it the one night has softened down my crow’s feet noticeably. The night cream is really moisturizing and my skin felt very soft this morning. The night cream is not recommended for acne, but at my age, dry skin is as much or more of a problem than acne. So far, no problem, and one zit had actually healed up overnight. I have to say, I really like the Devita line very much. I’m not that good of a test for it for acne though because my acne has been under good control for a couple of years now. I want to get the peel kit eventually (once a week peel). I am really loving the products though and feel that my skin is looking healthy and happy. I will probably continue to use Katie B’s trial size foundations until the Devita make-up line comes out (after the new year), and then decide between the two of them.

  17. I stopped using the Vit. C Accelerator serum because it was stinging and irritating my skin. It says to use every day but I couldn’t tolerate that. My skin got sensitized from that, and then when I used the Tomato Leaf Masque my skin was itching and burning so much that I felt compelled to rinse it off after 5 minutes (you’re supposed to leave it on 20 minutes). My skin is really sensitive and it’s been very dry here in Los Angeles lately also with the Santa Ana winds and all. I may need to switch to the cocoa masque instead, which is supposed to be less drying. Maybe I’ll try using the Vit. C serum 2-3 times a week. I’m applying an awful lot of layers of products now though. I love the Optimal Rejuvenation serum — it is so soothing and moisturizing. It’s such a relief to put it on.

  18. I’ve started using the Vit. C Accelerator Serum again but I’m just using it at night. The lady from the company told me that it would stop stinging after I’ve used it for a few days. My skin has been very clear. The only time I broke out was when I started using the Katie B cosmetic samples that I got (see my posts on the make-up forum). I’ve gone back to using Evan’s Garden’s powder and mixing it either with Evan’s foundation cream for oily skin, which I still have quite a bit of left, or with Devita’s SPF cream. I’ve been using the Devita night cream, which she said might be too rich for acne-prone skin, but I haven’t had any problems with it. My skin has stayed clear and it is very nice and moisturizing. I use the AHA serum once a week. The only product that I really hate using is the tomato leaf masque — it’s very uncomfortable when it dries — itchy and burns a little — to the point of where I oftentimes will rinse it off sooner than it says to (it says to leave it on like 20 minutes). It does seem to work well though. I think that the Devita line is a good one for acne-prone skin. She has other products for acneic/oily skin that I haven’t tried, like the daily use pads. My skin isn’t actually oily anymore. I still use the Gloria Martel SkinLift light also, like 3-4 times a week. I used it on a big zit (a big hard lump) that was forming under my skin on my chin, and it receded and went away without ever actually becoming anything. I also used the Devita spot serum. The spot serum has been working really well for me too.

  19. The lady from the Devita company who has been advising me (Lisa Reuer) told me that I should wear the Vit. C serum during the day because it protects the skin from pollution. She said that it will stop stinging after I use it a few days in a row. I will give it another go. I’ve gone back to using the Daytime Moisturizer at night instead of their night cream (which they recommend for acne-prone skin) because I did start breaking out a little. I had a big one coming up between my eyes but I zapped it with both the Gloria Martel Skinlift light and the Devita spot serum and it’s almost gone now (never got infected or really bad). The next item I want to try is their weekly skin peel kit.

  20. I used up the entire little sample bottle of Vit. C serum and my skin never adjusted to it. It still stung each time I used it and my skin felt a little irritated afterwards. I haven’t decided if it’s worth the benefits of it to go through that. They’re having a special at their website right now: . Some of their on-special prices are lower than the prices at right now. Usually I get the products at Better Life because their prices are so good and because I get other supplements there also.

    I want to try their Progesta-Life Plus cream, the weekly peel pads and the cocoa masque also, when I can afford to.

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