Newbie w/ Post-Accutane Breakouts!

I was on a 6 month dose of Accutane and finished the cycle in August. After I finished, my skin was clear with the occasional pimple, but after moisturizing, it would disappear. Recently, though, my skin has been breaking out, specifcally in between my eyebrows and around my mouth. I’ve tried moisterizing and using Salicylic Acid moisturizer (Serious Skin Care) and skin-clearing concealer by Neutrogena, but smaller pimples are popping up around the larger, existing ones. In the morning, I wash my face with a bar of sensitive skin Dove soap and apply Philosophy’s Hope in a Jar and at night, I use Philosophy’s facial cleanser and Toleriane moisturizer.

Does anyone have any advice? It seems to get worse when I get stressed, so I really want to get rid of them before the summer!

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One thought on “Newbie w/ Post-Accutane Breakouts!

  1. I just read about the Hope in a Jar product.

    Those ingredients put on at night would make me break out by morning.

    Try a simpler regiment.

    1. morning facial wash with salicylic acid (every 2-3 days if irritation results)
    2. evening gentle face wash
    3. before bed – 2 or 2.5% benzoyl peroxide cream

    The benzoyl peroxide will kill the p. acne bacteria that cause acne while you sleep. You should wake up with less new pimples using that routine.

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