my bushy/frizzy hair — what works

This seems to be the best combination of hair products for me that I’ve tried so far: Wen shampoo/conditioner (it’s one product, works as both) and then Oyin’s Shine and Define Serum. I have Wen’s deep conditioning cream also, but it’s such a pain to have to wash my hair, leave the stuff on for 30 minutes (or overnight) and then go back in the shower to rinse it out. I couldn’t find a faucet hose/spray thingie that fits my sink faucet. Desert Essence Jojoba Oil is good for a pre-shampoo hot oil treatment. None of the products seem to be breaking me out anywhere (face, chest or back). The Wen products have more chemicals in them than I normally like to use, but I just couldn’t find a natural shampoo that I was comfortable with (both my scalp comfort and the end hair results).

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  1. Okay, I bought some more Oyin products at the Curl Mart: her honey wash shampoo, hemp conditioner and more Shine & Definite Serum. I tried the shampoo and it was truly awful. It contains castile soap instead of a detergent. It left my hair sticky and gummy and my hands felt sticky too (like there was honey on them). My hair looked horrible. I had to wash it the next day. I love the hemp conditioner though — it’s wonderful and it smells great. I still have some of her "Greg Juice" spray left from before. I had stopped using it because I thought it might be irritating my scalp but it doesn’t seem to be causing a problem now (must have been something else). Anyway, here’s what I used last time I washed my hair and it looks and feels great (soft, moist and calmer):

    Ultra Aesthetics Moisturizing Shampoo
    Oyin’s Hemp Conditioner
    Oyin Greg Juice
    Oyin Shine & Definite Serum

    The "serum" is actually more like a creamy mousse texture this time, not liquidy like you would expect a serum to be. It’s yummy and my hair smells great also. I think this is going to be the magic combination for me. I’m going to try washing my hair with the Honey Wash for the first shampoo tomorrow and then using the other shampoo after that. I think that the Honey Wash does have some really nice moisturizing ingredients in it. It may be that it doesn’t work where I live because of the water being hard or something, although I have a water filter on my shower. I mean, I can’t imagine anyone buying that product for a second time if they had the same experience that I had with it. It was like someone had melted candle wax on my hair or melted a bar of soap on my head but it wouldn’t rinse out. Weird. Re the U.A. shampoo, they have a regular one and they have one that has the word "moisturizing" on it that has more essential oils in it. I have to order the moisturizing one since they only carry the regular one at Whole Foods. U.A. makes a nice conditioner also but I find the Oyin Hemp Conditioner to make my hair a lot more manageable and less bushy. It feels soft and silky. This man (a friend) commented on it the other day. He touched it and said he was surprised at how soft my hair felt because he thought that curly hair would be coarse. That was nice. My hair smells really yummy also.

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