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[note (June 26, 2008): I went into a lot of details in this whole thread, but here’s a summary: I’ve been using Evan’s Garden Clarity line for acne for about 10 months now, and it’s working great for me. I also think her As Young As I Feel serum is helping my skin in a lot of ways. It contains emu oil which is helpful for acne and scarring. I’m also using her foundation base cream for oily skin and mixing it with her foundation powder and also using her powder rouge, and they’re not breaking me out at all. My skin feels soft and moister and the wrinkles around my eyes have softened down a lot. I highly recommend this line. The downside: they’re expensive and most of the products require mixing or shaking because they’re all natural and she doesn’t use emulsifiers. If you can afford it, they’re well worth it though.]


I found a website, www.evansgarden.com , with organic cosmetics, skin and hair care, supplements, etc. They have a lot of items for internal cleansing also. I ordered samples of the 3 Sensitive Skin Care products, some of the foundation powder colors, the base cream for oily skin, the shampoo for dry hair and the pomade conditioner, and two of their perfume samples Bouquet de Reves and Odalisque. The sensitive skin toner bottle leaked though, completely out, so I wasn’t able to try that. They’re going to send me another bottle of it. They’re really nice and helpful there and Evan (a woman) answered all my questions in detail.

I do really like the Earth, Oats and Honey cleanser (it’s a fine textured scrub), and I like the sensitive skin cream, although it does feel pretty oily. My skin feels really soft, though, and it’s very soothing. I have gotten a couple of little bumps, but I haven’t gotten any actual pimples from using the products at this point. I really like the powder mixed with the base cream (I haven’t tried it alone yet) but I haven’t found a color that’s good for me yet. I’m going to send her a sample of my mineral powder to match. I like the shampoo, but the pomade conditioner is pretty heavy — kind of waxy and oily. You’re only supposed to use a little bit, but my hair is very thick and bushy, so I need a fair amount to tame it down. It makes my hair look darker though. I may use it in combination with another styling serum/cream that I have and just use a very little amount of it. The best thing is that my scalp feels so soothed and my hair doesn’t feel dry anymore.

They do have a line for oily/acne skin called Clarity but I didn’t try any of those products. I’m continuing to use my Martel SkinLift light also, which helps. I just don’t know at this point if I really have very active acne or not. I’ve been keeping it under control with the MyChelle and the light for years now and so I’m not sure how acne prone I still am. I mostly just have some blackheads and clogged pores. I rarely get real inflamed or infected pimples anymore. I really like the Odalisque eau de parfum also, but the scent dissipates pretty quickly. I’m going to try the samples of the perfume oil next time.

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  1. So much for having "outgrown" acne — ha ha. I started to break out quite a bit after using the Evan’s Garden products for a week or so. I got a big infected pimple on my chin and several other zits coming up. I’ve gone back to the Mychelle products again. I guess the Evan’s Garden Sensitive Skin line products (and perhaps the foundation base cream for oily/normal skin also) were too rich for me. I’m also wondering if the hair pomade might have gotten onto my face and caused a problem. Evan’s Garden has a line of skin care products for oily/acne skin also. I’d better just stick with the Mychelle products though because they work so well at keeping my skin clear and because I have a stockpile of them which I got when they had the 30% off sale. If I were super rich I’d try the Evan’s Garden Clarity line though because they’re organic and very natural and I really loved using the samples I got. My skin felt velvety soft. My skin had been so clear for so long that I actually believed that I didn’t have acne anymore and could pile the oils on. My skin has been feeling so dry. Oh, well, I guess I’m a "lifer" and will have to use acne products for the rest of my life. God, what if the MyChelle Co. goes out of business, then what do I do? No point in worrying about that now.

  2. My skin’s been dry as the desert and sandpapery, even though I cut way down on the harsher Mychelle skin care products, so I decided to try the Evan’s Garden Clarity trial kit for acne prone skin. (See http://www.evansgarden.com/acne-skin-care-system.php ). I started using them last night. I used the Rose Bouquet masque this morning. My skin had a nice glow to it afterwards. I had a little zit starting between my eyebrows last night and it’s a little larger this morning, even though I put the Clarity spot serum on it, but it’s still pretty small and not red or anything. All the products have essential oils in them. It makes me a little nervous to be spreading oils on my face. Time will tell. I’m hoping that this stuff will both help the dryness and control the acne.

    I also got the foot detox patches, the Romance spray deodorant and the shampoo for dry hair. I"m hoping the foot patches will help with the fatigue. They’re supposed to draw toxins out of your body through your feet. It sounds weird, but I’ve read good reports on them, so I’m going to try them. I’m desperate, what can I say?

  3. Tell me the results of the foot patches once you use them. Not necessarily for your face, but you know, do they make you feel good, healthier..etc…
    My moms friend said something about a foot bath that drew toxins out and I thought is was very interesting :mrgreen

  4. I’ve been using the Evan’s Garden Clarity products and their make-up foundation powder for about a week now and my skin has been staying very clear. It doesn’t feel as dry and rough as it did before. It feels a little softer. I haven’t even been using them twice a day all the time (I sometimes skip the morning washing if I’m just staying at home). So far so good. Most all of their products have to be shaken or stirred because they don’t use added emulsifiers. It’s a bit of a nuisance but I think it’s worth it in order to have all natural organic products. The Clarity Lotion and Light Cream don’t smother the skin at all. I use the Clarity Lotion all over my face twice a day and then use the Light Cream under my eyes, around my mouth and on my neck for extra moisturizing. The Light Cream is actually the base that is used for the Clarity Lotion but without the Clarity Essential Oil Blend that is in the lotion. The Clarity Lotion is actually more like a light cream itself. It’s comes in a jar.

    I only used the foot detox patches one night so far and they were quite dark the next morning. It doesn’t say in the instructions how frequently to use them. It’s been so very hot here that I don’t even want to have to wear socks to bed at night so I may wait until it cools down a little (or get lighter weight socks anyway).

    I tried their Romance spray deodorant also. It works okay, but I did get B.O. after working in 94 degree heat helping someone pack boxes to move the other day (their A/C was broken). Also, it stung when I used it after shaving in the shower. (It contains some grape alcohol.) I may return it and try their deodorant powder instead, which is supposed to be for really stubborn B.O.

  5. My skin has been really clear for weeks now. The products really seem to be working for me. I’ve also been taking Herbs, Etc.’s ChlorOxygen liquid though and some of Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s supplements (Favorite Flora, Gentle Care multi vitamins/minerals, DHA drops and Osteo Sun non-vegan) which could be helping. It’s hard to say exactly what’s doing what since I’ve introduced several new things into my regimen. I am very pleased with the Clarity line though. I also tried a sample of Evan’s "As Young As I Feel" serum. It does make my skin feel soft, but it is kind of oily, although it does absorb in well. I don’t like that it contains an oil from a dead bird though (emu oil) and it smells a bit funky. It hasn’t caused any break outs at all. I haven’t been using the detox patches. I need to start using them daily. Sometimes I’m just too tired at night to do it.

  6. I think that the "As Young As I Feel" serum actually helps clear up my skin. It’s also really softening and hydrating and the wrinkles around my eyes are reduced to almost nothing. I’ve been getting more attention from men recently so I guess I’m looking better. My skin was mostly clear before but was so dry and rough. Now with Evan’s Garden Clarity line, my skin is clear but also softer and moister and has a better tone. I think the emu oil in the AYAIF serum is doing great things for my skin. I just wish that it was vegetarian though and less expensive. I’ve also been using the base foundation cream for oily skin that is designed for mixing with the make-up foundation powder, and I’m not breaking out at all. It’s a bit of a hassle to have to mix the two each time, but the results are really nice. I’m really sold on these products — they’re as natural as products can get and they’re working great for me. The owners are very dear people — very helpful and sweet. The only obstacle is the price. The Clarity line kits are a savings over buying the products individually and the kits on the order form come with a bonus gift. The only thing is that my skin is staying so clear, that I’m not needing much of the Spot Serum at all, and it comes with the kit. I’ve already got one extra bottle. I’m going to end up with a collection of them. I’m using her shea butter cheek tint again and I like it. It’s a little on the dry side to use over just the powder foundation alone, but as long as I mix the foundation powder with the base cream for oily skin, then the cheek tint goes on fine. It does need to be rubbed between the fingers first to soften it down though.

  7. I just received the full size kit of the Evans Garden Clarity products line. My skin is staying very clear, as long as I keep using the products. I opened a new bottle of Spot Serum, and it’s coming out of the bottle with no problem. (I was having some trouble with the previous bottle.) Maybe she changed the formula to make it a thinner consistency. I also got samples of her Ma Jeunesse and Creme Rose creams. I’m using the Creme Rose cream as an eye cream and using the Ma Jeunesse overnight by itself. My skin feels really soft. So far, I haven’t had any problems, but I’ve only used them for a few nights.

    I also got her loose powder foundation make-up and the foundation base cream for oily skin. The latter is for mixing with the powder to make a creamy foundation (you mix a little each day). It’s all working great for me and my skin is very clear, soft and comfortable. My acne is easier to control now in my ’50’s, but there are testimonials at her website that it has worked for more severe acne.

