When do I see a change?

This is my 4th week on 20mg of Roaccutane once a day, and I haven’t noticed anything beneficial. My skin is little red, dry, and my lips are chapped, but no improvement in the acne. In fact, I keep breaking out as much as before (painful nodular bumps on my chin). Is this normal? Does anyone know when I should start seeing a change? Could it be that my dose is too low? I was on the generic isotretinoin 3 years ago, and I believe I saw results quickly (I don’t remember). Perhaps because this is my second time on the drug my body is immune to it or something. Please offer some advice.


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One thought on “When do I see a change?

  1. What was your dose the first time?

    It should be 0.5 to 1.0 milligrams per 2.2 pounds of body weight.

    I’m 180lbs so my doctor had me on 80/mg day.

    So just take your weight and divide by 2.2, then take that number and cut it in half.

    Those two numbers are your dosage range.

    My instinct tells me that if you’re on a second course, your doctor should have you on the highest recommended dosage to knock the acne out already.

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