drugs and accutane

hi, im looking to start accutane i havnt visited any one about it yet but im curious. well im only 18 about 190 pounds and ive done alot of drugs in the past 3 years extensive amounts of alchohol marijuana coke and ecstacy. if i were to start accutane would these past influences effect my results or side effects and if i were to indulge in any while i was on it would there be effects.

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2 thoughts on “drugs and accutane

  1. Your previous drug use won’t have any effect on your results or side effects you may suffer.

    A big word of warning though if you do decide to go on accutane. Two weeks into my course of 60mg a day I took a pill (E).
    I had a great time but after my body was in a terrible state. I experienced a sharp pain in my abdomen where my Liver is located and it was swollen and tender to the touch I also experienced the worst headache of my life like my skull was splitting open, I was in a lot of discomfort.
    I sorted it out by detoxing & hydrating my body drinking lots of green tea, fruit smoothies & water & eating a lot of raw fruit & veg. Within 24hrs I was sorted & have felt fine since. I have since decided not to drink or do any drugs for the rest of my course it ain’t worth the hassle.

    However I doubt smoking marijuana would cause you any grief while on accutane.

  2. Accutane is rough on the body man. I’d take it easy with any of that stuff.

    I drank a few times while on accutane but I wouldn’t recommend it. You feel so dry the next day it sucks.

    Whatever you do, remember to drink plenty of water before/during/after.

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