Wen hair products

I ordered a trial kit of Wen hair products ( www.wenhaircare.com ). It’s got chemicals in it that I normally try and avoid, but I was having so much trouble with both my scalp (itching and burning) and my hair (totally out of control — dry, very bushy and frizzy) that I decided to try the Wen products from an infommerical offer. I didn’t have the miraculous results that they showed in their before and afters, but I do like the products and my scalp feels comfortable now. My hair isn’t as bushy and frizzy as it was, although it stopped raining here which helps calm my hair down also.

I seemed to be doing well on the Evan’s Garden hair care products that I bought (the shampoo for dry hair and the pomade) when I first started using them. She doesn’t make a rinse out hair conditioner though, and I needed to use one after shampooing so that I could get a comb through my hair. I ran out of her shampoo for a while, so I bought a new brand of shampoo and hair conditioner (Alaffia) from the health food store that had all natural ingredients. Then I started to get bad itching and burning on my scalp. It was so bad, I couldn’t even sleep. I returned those, and then I tried another brand from the health food store (California Baby) for babies and sensitive adults that was hypoallergenic. My scalp was doing better but my hair still wasn’t looking very good though.

I do really like the Wen products, particularly that their hair cleanser doesn’t contain any soap or detergent. It’s a conditioner and cleanser in one and I really like that idea because I think that shampoos can dry the hair and scalp. I’m not sure what to do now, though. I really like the Wen but I am concerned about the chemicals in them.

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