Help Getting Accutane

Hello everyone,

I was on accutane (sotret 10mg 2x day) from Feb 2005 through July 2005. I was happy and acne free for almost one year. On May 2006, rhe nightmare began again. This time I got cystic acne but only on my chin and jaw line (forhead, cheeks, temples and nose are super clear). I went to my derm that May and he told me he was going to put me on a nother cycle of accutane this time for 6 motns. I was thrilled, but 3 days later I got called for an internship abroad that I had been praying on for months, and therefore had to quit my full-time job with health insurance; so bye bye accutane. That was in the summer of 2006, now a year later I still have no insurance and the acne continues to disfigure my face. I have tried everything over the counter to no avail becaise i KNOW that accutane is the only thing that will work on my resistant cystic acne. Going to the derm now and paying for visits, labs, and meds out of my pocket is a simply an impossibilty. There’s no way I could afford that on the salary I am making.

The reason I posted this is because I wanted to know if peple knew of alternative ways for me to obtain this medication. My best friend gave me two unused pill boxes (20 pills totla) from when she ended her accutane treatment last month. that’s helpful, but not enough to cover me for the length of the 6 months. Does anyone know any other way I can obtain this medication? I have scanned through some internet sites, but worry about their reliability in sending me the true product. Perhaps there is accutane medical voucher program for underprivileged individuals?

Please if anyone has heard of anything, let me know. I need all the advice I can get no matter how wacky or "illegal" it may seem.

Thanks for your help!

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