  8. For some reason this thread is not appearing correctly on the screen. I have to scroll left and right in order to read it. Anyway, I did break out in 3 or 4 zits since trying the Ma Jeunesse, although they’re shrinking already and never got real bad. She did mention in the literature for Ma Jeunesse that it might possibly cause a temporary break out.

  9. Uh-oh, another zit, this time a pretty big and sore one, just below my eye. I don’t know if the Ma Jeunesse cream is going to work out for me or not. I did go off my diet though and ate some dairy, wheat and sugar. I’ve also been really bad about taking my supplements and skipping them a lot. I’ll use up the sample of M.J. that I have and see if it clears up eventually. I was so clear before, though, so I don’t know. This one is right below my eye though, so I’m wondering if it could be the Creme Rose cream which I’ve been using as an eye cream. When I was only using the Clarity products and the AYAIF serum, I wasn’t breaking out at all.

  10. so you would recommend ordering the clarity line? (over the sensitive skin line or mymichelle stuff?)

  11. My skin is staying very clear on Evan’s Clarity line. I broke out when I tried out Evan’s sensitive skin trial kit. I stopped using the Ma Jeunesse because I started to break out. I also seem to be allergic to the Creme Rose, not sure to what ingredient. I have very reactive sensitive skin. The Clarity line is working extremely well for me though and the As Young as I Feel Serum didn’t break me out either and I think even helped keep my skin clear (contains emu oil and other stuff for aging skin). I haven’t used the Gloria Martel SkinLift light for the last couple of weeks or more (I need to buy a new battery) and my skin is still clear. The light is supposed to help with acne too.

    MyChelle is a good line, but after using it for a few years, my skin was starting to feel like sandpaper. I also had some deeply imbedded large blackheads for I think a year or more, that simply would not come out no matter what I did. As soon as I started using Evans Clarity line the blackheads pretty much just slid out. I just feel more comfortable with the Clarity products. Keep in mind that I am 55 years old and my skin is not really oily anymore (also due to the Jessner peel I think too). The Clarity products have oils in them that rise to the top and you have to stir or shake all of the products because they don’t contain emulsifiers like most products do. I’m beginning to think that it wasn’t the essential oils that was clogging up my skin with some of the other lines I used, but actually the emulsifiers they used to keep the oils dispersed in the creams. All I can say is that my skin is doing great on Evan’s Clarity products. She has some very enthusiastic testimonials on her website for the Clarity line.

  12. thanks for all the info! i think ill try the clarity line sample if i can talk my dad into forking the bill. but its only thirty some dollars if i remember correctly so it shouldn’t be too hard. thanks again for the advice!!

  13. I just use the make-up in lieu of sunblock. I don’t think they have any sunblock besides that, but I’m not sure. I also just got some liquid make-up foundation from Nutra-Lift that I like so far (just used it once) and it has sunblock in it. For my body, I use Mychelle’s sunblock, but I rarely lie out in the sun during midday because I’m so fair.

  14. i ordered the clarity sample kit saturday. i know it will take a while to come in, but im excited. πŸ˜›

    yeah i just read that the gabriel foundation ive been using has sunblock in it, so i think im good. most sunblock makes me break out, so i was just wondering what you did.

  15. Which of the Gabriel make-up’s are you using? Did you know that ZuZu Luxe is also made by the Gabriel company? They’re pretty similar, but have some different colors. I used the Gabriel powder foundation for quite a while. It didn’t make me break out or anything but my skin was starting to feel dry. I liked the idea of mixing Evan’s powder with the foundation cream to counteract the dryness. I like the NutraLift liquid foundation a lot too. I’ve used it several times and I’m still clear. It really takes 2-3 months or more of consistent use to be sure that a particular cosmetic is okay though. Sometimes it takes that long for the stuff to build up in the pores, apparently. I usually break out pretty quickly from cosmetics though– like in a day or two. It usually starts with some clogged pores on my nose that get inflamed and turn reddish and then the pimples start popping up elsewhere on my face. The nose thing is usually an indication of an impending flare-up.

  16. i use the dual powder foundation–just what they had at my health food store. i dont seem to be drying out–ive actually recently stopped using my usual moisturizers. of course im a teacager so i have more oil issues. but when i get the clarity stuf ill use that moisturizer…

  17. so, i got the clarity line in the mail today!! so excited…but im waiting to hear back from kevin about instructions, it was a little unclear on the website. i was wondering if you could help me out…i a little confused about how to use the cream, lotion, and spot stuff. i have red acne spots all over both cheeks. should i use the spot stuff all over that or just on real zits? if so, do i put lotion on top or what? and do you choose between the cream and lotion or is one for night…im so confused!! haha. thanks for the help…

  18. so, i got the clarity line in the mail today!! so excited…but im waiting to hear back from kevin about instructions, it was a little unclear on the website. i was wondering if you could help me out…i a little confused about how to use the cream, lotion, and spot stuff. i have red acne spots all over both cheeks. should i use the spot stuff all over that or just on real zits? if so, do i put lotion on top or what? and do you choose between the cream and lotion or is one for night…im so confused!! haha. thanks for the help…

    Oh goody. Did you get the instruction sheet for the Clarity products in the box? You need to shake the spot serum and toner each time before using them. Also, she recommends using those little plastic spoons to stir all the lotions and creams rather than sticking your fingers into the jars (to prevent bacterial contamination). The creams need to be stirred each time because the essential oils rise to the top. She doesn’t use emulsifiers in her creams because they can clog the pores. The stirring is a pain, but I feel it’s well worth it for clear skin. I use 3 little glass baby food jars to store the spoons: I keep clean spoons in one, used spoons in another for later washing (when I’m rushed), and then another one for the wet spoons after washing. I have a whole bunch of those little spoons and spatulas. I use separate spoons to stir the Clarity Lotion and the Light Cream because I don’t want to get any of the former mixed into the latter. (I use the Light Cream around my eyes, and I don’t think the Clarity Lotion is supposed to be used around the eyes).

    Here’s how I use the products:


    1. Wash with the Clarity DreamSoap.

    2. Shake and then apply the Clarity Spot Serum on the zits only. If there’s some left on my finger, I will put it on my nose because I have blackheads there.

    Note: it says on the sheet not to apply it to zits that are broken open though (open wounds).

    3. Stir and apply the Clarity Lotion over all the acne prone areas.

    4. Stir and apply the Light Cream over that, including on your neck and under your eyes, for extra moisture.

    note: Actually, the Light Cream formula is the base for the Clarity Lotion. The only difference between the two is that the Clarity Lotion has the Clarity Essential Oil Blend added to it. If your entire face is acne prone (like mine is), then really you only need to apply the Light Cream where you haven’t applied the Clarity Lotion, like under the eyes, around the mouth and on the neck. If your skin is feeling very dry, though, the extra layer of Light Cream is nice (it is a bit thicker than the lotion).

    5. Shake Skin Perfection Mist and spray over your face and neck and let it dry.

    6. If you ever get her make-up: stir the Foundation Cream for Oily Skin. Mix some of the foundation cream with some of the foundation powder in the palm of your hand and then apply on your face and neck. You don’t have to use the foundation cream — you can just apply the powder with a brush or a foam wedge sponge directly also. I like using it with the foundation cream though. You can dip a Q-tip directly into the powder and use it as a spot cover.


    1. Wash your face with Lavender In Bloom DreamSoap.

    2. Shake and apply the spot serum as above

    3. Stir and apply the Light Cream as above.

    4. Shake and spray the toner as above.

    I use the Rose Bouquet Masque like once a week. (It needs stirring also.) You can use it as often as every day if you’re breaking out a lot and you can use it as a spot treatment on zits overnight also. I don’t use the Clarity Lotion at night because using it once a day with the Spot Serum has been enough to keep my skin clear. If you’re breaking out a lot then you might want to use the Clarity Soap and Clarity Lotion twice a day until you’re clear. The mist can be used before and/or after the lotion and cream, but I feel like I’m diluting the strength of the Clarity Lotion if I use it before. Honestly, the Clarity "Lotion" and the Light Cream both feel like light creams to me. I mean the "lotion" is kind of creamy, and the "cream" is kind of lotiony.

    I know this all sounds like a lot, but once you get into a rhythm with it, it’s really not all that time consuming. She told me to use the As Young As I Feel Serum separately (at a different time) from the Clarity products. I was using it at night. I would wash my face with the lavender soap as usual, and then use the AYAIF serum over that and then the toner over that. I think that the AYAIF serum actually helped to keep my skin clear also (or at least it didn’t break it out at all). I just have reservations about using the emu oil (from a dead bird — the bird’s flesh is used for food though, at least). I may go back to using it though, because I’m hoping it will help more with the acne scarring. It’s supposed to like triple collagen growth. It really helped with the wrinkles around my eyes too. Please tell me how you like the products. I sure hope they help. She has specials on the Clarity products now and then. They send out emails about their specials.

  19. oh my goodness thank you so much! i stil havent heard back from kevin and im really anxious to try this stuff out! your instructions were really great!! im gonna print them out so i dont forget. thanks1000000 for all your help.

  20. Very sweet message. You’re very welcome. I forgot to add (I will edit my message and stick this in) that after you apply the foundation powder mixed with the foundation cream, you can use a Q-tip and dip it into the dry powder and then apply the powder as a spot cover. That works really well. I love the blush # 13. I don’t usually go for a blush that pink, but this one’s really pretty on.

