I am a 40 years old man, suffering full of sebum on my whole head (face and hair). As you can image, I was troubled during tens of years with a problem which usually is only of teenagers. During all my life I proved all kind of treatmens: hundreds of creams, aloe vera, benzoyl peroxid, antibiotics (Minocycline – Minomycin), even honey on my face and other natural treatments.

And, I can only ensure you one thing: DONT LOSE YOUR TIME, ONLY ACCUTANE IS EFFECTIVE.

Finally, I decided to go to the doctor and I asked him for accutane. First of all, before begining with the treatment, he demanded me to make blood analysis. I am a healthy man, so this analysis specially was to verify my levels of cholesterol in blood, but also to verify that my liver does not have any problem.
Then, as my levels were normal, and I did not suffer ugly pimples (only terrible grease and some inflammations), he ordered me to begin with a very soft dose of isotretinoin: 10 mg. before breakfast and 10 mg. before lunch; and blood anylisis every month till the end of the treatment (5 months).

About accutane, or roacutane, as named in Europe, where I live, I was searching for good prices of the medicament, and in view of the enormous price of the brand name, I decided to buy the generic version, which has exactly the same ingredient (isotretinoin), I found an online international pharmacy, which worked very fine for me, reasonable prices and quickly shipping (less than 2 weeks). By the way, they do not ask the prescription. You can view the place here:

I began to see wonderful effects after one or two weeks of treatment, my sebum almost stopped suddenly, and very few side effects: dry skin, specially in lips and inside the nose, which I solved with lip stick and aloe vera gel (inside the nose too). The best results were after 3 months, with the skin completely cleaned, and only one or two very small pimples every 2 or 3 days. Then I myself decided to increase the dose of isotretinoin to 30 mg per day, because I wanted to ensure the complet cure.
Truly, after the 3 first months I did not notice any improvement. Then I stopped the treatment after 4 months and half, more or less.

About the analysis and consultations with the doctor. I only had one consultation at the begining. My first analysis showed normal levels, and I rectified a little my diet during all the treatment. I only took half a cup of wine during lunch and dinner, and no cups of alcohol during week-ends. Also, I reduced the eating of eggs, cakes and cured cheese. Curiously, in my second blood analysis, I even had less quantity of lipids in my blood. So I did not make more analysis, only took care of my diet.

Currently, after 4 months of finished the treatment, I still have some small pimples sometimes, and very little quantity of sebum (around 10 or 15% of the quantity I had before the treatment). Truly I am very happy, even I do not have to wash my hair everyday, as before. But I am a little perfectionist man, so I will probably begin a second treatment with accutane 40 mg/day during 3 or 4 months after the summer. I think I will not go to the doctor again, I am the same healthy man, though probably I will make one or two blood analysis again, just in case.

I hope my experience has been helpful to you!

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