Zenmed spam — Freudian slip?

We’ve been getting bombarded with Zenmed spam on all the forums. That makes me think that it must be a really crappy product that they have to pay people to write phony testimonials on acne boards. I’ve never read anything good about Zenmed from a bona fide acne sufferer on any acne board, have you? I’ve been deleting all the phony Zenmed postings but this one really cracked me up, broken English, typo’s and all:

I order Zenmed system. The delivery was right on time as they showed on the website. I am very please with the results of the products as I’m starting to see some good results within a short spam of time (within 1-2 weeks). I am glad I tried the system…[blah, blah, blah]

Freudian slip? :lol

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