  21. day 4 on evan’s garden for me, and im happy to say its everything you said it would be. of course, my skin hasnt completely cleared up yet (especally because i have so many red marks from old acne) but its looking MUCH better. the inflamation is down and i just feel like my angry skin calmed down and is resting now. πŸ˜› for the first time in months i dont feel like wearing makeup…thanks you so much!!

  22. I’m so excited to hear that! I really hope that your skin continues to get better and better. Yay! If you can afford it, I think the AS Young As I Feel Serum is good for acne and scars also, although it’s sold as being a youth serum. Maybe you should wait until you’re clear to add that in though. They don’t list it on their website, but they do sell a sample size of the AYAIF serum also. They actually sell sample sizes of most all their skin care products, even if they’re not listed. They’re the sweetest people and are very responsive and helpful.

    If you look on the order form, they have a special deal where you get some bonus gifts if you get the Clarity kits. If you would use the gifts (I think it’s their body cream) then it’s actually a better deal to get the kits with the gifts, although I think it’s less expensive online. I think the spot serum is a different size with the order form kits also. You know, I’ve got extra bottles of spot serum because my skin has been so clear that I hardly even need the spot serum anymore. Re the spot serum, you need to hold it upside down for a few seconds or more and then a drop of the oil will slowly come out of the bottle. I was trying to shake it out when I first got it and it wasn’t working. How often are you using the mask? I guess there’s not much there in the sample kit.

    By the way, I started to break out after using the NutraLift makeup for 3-4 days. I got like 3 small to medium sized hard zits — not bad or red, but they looked like they could get worse. I’m going back to Evan’s make-up. It doesn’t cause me any problems whatsoever. The NutraLift make-up probably has some emulsifiers in it. Using Evan’s stuff requires more time (stirring, mixing) but I feel its well worth it.

  23. yeah…ive read your reviews on the ayaif serum and i sort of would like to try it, of course its rather expensive so i dont really know if that will happen or not, but ill definately think about it when i make my next order.

    i looked at the order form…i didnt see anything about free gifts (maybe it pops up when you type in your credit card number and everything…i didnt do all that since im not actually making an order right now). but i did get some pretty eyeshadow and a sample of purfume when i got my clarity samples. that was really cool. but im not sure what you mean about something being cheaper online?

    i dont think ive heard of nutralift. im still using gabriel’s just because i spent $50 on it and im broke. πŸ˜› but id love not to have to wear makeup by summer, because im gonna be at the beach a lot. plus, when your a kid its nice to not have foundation on all of the time. but im glad the evans is working well for you. πŸ™‚

  24. It’s a bit confusing with the Clarity kits. The paper order form that I got with my order (it’s dated April 12, 2007) does not match their online order form at http://www.evansgarden.com/quick-order-form.html . (See the "quick order form" link on the left side of their home page). Maybe they’ve changed the paper order forms since then though, I don’t know.

    There are three sizes of Clarity kits: intro, medium and full sizes. On the paper order form, the medium and full size kits come with free bonus jars of Natural Silk body cream (1 oz. and 3 oz. sizes), but the full size kit is over $20 more expensive on the paper order form than online. (The 3 oz body cream costs $37.95 by itself.) I think there’s also an error on this page — http://www.evansgarden.com/acne-skin-care-system.php — where they list the medium Clarity kit as coming with a .34 ounce spot serum. On both the online and paper order forms, they list a .17 ounce spot serum for the medium kit. I’ll have to mention that to Evan.

    I would imagine that you would be better off ordering it online from the Quick Order Form and paying the lower price, if you decide to go ahead with it. I started out with the intro kit, and then went to the medium kit and then got the full size kit. I think the full size kit is the best deal when you do all the math (a daunting task). Hopefully after a while, you won’t even be needing the spot serum!

  25. haha im still confused! (sorry.) i followed the link but i still dont see anything about a free gift with the clarity kit, only with the skin perfection kit. idk.

    thanks as always for all your help

  26. Did you get a printed paper order form in the box with the order? That’s the paper order form that I’m referring to that had the Clarity kit with the bonus jar of cream. Don’t worry about it, it’s not really important. I hope it keeps on working for you, more and more.

  27. yeah i just sent evan an email telling her that ive already started getting comments about my skin looking better. yay!!

  28. I am so excited that it’s working for you so quickly! When people make comments, then you know you’re not just imagining it. Wow. Please keep us updated.

  29. another comment today!! ive even been slacking diet-wise, and i still hear that i look better…

    i ordered the full kit…like you said i got the body cream too, which im really loving. <3

  30. Oh, I’m so happy to hear this! I hope that you just keep on improving every day until you’re all clear and glowing! Another person on the board in England just bought the Clarity products, Vik85. I hope it works for her also.

  31. I spoke on the phone with Evan today and placed a large order. She said that she is discontinuing the Rose Bouquet Masque and the Earth, Oats and Honey masque/scrub now that she has the Simply Sensational masques to offer (in rose and lavender). She said she loves the new masque and the Earth masque needed to be refrigerated, which was inconvenient. Hannanay, which masque did you get with the Clarity kit you ordered? I’m guessing it was the Rose Bouquet Masque because the S.S. masques are so new. I ordered a small size of the S.S. lavender masque. I’ll tell you how I like it. She also said that she didn’t have the time right now to make a vegan version of the AYAIF serum. I went ahead and ordered the one with emu oil. She wasn’t sure if her toll free number worked from England, but thought it probably didn’t.

  32. one more comment today about my skin looking better! now both of the people who were most critical of my skin in the past have commented. yay!! i still do have at least one whitehead pretty much all of the time, but theyre usually small and dont look too inflamed. plus, the dark spots are fading, which is a big deal to me.
    yes i had the rose boquet mask. ill go to the site and check out the new mask. it will probably be a while before i order anything new (i have the full kit) but i like checking out her stuff anyway. yeah be sure to tell me how you like it!

  33. I am so totally jazzed that it’s working for you! Maybe you could step up the frequency of the masque until you get clear. She said that she uses the S.S. masque every day, just a thin layer. I’ve been really lazy lately and have been skipping washing my face a lot (like a whole day) so I got one infected zit in my eyebrow and I’ve got one hard little bump between my eyebrows. I’ve got to stay on the program. I also went off my diet a bit on Saturday and had some of my mom’s chocolate mousse cake.

    I don’t remember, are you taking any supplements? I think that probiotics are helpful as are Omega-3 supplements. I use Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s Favorite Flora and DHA Purity supplements. Also, be sure and get some chlorophyll and fiber into your diet. I can’t quite remember now about your diet. If I recall, you were trying to eat pretty healthy.

  34. I used the lavender Simply Sensational Masque today. I didn’t put a real thick layer on and it dried very quickly. My skin felt kind of tight afterwards but then I put some Clarity lotion on it and it was okay. I like the smell of it — very organic. I’ll tell you if I notice any difference over time. The zit between my eyebrows turned into one of those "unicorn" type zits — you know, the ones where you look like you’re growing a horn between your eyes. Fun… I slipped up in a lot of ways though: dietarily and skipped washing my face a lot last week. Will I never learn?

  35. Haha what a cute name for them! I call them my bindi zits and wish I was indian so I had something to actually stick over to hide them!

    My customs charge notice came today which I paid on the internet so my evansgarden order should be here on monday πŸ™‚ After looking on the site again I wish I had just bought a few items instead of the whole kit as I would’ve got more for my money of the things I think I’d use the most.

    I’m going to wait a couple of weeks before trying the clarity range because I want to see if the beautylight works on it’s own. I’m coming up to my second week on it now so should be able to see if it’s working soon and if not, I can return it within a month.

  36. Oh, yeah, the "third eye" zits too — had plenty of those. That’s funny about the bindi dots. I understand why you want to be scientific about it and isolate what’s working, but on the other hand, you want to get cleared up ASAP to prevent scarring too. It’s a tough call though, especially when you guys are paying such a premium for the Evan’s Garden products overseas. You don’t want to shell out any more money (or time) than you have to. I hope you know about having to stir up her creams with little plastic spoons because they don’t have a lot of emulsifiers and the oils rise to the top. Evan said that the emulsifiers can clog the pores. It’s a pain, but I feel it’s worth it. I would do it in reverse myself: that is, use too many treatments at once and get clear, and then try and withdraw one of them slowly and see if you stay clear. It is "overkill" but I’m prone to the huge cysts that leave permanent pits in my face, so I do the overkill approach myself.

  37. Does anyone know why the Full Clarity kit costs about $6 more than if you bought all of the items separately? I was wondering why the kits were still so expensive so did a few sums and was shocked to find this. Am I just being really dense and doing the sums wrong or is it in fact cheaper to buy the items separately?

    The medium kit is about 3 or 4 dollars cheaper I think but I still regret buying it. I only really need the one soap and 2 moisturisers but I guess I just got lazy and impulsive and went straight for the kit :oops

  38. I’d love to try the clarity range straight away but I have to think of the money back guarantee. I only have another 4 weeks left of my trial so need to be certain its the light that’s working. Otherwise I could keep the light thinking its working but then find its the evansgarden products that are working instead and I’ve missed out on getting my $350 back.

    Also, I would worry that if my skin worsened then I wouldn’t know what was causing it if I had a few new things on the go at once. As skincare usually takes a few weeks to work, it would be hard determine what was doing what and whether I was wasting money on a product which was actually making my skin worse, if that makes sense? Basically I think in the long run I’m hopefully saving time and money by trying things one at a time.

