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I have been reading about different products and looking for an all natural, organic line that will work with sensitive combination skin. I just ordered some travel sizes of Miessence and hoping this is good. I was using Mary Kay for the past several years and sold it. However, it contains too many toxins and carcinogenic ingredients for me to feel good using it. I switched to Aveda all sensitive and some Origins. I am careful to look at the item ingredients and using the cosmetic database to check the ingredients. I am displeased that particular lines have some great products while using toxic ingredients in others. For instance, the Aveda cleanser and moisture seem ok but beware of the toners and other products. Anyone out there who can help and offer suggestions or tell me their experience with Miessence? Thanks in advance!!!

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  1. If you do a search on MiEssence here you will find a lot of postings (including mine). I tried some sample sizes of MiEssence skin care some years ago. I never got the full sizes though. I remember that the mask for oily skin was really strong and caused a lot of itching and drawing when it was drying. I was so uncomfortable that I couldn’t stand to leave it on for the whole time I was supposed to. Other than that, I can’t recall much. I tried quite a few of their make-up items also. I used the liquid foundation for quite a while (6 months to a year maybe). It’s a very nice makeup, but they don’t have much of a color selection and I had to mix two different colors together to get a good color for me. They were going bad before I could use them up. I also tried samples of M.E.’s foundation powder. It looked pretty but I broke out. I still have an M.E. shimmer cream that I bought to use as blush, but I was getting clogged pores on my cheeks from it, so I’m using it as a lip tint instead. I bought some of their hair care products also but got itchy from them. I got their concealor cream also. I didn’t find it to conceal pimples well so I was just using it under my eyes. I think I was getting milia (bumpiness) under my eyes from it so I switched to using Gabriel Cosmetic’s concealor wand (not organic, but mostly natural). I guess the M.E. products are just too rich or too "active" for me. They’re such yummy products though — they smell great and really give your skin a glow, etc.

    I’ve been using Evan’s Garden Clarity line of skin care for problem skin and doing very well on them. Her products are very pure and natural and are organic also. My skin feels really smooth and soft now. I’ve been using her make-up also. If you do a search here on "Evan’s Garden" you should be able to find all of my postings about it. She sells trial sizes also. I tried samples of some of her other products that didn’t agree with my skin (broke out or got an allergic reaction), but all of the Clarity kit products, the foundation powder, powder blush and foundation cream for oily skin have all worked out great for me. The As Young As I Feel Serum also helped my skin. I haven’t used it for months because I feel conflicted about it containing emu oil (from a dead bird), but it really did good things for my skin. I think I am going to order it again. At least the bird meat is used for food, so the oil is kind of a by-product (or so I rationalize anyway).

  2. Well… i liked the foundation sample so much I ordered a few other things from MiEssence!

    I ordered:
    Translucent Foundation
    Purifying Cleanser
    Purifying Moisturiser
    Purifying Blemish Gel (for Blemishes/Pimples/Cuts)

    I’ve only used it twice (last night and this morn)… i like the packaging 🙂
    As far as the products go… I think the moisturiser might me a little "dry" for me, my skin feels a bit tight after using it… But i wanted to get the purifying range to MAKE SURE the products werent too rich for my newly clear skin 🙂

    I haven’t used the makeup yet… i was very naughty and squeezed a small pimple and made it pretty bad and i’m just waiting for it to heal up completely before i put any makeup on it.

    I’m really excited about the line tho!

  3. Well, I loved my samples and ordered more and then decided to become a rep. Feel free to check out my site if you are interested.
    Also, I thought I had sensitive skin and started with the purifying range but switched to balancing and also use the rejuvenating for a bit more moisture at times. So, balancing may be best for even sensitive.

  4. Yes – I’m finding the Purifying moisturiser a little too drying for my skin… so, i’m still using my evans garden clarity lotion at night… and in the mornings i use the MI moisturiser and then put some transluscent foundation over it… which gives a better feeling of moisture 🙂 — but i’ll get the balancing moisturiser next time

    The Purifying Gel is FANTASTIC!!! it zaps the few small pimples i get within a day (or overnight!!) … I’m glad i tried this range… can’t wait to get some different stuff!

    Been looking at the skin conditioner and definately a mask (once my evans garden stuff is finished)

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