Best alternative to Roaccutane!

Used Roaccutane on and off for 2 years. Did not clear me completely, so I tried SkinB5. This is the best alternative to roaccutane I’ve used. My skin has been completely clear for 6 months since using SkinB5 Hope it helps you too!

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One thought on “Best alternative to Roaccutane!

  1. When you say "off and on" what does that mean?

    I took 80mg/day of accutane and a generic brand for a straight 6 months.

    I’ve been 99.9% clear since my last pill a few years ago in 2004.

    I bet that if you had taken it consistently for a full course (15-20 weeks), you would have gotten the full benefits.

    Pardon me if I sound skeptical, but I’ve taken/used/been prescribed so many acne medications over the years and none of them worked as well as accutane.

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