    I didn’t know about the mixing and the spoons… do they come with everything I need including instructions?

  39. Yes, she gives the little plastic spoons with every order and also lots of instructions sheets. (She says it’s more sanitary to use the spoons than fingers anyway.) Still, I had some questions for Evan after I first got the kit. I wrote a long post with usage instructions for Hannanay as to how I use the products. (I’m using the AYAIF serum at night now though.) It’s in this same thread, on pg. 2, written Wed Jan 30, 2008 9:37 pm (Pacific Standard time). Re waiting on trying the Clarity products, didn’t you just start using the Cetaphil products around the same time as you got the light? I did mention to Hannanay about the stirring somewhere, but this thread is so long, I’m not surprised that you missed that. Most of the liquid products need shaking also.

    The Clarity kits are definitely a savings from my calculations (like 15% or more). The full size kit is around $30 cheaper than the products would be if bought separately. On their printed order forms (packed with the orders) a jar of Natural Silk Body Cream is included with the med. and full size Clarity kits. The prices are higher, but when you factor in the cost of the Natural Silk it may even be a better deal. There is also an error in the size of spot serum listed for the med. Clarity Kit on the quick order form online (says .17 oz. – should be .34 oz.). It can get confusing, I know. πŸ˜•

    I think you mentioned somewhere about trusting your dermatologist in terms of the Cetaphil being non-comedogenic. Dr. James E. Fulton, Jr. who did the original research on the comedogenicity of cosmetic ingredients, is an eminent dermatologist, chemist and author. He was a co-developer of Retin A and patented many other skin care formulas. Also, there’s the safety issue: cosmetic ingredients can absorb through the skin into the bloodstream — Evan’s products are organic and natural. I wouldn’t want to trade in acne for cancer or some other serious health condition. Her products work for me and are very gentle. I sure hope that they work for you and that Hannanay’s skin continues to improve. :pray

    Note: I think Evan has a deal where you can get a coupon for referring a friend who makes a purchase. I don’t do that with anyone on the board here though for a couple of reasons. One is that I don’t want to violate our anonymity by giving or asking for real names. Two is that I don’t think it’s ethical, considering that I’m a moderator on the board here (undue influence and conflict of interest).

  40. I used the lavender Simply Sensational masque again today and now my skin is feeling pretty dry and tight, even after putting the Clarity Lotion over it. Evan said that she uses the S.S. masque daily in a thin layer. Ever since I had that *%$#@ Jessner chemical peel done years ago though, my skin gets very tight and dry a lot more easily than it used to. I don’t think I can use the clay masques more than once a week, except maybe right on the pimples. This stupid "bindi" zit is really taking its time to heal. I guess I didn’t catch it early enough. I need to get a new 9-volt battery for the SkinLift light also. I am really fighting the urge to pick and squeeze the daylights out of it because I’m in a really bad mood today and feeling frustrated. My face looks kind of yellowy to me also. I wonder if the AYAIF serum could be doing that because it is kind of yellow in color. I don’t even have any on right now though. I need to give it more time though to see if it will help my skin. I’m just feeling down today. I was up all night Saturday night with gripping chest pain and heart palpitations and then I was up again all Sunday night, from 5pm to 11am. I hope to God that I can sleep some tonight. Tomorrow is a new day… Please excuse my grumpiness. :help

  41. Sorry you’re not feeling too good lenore πŸ™ I really think this kratom may help you so I’ll send you the link straight after I post here. As you’ve helped with so many people here I’d be more than happy to send you some free of charge. I don’t want to fish for sales here so will refer you to a good vendor in the US if you find it does help you. It’s basically a very good analgesic and many sufferers with MS and other conditions take it because it doesn’t have the side effects and actually works better than their meds! It’s also a stimulant which is why I think it will be good for your chronic fatigue. It also works great as an anti-depressant so hopefully it will put you in a good mood πŸ˜€

    My evans order arrived yesterday. Apart from being slightly dissapointed with the size of the bottles and not being given a mixing spoon, they generally look good. It didn’t say on the website that a pot of NaturalSilk would be included which is why I was confused why it was so expensive. To be honest I have no need for the NaturalSilk and it isn’t part of the clarity range so think it’s a bit misleading. I also bought the powder deoderant and tooth polish. The deoderant smells exactly like some kind of sweet I used to eat as a kid but I can’t quite place my finger on what it is… you know those childhood smells that pop up now and again. The tooth polish was quite a shocker… I was expecting a white powder that frothed up but instead got a dark brown slightly sandy powder that didn’t froth up at all. I had to laugh when I looked at myself brushing what looked like dirt onto my teeth and came out with a huge brown grin!

    I think my skin’s slightly impoving but it’s hard to tell because it’s my TOM so the blemishes I do have might be hormonal. I get what you mean about the chemicals in cetaphil and once this current supply of cetaphil runs out I won’t be buying it again. I’ve decided to carry on with it for the next month along with the beautylight and then I think I’ll return the light even if it’s working. I know that sounds crazy but I really want to see if these evansgarden products work on their own so I won’t have to waste 15 minutes everyday sitting infront of that light. I like to travel quite a lot and wouldn’t be able to use the light so something smaller that worked would be perfect. If I find my skin gets worse without it then I’ll just buy another one.

    Once the evansgarden products run out I think I’ll need to start researching similar products in Europe. I love the idea of evansgarden products and the fact they use fresh natural ingredients but $100+$40 tax is just too much to spend on about a months supply of skincare. I’m not the kind of person that likes to spend money because I know that it can be put to much better use. Skincare’s one of the only ‘treats’ I allow myself because clear skin would improve my self esteem but the guilt of spending $140 just to look good really is making me feel guilty!

  42. I just noticed that the prices of the Clarity kits were raised recently online. (No wonder Hannanay didn’t know what the heck I was talking about.) The price online used to be cheaper and didn’t include the Natural Silk. Now the online Clarity kit prices are the same price as on the printed order form. The Natural Silk is not listed online on the Clarity kit page or on the online Quick Order form though. That is confusing. The Natural Silk is supposed to be free plus a savings on the kit, but I haven’t done the math on that as to how much one saves on just the Clarity products disregarding the body cream. The medium kit should last you a lot longer than a month, if I recall (several months I think). They’ve always sent me spoons in a ziplock bag. Take another look in the box and make sure it isn’t hidden under some packing material. Another discrepancy I noticed is that the Simply Sensational Mask is listed on the online Quick Order Form but the discontinued Rose Bouquet mask is listed on the Clarity products online page and on the latest printed order form. (I’m starting to get a headache from trying to figure this all out — phooey!)

    I can’t afford it either and have no business spending this much on skin care, and feel very guilty too, but I do love the products and they are working for me. I don’t get the kits anymore because I end up with lots of extra spot serums (I’m glad I don’t need them much anymore) and extra soap and then run out of the creams and spray mist. I’ve been up all night again — I’m falling over. This is not good. Thank you very much for the offer of free kratom. I’m going to read about it first though.

  43. You know what, Vik85, you’re right about the kit prices! It used to be a savings to buy the kits before they raised the kit prices, but now it’s actually cheaper to buy the Clarity products separately than to buy the kit! I didn’t do the math for the medium sized kit (and it’s hard to do because there’s no 1 oz Dream soap size) but for the full kit, I figured that it costs $26.65 more to buy the kit than to purchase the Clarity products separately. That means that the body cream is not free at all with the kit (although cheaper than if bought separately). I did the calculations assuming that the Simply Sensational Masque included was the lavender one (the rose one is more expensive). If the rose one were included then the kit would be $18.65 more expensive. I feel sure that they made an error when they raised the prices, because I know that their intention was for the kit to be a savings and for the body cream to truly be a free bonus on top of kit savings.

    By the way, a body lotion that I really like a lot is Zum’s shea butter and meadowseed oil body lotion. http://www.indigowild.com/shopping/zum_body_lotion.cfm . I think it’s mostly organic and it’s reasonable and really nice.

  44. Oh good, I thought I was going crazy :crazyeyes

    It’s slightly annoying that I paid more for the kit than if I bought the items separately. Sure, I got a ‘free’ natural silk and a perfume sample but to be honest, I didn’t really want/need them and I’d much prefer to save money than to spend more on products I had no intention of buying in the first place. I just hope this kit is worth it! I have to say I’m dissapointed with the deoderant. I don’t usually need to use much deoderant anyway but I found I stank after just half a day with this stuff on! I still haven’t got used to the tooth polish either and can’t see the tiny bottle lasting me very long. I’m confused by all the testimonials on the site because I can’t imagine how the deoderant would apparantly have such amazing results for people with body odour problems but then it would totally fail on me when usually I hardly need to use any at all.

    If the clarity range does work then I may just order a couple of the items in the future like the wash and the lotion because I don’t think i’ll be using the masque or toner much. That’s if I buy anything at all because like I said, shipping these things to the UK with the added postage and tax makes it 40% more expensive than they usually are (which is already expensive enough). I will definitely be looking for more natural dental products and deoderants from somewhere in Europe.

    Oh and they definitely forgot to include the spoon but luckily I’ve found a tiny one laying aroung the house that I can use instead! At the moment the kits sitting snugly at the back of the fridge so when I do try it in a few weeks, it will stay nice and fresh.

