Reinjuring an old wound (please help!)

Just joined cuz I need advice…About two years ago I had a big zit between my eyes that I popped and would continually pick off the scab (I know, dumb)…Eventually the pink skin turned back to normal in a couple months and everything looked great – and up until August it was completely invisible – no complaints whatsoever…Then I accidentally scratched the same area really bad, and the basic outline of that initial scabbed turned bright red again (but no bleeding or anything, so I thought it would go away in a matter of days).. It’s been about two months since that happened, and i don’t know – for about a month there have been like little whitish/yellow sticks growing in there and sloughing off (is this new skin or what, it’s not pus) I feel like it’s becoming less indented/red but there’s still an outline of the scab from two years ago, still some red, and still some growing areas (I think).. I put Neosporin on it at first and such, but recently I’ve been just staying away from it as to not irritate it… From what I described, when should this completely heal? Anyone had similar experiences? Will it be like the last time – a couple more months, or is this bad?? Thanks for the advice, I just keep trying to wait it out but it’s taking sooo long. :cry

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