Just finished my 4month course of Roaccutane…

hey guys, im new to this and not really sure how it works, but ive just finished my 4 month course of roaccutane and its been an incredible journey. what can I say…they’ve changed me physically and mentally…and all in good ways.

Im an 18 year old Art student in London, and would just like to beable to offer you advice and tell you about my experiences on Roacctuane, so if you have any questions dont hesitate to ask. After all…ive been through it all!

Hope everyone has a great Christmas!
Love, Holly x x x

p.s through all the horrible side effects and blood tests etc…my skin is now pretty much perfect! And i love it 😀 x

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4 thoughts on “Just finished my 4month course of Roaccutane…

  1. Hi Holly,

    How bad was your acne? I only have tiny whiteheads but they are all over my cheeks and just won’t go away. i’ve tried countless other products that just won’t seem to work. I’m currently on my second week of roaccutane (40mg per day) and I’m just worried that it will only work for cystic acne and it won’t go away forever…
    would you mind giving me some advice??


  2. Hey, Michelle!

    well to be honest I never really thought my skin was ‘acne’ as such, but the Dc said it was so… I just had bad spots, like big red spots with white heads coming and going…I didnt have a mass of spots at one time they would just come and go but they just made me really down.

    All the other antibiotics and washes etc…never worked for me either so i really didnt think Roaccutane would…but I would just stick to it, because it took me ages to really notice a difference. and the Doc wouldnt have given them to u if he didnt think they would work 🙂

    I still have scaring left over from old spots (which go when i cove them in foundation) and I still get one or two when I have my period etc… but they only last a few days 🙂 so all in all im V.happy!!

    I think the best advice I could give is stick through all he horrible side effects and keep happy and your skin will look fab in a few months! 😀

    hope that helps hun
    Holly x

  3. Hi Holly!

    Thanks for that advice….the acne you have seems similar to mine..i’ve noticed a little bit of a difference which has given me some hope!! Thanks for the reply!

    Have a lovely christmas
    Michelle xx

  4. hi holly….just a quick question!

    was your acne only noticeable in sunlight? because nobody can tell i have pimples until i step into the sunlight and then it looks like i have the chicken pox!! and my foundation is making my skin look cakey and powdery over the pimples and overall the texture of my skin is really rough (although it feels soft) and gross 🙁 did you experience this before and whilst on roaccutane? if so did it all go away once you finished the course??
    also when did you start seeing a result and at which month was your skin completely clear??


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