AYAIF Serum — could it be?

I’ve been using Evan’s As Young As I Feel serum now for like 10 days and I could swear that the scars are getting shallower. I have a magnifying mirror in my bathroom for putting on my make-up and fairly bright lights in there and the sun comes in also. I usually feel kind of sick to my stomach when I see all the acne scarring on my right cheek reflected in the light (small craters, I guess you called them, and they tend to be sort of reddish also). Today I was looking in the mirror, and I could hardly see them, even before I put my foundation on! I kept turning my head to make sure the light was falling right onto that side of my face too. I could swear that they’re starting to fill in from underneath. It could partially be because the serum is causing my skin to plump up a bit from being more moisturized. At this rate, the scars will be virtually gone within months. I will keep you updated. This is what I’m using: http://www.evansgarden.com/youth-serum.php (plus her Clarity line of products for acne). I don’t want to get overly excited, but I really think I’m seeing a noticeable change going on here. I definitely think that my crow’s feet have softened down too. Time will tell. I mean, the scars are still definitely there, but the discoloration seems to have diminished dramatically already and they really appear shallower to me. (Keeping fingers crossed.)

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One thought on “AYAIF Serum — could it be?

  1. Wow it’s expensive stuff!

    Let us know how it goes. If it works well, then it’d be well worth the money.

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