HELP – i need diet advice!!


I have been struggling with my skin for a while, and recently went back to my homeopath.

She has put me on a wheat free, dairy free, sugar free, yeast free, gluten free diet!
Leaves me wondering what i CAN eat! 🙂
Oh, and sugar free means no fruit either (just for 2 to 3 weeks). So, just veggies. Fresh meant is fine (small quantities). And all veg, except mushrooms. Rice is ok too.

I am not the most creative person when it comes to food, and I could really use some suggestions.

Obviously bread is out of the question – I have a recipe for Corn Bread that she gave me, and I will make it soon. But what to put on it…
Also, I can eat rice cakes – again, what to put on it? (No cheese, vegimite, etc)

I am not a huge vegatable fan, which is obviously a problem, so, I’m trying to eat as healthy as I can without feeling too down about eating stuff I dont really like!

I’m especially struggling with breakfast – not being allowed fruit is tough! For the past few days i’ve had a poached egg and a slice of ridiculously expensive wheat free, gluten free, yeast free bread. But i don’t want to eat an egg every day because of cholestrol…

Ant suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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2 thoughts on “HELP – i need diet advice!!

  1. You could go to the Body Ecology Diet website and look at their recipes:

    There are probably some there that fit into your diet. She also has a special offer right now to download her recipe book for free ( ) but you have to give names and email addresses for 3 friends who might be interested in subscribing to her e-newsletter. (Get your friends’ permission first.) I’m kind of surprised about the rice cakes since I’ve read that they are high glycemic, meaning they turn into sugar in the body or raise the blood sugar or something like that. I hope this diet helps you. It sounds similar to Phase 1 of the body ecol. diet.

  2. Thanks Lenore…

    I downloaded the recipe book and am going to have a good look at the recipes on the site.
    I’m finding it really tough to stick to this diet… apparently my body is too acidic, and the homeopath wants me to follow this very strict diet for a month or two, and then slowly ease up a bit, and not be SO very strict.

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