  45. i also have been running out of the spray and lotion very quickly. i wonder if we should tell evan that the products dont seem to be even in the kits.

  46. Are you running out already?? I thought you only bought your kit a couple of weeks ago.

    Hope it’s going well for you… would you say there’s a definite improvement?

  47. well i still have quite a bit left, but the spray and lotion are certainly running out faster than the facewash and the spot serum and the mask.

  48. there has definately been an improvement since i started using it, although i sort of feel like the rate of improvement is slowing down. still, i cant complain, its the first thing ive tried that i can really say helped clear it at all, and most things i tried made my skin worse.

  49. All this talk of the clarity range has made me cave… just about to use it tonight for the first tims. Thought I could wait a couple of weeks but I’m too impatient! :oops

  50. I want to clarify, when I said the "rose" masque above, I was talking about the Simply Sensational rose masque, which is more expensive than the S.S. lavender masque. They don’t indicate on the form whether the Clarity kits includes the rose or lavender S.S. masque. Even if the kit included the discontinued Rose Bouquet masque, which was more expensive than the S.S. rose masque, it would have still cost less to purchase the items separately at the new prices. They usually pack the sprayer cap for the toner mist in a separate little ziplock bag and put the spoons in with it. Did you at least get a sprayer cap for your toner mist Vik85? Also, which masque did you get in your kit?

    I emailed Evan and she said that the new pricing for the kits was in error and they’re going to recalculate it. I hope that they bring down the price of the kit rather than raise the prices of the individual items. I feel bad for having told everyone that the kit was a substantial savings. I was going by the old prices, which were:

    Med. Kit: $88.50 online; $89.95 on the printed form
    Full Kit: $174.75 online; $197.50 on the printed form

    The online kits did not include body cream. It used to be a $32 savings to get the full sized kit online over buying the items separately. The med. and full sized kits on the printed form came with a 1 oz and 3 oz jar of body cream respectively. The med. kit online included a .34 oz. spot serum while the med. kit on the printed form included a .17 oz. spot serum.

    I think that Evan is a genius in formulating the wonderful products that she does. The various discrepancies and errors in the forms and pricing have been a headache though. I know that these were honest errors though and that they would never try to pull one over on their customers. My preference would be to get a better discount on the kit and forego the body cream myself. It’s a very nice product, but I prefer using a lotion in a pump anyway. I’ve been using Indigo Wild’s Zum shea butter and meadowfoam oil lavender-lemon body lotion for years and love it ( http://www.indigowild.com/shopping/productdetail.cfm?ID=751&catPg=%2Fshopping%2Fzum%5Fbody%5Flotion%2Ecfm ). Evan uses glass jars though, which is healthier and more ecological. I do recycle all containers, but still, it’s better to use glass. The ingredients for the Zum lotion are:

    Certified organic dandelion and certified organic red clover infusion in water, shea butter derived from certified organic nuts, meadowfoam seed oil, certified organic aloe vera extract, emulsifying wax, glycerin, certified organic jojoba oil, certified organic sunflower oil, certified organic extracts of carrot, hibiscus flower, echinacea, elder flower, angelica, sweet almond, avocado, sea kelp, ginseng, aloe vera gel, basil, coltsfoot, and calendula, certified organic extracts of rosemary, marshmallow, and chamomile, essential oils, hydrolized jojoba esters, potassium sorbate, passionflower oil, mango butter, certified organic oat bran extract, tocopherol (vitamin e), soy lecithin, xanthan gum, carbomer.

    By the way, re her perfume oils, I love Ya Ya and Tapestry and also really like Embrace, Lady of the Flowers and Odalisque. I can justify spending all that money on the acne products (like a medical expense) but I can’t justify spending almost $50 on .34 ozs. of perfume oil. I really treasure those little trial vials though (sigh) :heart

  51. I’ve emailed evan about the kits too. So far with this order alone I wasn’t replied to for a long time, I was charged too much, I had to pay nearly 50% extra in tax and I wasn’t given a spoon. I know they weren’t all evans’ fault and the others were probably honest mistakes but it’s still been quite a hassle and expence just for a some skincare! The only saving grace is I like the products so far. I’ve only been using them for a day so obviously can’t comment much on them. I really like the consistency of the lotion… I’ve been using jojoba oil which can leave my skin quite greasy/shiny so this is a welcome change. The soap does dry my skin a bit but the lotion sorts it out so I’m not complaining. I love all the smells too πŸ™‚

    I’m not too keen on the perfume sample… I haven’t used it yet so it might smell different on the skin but it is a bit overpowering in the sample bottle. There’s no way I’m spending that much on a small bottle either! I don’t think the Naturalsilk’s anything special but I don’t usually use a body moisturiser anyway. When I have in the past I had similar results from the cheaper ones than I did with this one.

    Tonight I might try the masque (I was sent the rose one) but I’m not sure whether I should. At the moment I’m washing my face with the soap and then using the beautylight, then the mist, then the spot serum (I was only sent 5g by the way, not .34). So I don’t know where I could fit the masque in. If it’s drying then I shouldn’t use it before the light but again, the light is quite drying so I don’t know if I should use it after πŸ˜•

    I think the light is slightly improving my skin… I notice that the small zits that I do get soon dissapear. It’s really hard to tell though because of my annoying hormones at the moment! I have just less than a month left of my trial, will then send it back and if my skin gets worse I’ll just buy it again.

    I’ve been doing a lot more research in natural skincare as I’ve just totally gone off the idea of putting chemicals on me. My dog was recently diagnosed with cancer which has really made me aware of the harm food and chemicals can do to us. Dogs and cats never used to get cancer but now from living around us and us feeding them nasties, things like cancer are getting more and more common. So anyway I’ve found a lot of sites with some great looking stuff and even better, they’re in the UK so no tax to pay! The prices still are really high though. I’ll find the best deals in the future but they’ll still be higher than most things… I can justify the extra expense though by thinking I’m supporting an ethical company. I’d love to know how much these ingredients actually cost though and how much profit they’re making :eek

  52. ive been using the mask almost every day since i got it. i always tend to overdo these things, but so far it hasnt hurt…it’s helped, so im gonna keep doing it.

  53. yeah im not a big fan of the perfumes either. theyre a little too "old" smelling for me, as a teen. but then, ive only smelled 2 of them

  54. I really love the Ya Ya — that’s my favorite. The only scent I haven’t cared for at all so far was the Bouquet de Reves. I’m kind of curious which perfume sample you two got. Evan emailed me back and said that the new pricing on the kits was a mistake and they would make good on the difference. She also said to put her personal email address here: [email protected] . As to the profit margin, I think that the ingredients she uses are quite expensive to begin with. Organic is always more expensive, in food and cosmetics. I have a sense of trust in them that they are not gouging. She is so generous with her time also, in responding to emails. I’m sorry that you’ve had problems with the process Vik85, but I still feel that they are a wonderful company with wonderful products. I’ve always had excellent customer service also. As to gouging, I can’t believe how much some aestheticians charge for skin care products that are full of cheap chemicals. They really jack up the prices. Was it the Rose Bouquet masque that you got in your kit or the S.S. Rose Masque? I take it that you did get the sprayer cap in a separate bag, but no spoons. I’ve got a zillion spoons here because they’ve always sent me spoons, even with the little trial kits.

    By the way, I think that the S.S. lavender masque is more drying than the Rose Bouquet masque one was. My face felt tight and dry for hours afterwards, even after putting on the lotion. It would be really good for someone with very oily skin though. She’s discontinued the Rose Bouquet masque. I’m going to ask her whether the S.S. rose masque is less drying. If so, then I’m going to exchange the one I have for that one. Her Romance spray deodorant works pretty well for me, although it stings after shaving. Another good deodorant is a roll on by Home Health.

  55. I’m currently sitting here with the SS Rose masque on my face. It feels reeeally tight nad my face is lighty throbbing… should this be happening? Also I don’t know how much I should put on. I’ve just put a very thin film on this time which dried very quickly. Maybe I should be putting more on?

    I didn’t mean to say that evansgarden was gouging… I just meant organic products in general. It seems to be quite fashionable to go organic nowadays so I always worry that people are taking advantage of this and overcharging. Evansgarden does seem like a good company, despite the problems I’ve experienced. Yep, I have the spray but no spoon. I’ve had to improvize by cutting up a small flat piece of plastic instead.

    I need to go and wash this stuff off!

  56. I don’t recall feeling any unusual throbbing, but I think clay masks in general cause some tightness and a little throbbing (stimulation) when they dry. Maybe if you put a little more on it wouldn’t dry so quickly. You can ask Evan about this. I rinse off the mask and then use a facial sponge to wash off any residue.

    I do wish that she had a soap-free cleanser for dry skin. I think the lavender DreamSoap is milder than the Clarity DreamSoap. She’s discontinuing making the Earth, Oats and Honey cleanser/masque that was listed on the sensitive skin page. I use Aubrey’s Herbal Liquid Body Soap in the shower and it doesn’t dry my skin out. I also have a water filter in the shower, whereas I use the regular tap water when I wash my face. Maybe if I washed my face in the kitchen sink where I have a Multipure water filter, then my face wouldn’t get so dry.

    (See the make-up board for an off-topic discussion of the haircut I had yesterday.)

