Trying to get roaccutane prescribed.

I’ve suffered from moderate to severe acne across most of my face, back, neck and chest for around 2 years. I’ve never noticed it as much as I have now, as my face has been starting to produce a lot more oil than ever before and it seems each day I break out with many new spots. I mainly have spots on my chin – which is totally bombarded with red, scabby, blistering spots, around my mouth, along my jawline and all over my forehead.

I have been to my GP and been subscribed topicals and antibiotics for approx 6 months to no avail, but I am not sure she will consider accutane for me, but I don ‘t know what else to do. This acne is taking over my life and I just want to freeze my life so I can do nothing but hide in my house until it is gone.

Is there any way I can perhaps improve my chances of getting it prescribed? I am so desperate now.


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2 thoughts on “Trying to get roaccutane prescribed.

  1. Try going to a dermatologist… they are normally very eager to prescribe the stuff… good Luck!!

  2. A GP is probably not too familiar with accutane so definitely get yourself to a dermatologist.

    If that derm won’t prescribe it for you, go to another one.

    It sounds like you are a really good candidate for accutane.

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