Impossible getting Accutane from Dermatologist

I am selling my unused prescription of Roaccutane and Retin A.

My acne history is moderate acne on my face and many blackheads on my nose during my late adolescent years. I was very distressed by the acne and was prescribed Accutane by my dermatologist and within two months I was completely clear with minimal side effects bar chaped lips that I used a moisturiser to help with. I highly recommend accutane when used for the purpose intended and in moderation.

In order to use the medicine I do not need myself, I am asking for less than I paid for it recently in hospital in London Wimbledon Parkside hospital, and this does not include the private dermatologist charges (over 300 pounds) to get the prescription – of course you can convert the price to dollars etc as appropriate using current exchange rates.

150 Roche Original Accutane 20mg Isotretinoin Soft Capsules in 10 blister packs (3000mg total) – 200 pounds/403 dollars
1 Retin A 0.1% Cream Ortho Dermatological 30g – 20 pounds/40 dollars
1 Retin A 0.01% Gel Ortho Dermatological 30g – 20 pounds/40 dollars
1 Retin A 0.025% Gel Ortho Dermatological 30g – 20 pounds/40 dollars

Bear in mind that I am selling the Roche Accutane (the original patent holder) not the generics which have different levels of effectiveness – furthermore this has been sourced from a UK hospital so is 100% the real deal.

I would be very suspicious of anyone offering accutane via the internet that has not been sourced through a hospital as they may have sourced their accutane from asian markets were counterfeiting is rife.

Anyone brave enough to even consider buying accutane from so called “online pharmacies” must read this recent YAHOO article first and do your research about counterfeit drugs.

If you are interested please let me know and I can let you know my Ebay transaction ID etc and PAYPAL. If you require any details, do not hesitate to let me know.

Contact me at [email protected]

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