  57. I bought my shower filter at a fair but I’ve been getting the replacement filters at Whole Foods. It’s this one: http://www.newwaveenviro.com/premium-shower-filter-p-66.html . I don’t remember how much I paid for it — maybe $30 or so. This was years ago. I did have a really hard time unscrewing the case last time — a male friend of mine with large strong hands was able to unscrew it quickly though.

    By the way, I got a sample of Evan’s "All Better Honey" salve in the last order. I tried it on the eczema on the sides of my neck, and my skin feels a lot smoother and it really soothed the skin a lot (itching and irritation). The only thing is that it has a greenish color to it. I rubbed it in well though and haven’t noticed any stains from it on my clothing or bedding.

  58. Thanks for mentioning the shower heads… I’ve been doing some research into them and have decided to get one too. There’s one site I found in the US or Canada that has a good deal on them and also has easy to fit portable filters for taps (faucets?) which you might be interested in Lenore http:gtawater.com I used to have really bad eczema but thankfully I got rid of it so it’s just the dry skin after washing I’m worried about now. It’s not too bad but the chlorine issue is worrying me too.

    My skin isn’t doing so great today… did anyone get an initial flare up on the evans garden products? The past zits I had which where cleared by the light are still ok but I’ve got a few new ones now. Maybe I’m using the rose mist too much… I didn’t think I’d use it much but I’ve fallen in love with the smell!

  59. Thanks for the website. I don’t recall having any initial break out with the Clarity products. Maybe you’re still breaking out from having used the Cetaphil products. Are you using anything else on top of the Clarity products, like sunscreen or make-up? If you’re putting anything else on top of her products that contain questionable ingredients, that could compromise the Clarity products’ effectiveness. I use Evan’s foundation powder make-up mixed with her base cream and I’m using her blush also (#13 — really pretty). The foundation powder has some SPF to it.

  60. Vik85, it just occurred to me that I never even acknowledged what you said about your dog having cancer. I am so, so sorry — about both the cancer and about neglecting to say something about it. I hope the prognosis for healing is a good one.

  61. Thanks for your kind words lenore and no need to be sorry.. I hadn’t even noticed. Unfortunately it’s too far gone to heal so it’s just a matter of time now but she’s had a good life and she’s still happy at the moment which is the most important thing.

    I’m only using the clarity range at the moment, although I am using Everyday Minerals foundation which I’ve never had a problem with. I’d love to try Evans stuff but it’s just too expensive. I buy a $32 kit which contains any 6 items like foundations, brushes concealers etc and each kit lasts me over 6 months. They’re also a 100% cruelty-free company so all in all I’m extremely happy with them.

    I’m just about to go on evans site again to look for a moisturizer for my mum. Have you tried any of the anti-aging range apart from the AYAIF? I need to just go and check the ingredients and the price and will compare them to other ones before buying something for her. Do you have any other recommendations of organic anti-aging moisturizers?

  62. Oh, I’m so sorry about your doggie Vik85. I hope that he/she doesn’t suffer much.

    Do you use the Everyday Minerals powder foundation containing

    Mica, Titanium Dioxide, Iron Oxide, Zinc Oxide?

    The owner of DermaCare here in Los Angeles (she’s a para-medical aesthetician and treats mostly acne patients) advised me that the ingredients mica, silica and talc (found in a lot of powder make-ups) are bad for acne. I don’t think any of these are on the zerozits.com ingredients list though. Evan’s foundation powder contains "serecite mica" but I don’t know how that’s different than the mica used in other mineral make-up’s. This is what’s in Evan’s powder:

    arrowroot, brown oxide, chromium oxide green, hydrated chromium oxide green, mica (serecite), modified cornstarch, tapioca starch, titanium dioxide, ultramarine blue, ultramarine rose, ultramarine violet, yellow oxide.

    Anyway, if you feel confident that the make-up is not causing any problem (like if your skin has been clear before while using this make-up) then that should be okay. Actually, the "Cosmetic Cops" lady, Paula Begoun, wrote something at her website about not using powder make-ups that contain food ingredients, like Evan’s does, due to risk of bacterial contamination. My skin has been staying really clear using Evan’s skin care and make-up products though, so I don’t worry about that. Her make-up is pretty reasonably priced and lasts a really long time. If we listened to what everyone advised then there wouldn’t be anything safe left to put on our faces at all. It’s kind of like the food thing — if we listened to everyone’s food prohibitions, we’d starve to death.

    As to anti-aging moisturizers besides AYAIF serum, I did try Evan’s Ma Jeunesse (broke out) and Creme Rose (allergic response — rash). I used to use Linda Chae’s Organic Essentials products, and they’re very nice. (Didn’t clear up my skin, but still, very nice products.) You can read about them at http://us.freelife.com/pls/ngs/ngs_instore.show_product_listing?fn_category_id=4110 . She used to have some really nice anti-aging serums, but I don’t see them there. That’s too bad. I think she was having trouble getting the organic ingredients she needed for them. As far as Evan’s anti-aging creams, if your mom doesn’t have any problem with acne, then she could use the Ma Jeunesse. It’s very "earthy" smelling though — kind of like a vegetable salad, and it sometimes has little dark specks in it that you need to brush off your face. It has a kind of "right out of the garden" feel to it, like straight from her kitchen to your face. Some women might find it a little too organic and earthy though. Also, I have super-sensitive reactive skin — I’m sure that my allergic reaction was a rare one. I’m allergic to St. John’s wort when taken internally (get a stinging rash on my arms) so perhaps the St. John’s wort in the Creme Rose cream was the problem for me. It’s a nice cream — pretty light in texture. Kiss My Face also makes a nice organic line of skin care (see http://kissmyfacewebstore.com/list/KMFOFACE/1 ). I think that both the Chae and the KMF products are animal free.

  63. This was Evans response when I told her that my skin was feeling dry and tight after using the Simply Sensational Lavender Masque:

    I will add more oil to the recipe the next time, then. It is its first evolution, it’s a baby product, if you will, and it worked gorgeously for all of us who tried it but clearly it’s not as gentle for your delicate complexion. So I’ll amend it by adding a bit more oil. For now, all you have to do is to mix it with some oil or cream and I can send you some meadowfoam for that purpose. You can also apply below it a thin layer of what you have, Light Cream would work probably or The Perfect Rose if you have that or Creme Rose or…I am not sure what cream you have on hand aside from Clarity. Masque’ing that way is an alternative (done in some spas) that handles this for hyper-dry or -sensitive skin. You just apply a little bit of a cream or lotion you do well with and then apply the masque on top. A question, though: are you leaving it on ’til it dries or begins to dry? The directions are not to do that. Ah, you could also apply a thin bit of cream, apply the masque and as it is on spray, as the mist directions suggest, every now and then with it to keep it moist and add its own goodies to the mix.

    Re not allowing it to dry completely on the face, I’m finding it to dry really quickly. Maybe I need to put it on thicker or do the other things she suggests here.

  64. I think that’s where I might have been going wrong… I only put a very thin layer on and it dried almost instantly. I think If I used more though it would run out very quickly so I might just use it once a week or once every few days. I’ve received a couple of emails from evan over the past few days and am more assured by her dedication with each one. She really does seem to know what she’s talking about and cares about her customers. I just hope the clarity range works for me because I really want to support her company by giving them future business. The only downside is of course the price and the emu oil. I was looking at the anti-aging range which are even more expensive. There are a few other companies here in the UK that look appealing. They’re sending me a few free samples for my mum to try. If they don’t work out for her then I may try the evansgarden products but there are loads here in the UK so hopefully she’ll find one that she likes.

    I do use the everydaymineral products with those ingredients. I know what you mean about the differing advice from everyone. I’ve got so many conflicting views about skincare that I think the only way to know for certain is to try it out. I’ve been using EM for about a year now and I think I have had clear periods with it but my memory’s terrible so I can’t be 100% certain. Since starting the clarity range I’ve found the zits I get aren’t in the usual places I get them. I used to get them on the inner parts of my cheeks near the nose and also around the eyebrows. They cleared pretty well since using the beautylight but since starting the clarity range I’ve been getting some on my chin and on the main part of my cheeks.

    I wonder why certain areas get affected. A few years ago I used to have a terrible t zone but pretty clear face. When I was travelling for a year different areas like my outer cheeks were affected and since then they’ve changed so many times!

  65. I’m really glad that you’re in communication with Evan now. I think she’s terrific and extremely dedicated to her clientele (like a loving mom). I find her to be very comforting, caring and supportive.

    Dr. Fulton said that acne usually moves from the middle of the face outward towards the edges of the face over a period of years (during the teens anyway). Mine was pretty random though and no part of my face was immune to getting a pimple (well, okay, my eyelids, the area right under my eyes and my actual lips but that’s about it). I would even get zits right on the border of my lips and also in my eyebrows (still get those). My sister just had it on her forehead during her teens that I can recall (and I think on her back and chest also). She outgrew acne though — I never did. It’s all a mystery to me…

    You might want to try keeping an acne journal of the dates that you started using a particular treatment, and then note how your skin is doing. What makes it so difficult is the delay in the effect of certain treatments and cosmetics. Dr. Fulton said that it is possible for it to take several months for an acnegenic cosmetic to start causing break outs. I guess it builds up in the pores over a period of time and then can eventually cause what’s called "acne cosmetica" (acne caused by cosmetics). Also, it can take months for a treatment to work and some of them even cause initial flare-ups to start with (like all the topical retinoids do). These flare-ups can end up causing permanent scarring though for people with cystic acne. Also, taking supplements and changing one’s diet may not have an immediate effect — it could take months to feel and see a difference. I really hope that what you’re doing will work quickly for you.

  66. My filter arrived this morning πŸ˜€ I bought this one for $60:


    It arrived just after my morning shower so haven’t had a chance to use it yet but will do tomorrow. I’m going to have a good clean of my bathroom today and will be keeping a jug in there to move the shower water into the washbasin. The tap filters cost too much so I’ve decided to just use the shower water to wash my face in the basin at night. It might take longer but I don’t mind… some people have to walk miles for their water so I shouldn’t complain about moving it a few steps!

    I’ll try and keep a diary but I’m usually useless at keeping them. I took a few pictures on my first day on the clarity range but the quality of the photo wasn’t that good. This thread is actually a great way to look back… I’ve now been on it for 6 days and no improvement yet. In fact I think it’s got worse. I’ve got a couple of under the skin hard zits under the skin and now I have a few smaller ones on and around my nose which I haven’t had for a while.

  67. Uh oh. Sorry to hear that Vik85. Like I wrote before, I’m 55 years old and my acne is milder and my skin is not oily anymore. The products do contain a lot of oils. All I know is that the products are working well for me, but nothing works for everyone, even Accutane. I hope that it eventually does kick in though Vik85. Enjoy the filter.

  68. Just a quick update… the clarity range really doesn’t seem to be working. Have quite a few small zits, even on my nose, and a couple of under the skin ones that don’t seem to be budging. I’ll keep at it until I run out because the kit was so expensive and this may be just be an initial breakout but I’m looking into what to try next. Although I don’t like the thought of the chemicals I may go back to the cetaphil. I just wish I’d waited to try the clarity range because I have to return the beautylight in 2 weeks… it might have worked if I stuck to the cetaphil range but now I’ll never know. Oh well.

  69. Oh, dear, I’m very sorry to hear that. You might want to try stepping up the masque usage. She said it could even be used daily until the skin clears. I know that can get drying though. Other than that one stupid "bindi" zit which is lingering, my skin has been staying clear. I haven’t been using my SkinLift light because I need to get 9-volt batteries. I think that if I had zapped the bindi zit with the light, it probably would have kept it from getting as bad as did (infected).

  70. Thanks for the advice. I’ve started using the masque everyday although it does seem odd. I would have thought it would be too rich but I may as well try. I really don’t know if the spot serum is worth using… it doesn’t seem to make any different to my zits except bring them to the surface. I think the masque might even be better to dry them out. Do you think it would be safe to dab a bit on and leave it overnight?

  71. I’m pretty sure she mentioned somewhere about using the clay masque as an overnight spot treatment. You could email her and ask her. I’ve been having some itching on my face, particularly at night, which makes me wonder if it’s from the AYAIF serum, which I only use overnight. Maybe I need to put some Light Cream over the serum. I’ve been itching in certain spots, like in the mustache area above my mouth (mostly on the left side), but there isn’t any redness or anything. It’s so weird.

  72. That stupid zit between my eyes just won’t go away! I’ve had this thing since March 5th at least (I can see by my message date). It’s gotten pretty ugly looking too — almost like ulcerated. I’ve got a white head coming up on my nose too. The spot serum isn’t working. I’d better try using the clay masque on it overnight myself. I haven’t been taking very good care of myself in a lot of ways though. I’ve been pretty down for weeks now and not eating right, skipping washing and treating my face again, not even showering regularly, etc. I’ve got to will myself out of this state and start taking care of myself.

  73. Just a quick update – the evansgarden clarity range really does not seem to be working. I’ve got so many zits on my nose and chin! I’ve got a lot left but I don’t know whether I should just stop using it… it cost a lot but only seems to be making my face worse so I might just cut my losses now. I got an email from evansgarden today saying their Simply Sensational masques are on sale… I wish I’d ordered sooner so I could have tried the old masque instead because it sounds better than this SS one.

  74. I like the old masque better myself and am going to ask her if she has any old ones left in stock that I can exchange this one for. I don’t want to have to put cream on underneath the new one, mix it with oil, etc. How long have you been using the Evan’s products now? I am wondering if it could be an initial flare up and if it would clear your skin after a few months. Oftentimes it takes months for topical products to start clearing the skin and it’s not unusual to have an initial flare-up either. It’s a tough call, though, when things are getting worse, and you’re concerned about getting scarring. Why don’t you email Evan. She might have some recommendations for you.

    I’m beginning to think that the Martel light was doing more than I realized because I haven’t used it for a couple of weeks or more (still haven’t gotten a 9-volt battery) and I’m breaking out a little. On the other hand, I stayed over at a friend’s house this weekend unexpectedly (was too sleepy to drive home) and didn’t have my skin care products with me, so I skipped two face washings. I got a couple of zits in my right eyebrow after that. I also used a coconut oil product in my hair, and with the new haircut, my hair touches my face on the right side more. I also ate some sugar this weekend, which I don’t normally do. I’m also wondering if the ChlorOxygen liquid, which I’ve stopped taking (lazy), was helping my skin. It’s so hard to figure out what’s doing what and why. I hate having to worry about everything that I eat and everything that touches my face and all, but I guess I’m an acne "lifer". At least it’s not as bad as it used to be.

  75. i havent been to this site for a while, and i wanted to check in. im really sad that clarity isnt working for vik…i was really hoping we had found the miracle cure. πŸ™

    i do, however, have one hope. i remember that when i first switchedfrom chemical acne treatments to an ogranic cleanser, my acne got worse. it actually continued to get worse for probably about a month as i experimented with natural cleansers, including a batch of strange oatmeal cleanser i made myself followed by a layer of coconut oil (what was i thinking?) after about a month the breakouts leveled out, and when i started the clarity kit they began clearing. im wondering if this is a common breakout caused by quitting the chemical cleansers? just a thought.

    as an update, my skin is still slowly improving. im a poor judge myself but others keep randomly mentioning that my skin looks better. as a confession…i have been leaving the mask on overnight for some time now. (i have the old mask.) i know that the directions say not to let it dry, but i think im going to keep doing it because its working for me. also, ive noticed that my skin looks better if i spray on the toner throughout the day. im almost out of it now though, so im trying to decide whether to order another bottle or cut back.

  76. hi guys…

    i enjoy reading your replies and checking in on how you all doing on this range… I am still in two minds about trying it because of the price… I have tried to find something similar locally, but to no avail πŸ™

    My skin is really getting on my nerves, and its starting to stress me out a little… which of course makes it worse (i’m sure)…

    I’m thinking of getting my boyfriend to get me the medium size clarity range for my birthday… still trying to decide tho… πŸ˜•

    Keep posting here tho! πŸ™‚

  77. thats funny–i just read that interview last night! i was discouraged by viks lack of success and was looking for any reviews on the prducts. no luck but i read that interview.

  78. Thanks for the advice hannanay. I don’t think it has anything to do with switching over to natural though. I was using natural skincare (from lush) probably since the middle of October. I’ve been using the evansgarden range for about 3-4 weeks now so I would have thought the initial flare up would be dying down but it only seems to be getting worse πŸ™

    The clarity lotion has nearly run out so I’ve given up on it completely and am now instead using the lavendar dream soap and the other lotion which both came in the kit. I’ve also stopped using the spot serum as it didn’t seem to be helping. Hopefully there was just something in the clarity range that didn’t suit me so using this milder version now without the clarity ingredients might help. I’ll give it maybe a week and if I don’t see an improvement then I’ll give up alltogether.

  79. I really don’t understand why evans products don’t work for me. I’ve read all of the glowing reviews but I seem to be the only one that disagrees. Loads of people seem to like the deoderant and see it as some kind of miracle cure but it made me stink! I don’t know whether the tooth powder works because I never really had any problems in the first place but it’s not easy to use and doesn’t smell too nice either. I did have sensitive teeth before and I’ve felt no change in the last month. Now the clarity range isn’t working. I do like evan and appreciate she puts a lot of work into her products but the results for me aren’t worth the cost. Could I just be immune to natural products? Or could the effectiveness of her products perhaps be down to the placebo effect? I did have high hopes but maybe I’m the kind of person who can’t benefit from placebos.

  80. i just feel bad now that we talked you into buying the products. **sigh**

    although ive been thinking…my main problem is not so much actual zits, but very dark red marks from previous acne. its possible, now that i think about it, that i get almost as many actual bleamishes on clarity as i did before, but it has improved the red marks so dramatically that the overall effect is positive. just a thought.

  81. have you told evan that it isnt working? she may be able to offer some suggestions (ie, leave a certain product on for longer, skip a certain product that might be irritating, ect.)

  82. well … i ordered the medium size clarity line last night… i REALLY hope i have better results than vik…
    I guess it’ll arrive in about 4 weeks, if the south african postal service doesnt screw it up!

    I will keep you guys posted πŸ™‚

  83. Good luck with the Clarity kit GeckoGirl. Thanks for the link to the interview HannaNay. [correction — GeckoGirl] I loved it. HannaNay, you said the actual number of breakouts weren’t much reduced. Is the severity of the breakouts at least reduced (i.e., less inflamed, smaller, less infection)? I’m glad that your skin tone has improved so much that people are complimenting you, and I hope that the breakouts start to diminish more and more over time.

    My skin is pretty much clear again. The two eyebrow zits cleared up quickly and the one between my eyes is almost gone also (although still red). I’ve been better about washing my face regularly and using the masque. I’m going to return the Simply Sensational Lavender Masque and she’s going to send me an R.B. masque instead. She has already reformulated the S.S. masques, adding more oil to them. She advised me to order the Rose S.S. masque next time. She’s been getting great feedback on it. By the way Vik85, have you been using only the Clarity products (other than make-up) — no other creams, lotions, facials, etc.? I switched over to Evan’s make-up when I started using Clarity. I’m wondering if you tried the Clarity line for 2-3 months and switched to Evan’s make-up if your skin would eventually clear. Two to three weeks is not a very long trial period. I really do understand and feel for you with the expense factor though. It’s tough.

    Re the placebo effect, that’s never really worked for me. I tried so, so many products and drugs in the 43 years that I’ve had acne, paying tons of money, really hoping and believing that they would work for me, but they didn’t. I even had hypnosis for acne, which didn’t work either. I do believe in the mind/body connection, positive thinking, meditation, etc., but I also believe that most physical ailments and conditions have very real physical components to them that need physical treatments.

  84. Lenore – what is evan’s make-up like… the foundation in particular… Is it a cream that you MIX colour powder into? I looked on her website, but couldn’t quite understand…

    I havent worn foundation in AAAAAGES coz of my skin… it just lokks bad, and makes the zits worse! I’m hoping the clarity range clears me up, and if I do need foundation, I was thinking about getting Evan’s… i might be jumping the gun a little πŸ˜‰ hee hee

  85. The foundation is a loose powder and the cream is similar in consistency to her Light Cream. The powder has SPF (sunscreen) properties. There are two kinds of foundation base cream — I use the one for oily skin, which would be the one recommended for acne-prone skin. You have to stir the base cream because it separates (she doesn’t use much emulsifiers because she says they clog the pores). You have to mix the powder with the cream each time you use it. She recommends using little plastic cosmetic spoons for everything to keep the products clean. I just put a little cream into the palm of my hand, add a little powder and then mix them together with my finger. Then I dot the mixture all over my face and neck and then spread it with my fingers. Then I use a Q-tip or foam tipped eyeshadow applicator and apply the powder as a spot cover. I use Gabriel Cosmetic’s concealor (a wand) under my eyes to cover the dark circles. I also use Evan’s blush (I love color #13) which I apply with a regular blush brush (it’s a loose powder also). You don’t have to use the foundation cream — you can just apply the powder directly with a foam wedge sponge or powder brush, but I prefer the creamier look (my skin’s pretty dry now).

  86. oh, that link was geckogirl.

    yes, i do think that the severity is reduced. in general, i have small, non irritated whiteheads here and there, and when i put the spot serum on them they usually come off the next tiem i wash my face. i do have one bigger one under the skin right now, but ive had that once before while on clarity and when i put the spot serum on it it went back down without ever coming to a head. i wonder if i could prevent these by going back to my anti acne diet, but im not ab out to try it out and see–that was way too restrictive for me…

    glad your skin is clearing up again! i wonder, you said she was getting great feedback on the ss masks…is that from acne people or just costumers in general?

  87. i would buy evans foundation (just the powder), but it seems like such a hassle to find my color online. i would probably have to buy tons of samples first…

  88. I’ve just emailed evan and asked if she has any advice to offer.

    The clarity range is the only thing I’ve been putting on my face other than EM foundation. I know 2/3 weeks isn’t a long enough test but I was nearly all out of the clarity lotion so I had no choice but to switch over to the oily skin cream instead and thought I may as well switch over to the lavender lotion as well so I could start a slightly new regimen to see if it worked. If I just carried on using the clarity soap then I would have run out of the cream before even trying the lavender soap and would be left with no moisturizer to use with it. I thought I may as well try all of the products. If only the lotion didn’t run out so quickly I could see if it worked for longer but I don’t want to spend more money on buying a separate lotion, especially as it doesn’t seem to be working.

    Something which I am noticing is I think that MAYBE the spot serum works on the under the skin zits that I get. It seems to just make the smaller ones worse but may be keeping the under the skin ones at bay. This is only a new discovery though and may just be a coincidence so I’ll see how it goes.

    Good luck geckogirl… I really hope the clarity range works for you. They really are a joy to use but they just don’t seem to be working for me. Hopefully you should get better results πŸ™‚

  89. Correction: Geckogirl, thank you for the link to the interview. Thanks for pointing that out HannaNay.

    Evan didn’t mention whether the feedback on the Rose S.S. masque was from acne clients. I’m not sure which of the S.S. masques she recommends for acne prone skin or if either of them are okay. I’ll ask her. HannaNay, it sounds to me like you’re experiencing a definite improvement going on. Maybe you’ll be clear after a few months :pray If the severity of the pimples is reducing, then they’re less likely to leave red marks or pits, so your skin’s going to continue to look better in general.

    My experience with the spot serum is that if I use it twice a day it does seem to nip forming zits in the bud. However, if I skip applications, and if a zit gets nasty and infected (like the bindi zit did) it doesn’t seem to help all that much at that point. I think the masque helps more at that stage, although I haven’t tried using it as a spot treatment overnight. I haven’t used the SkinLift light at all for weeks and my skin still cleared up. I do think that Dr. Fuhrman’s supplements and in particular the DHA Purity liquid help keep my skin clear also. My nails have become very thick and hard since I’ve been using Dr. F.’s supplements and my hair and nails grow faster. My hair is very thick (a lot of women my age experience thinning). I still haven’t read his book though, which I purchased (Eat to Live).

    Vik85, you mentioned "lavender lotion". Did you mean to write "lavender soap"? I use the clarity Soap in the AM and the lavender soap in the PM. Maybe using the clarity soap twice a day would help clear you up, although it could be more drying.

    HannaNay, re the make-up color, I sent Evan a sample of my old make-up, and she narrowed it down to which of her colors were closest. I mix two colors together. She also does a custom mix for $10, but I don’t know if you get a chance to try it first before buying that way or not.

    If I were breaking out, I would step up the use of the Clarity DreamSoap (use it 2x a day), I would use the masque more frequently, and I would use the Clarity Lotion both AM and PM. Vik85, why don’t you ask Evan what her moneyback guarantee would be for you trying the Clarity for a longer period? If they did guarantee it for a longer period, would it be worth it to you to cover the S/H both ways? I’m not trying to push you into using her products but they are the best skin care products I’ve ever used and I’ve tried so many different brands and meds.

    I just don’t know, though, how much of my being clear to attribute to being older though and how much to attribute to diet, supplements or skin care. I’m afraid to test it out by stopping doing what I’m doing. I tried Dr. Hauschka skin care and make-up a few years ago and ending up giving it away ($300 worth) because I started to break out pretty badly. I also started breaking out when I tried NutraLift’s liquid make-up a couple of months ago and gave it to my sister. That tells me I am still acne-prone.

  90. Evan is currently switching over to water proof labels, but in the meantime, I would suggest covering the labels with tape before you start using the products, at least on the ones that are most likely to get wet (the soaps mainly). I use packing tape as it’s wide enough to cover the entire label.

  91. Smart move.. I was wondering why they weren’t waterproof.

    I got a reply from evan saying that she agreed that there might be something in the clarity that doesn’t agree with my skin and that I should carry on with the lavendar I switched to. My skin’s still looking pretty terrible. Without makeup now it looks like I definitely have moderate acne whereas before it would be more a case of it looking like I had a few zits. Also, I’ve had this small scar (pitted maybe?) from a big zit I had over a year ago and a few days ago a new zit came up through it which isn’t good. I’ve been very careful with it but I know it will be even worse than it was before and I’ll be left with an even bigger scar. I’ve been leaving the masque over it for the past couple of nights but I’m not sure if I should just leave it tonight.

    Lenore, you mentioned something about a money back guarantee… does evan really offer a guarantee if her products don’t work out?

  92. I asked Evan and they don’t have a moneyback guarantee, sorry. She also said, HannaNay, that two acne-prone clients did give her good feedback on the new masques (not sure which "flavor"). She said either of the masques would be fine to use, but maybe try the lavender first. She also said that it’s possible that there can be a flare-up period where the skin is purging itself but it’s also possible that someone can be allergic or sensitive to something in it. Here’s an excerpt from her response to me:

    If it isn’t working up to expectations/hopes:
    Some people may have something causing the acne that has zilch to do with skin itself other than the skin seems to be reacting to whatever it is. Stress, poor sleep, toxicity, clogged intestinal tract, hormonal surges or imbalance, and so on. In this case, Clarity may yet help the skin improve but it may not entirely eradicate the situation as it is not addressing the cause.

    I’m really sorry that you’re having a rough time with your skin right now Vik85. The Clarity products are working really great for me, and I didn’t have any kind of initial flare-up period with them. My skin was pretty well under control already with the MyChelle products which I’d used for years. Now that I’m back to using the Clarity twice a day regularly, my skin is really clear. I haven’t had any more break outs at all. I

    Check out the recent thread about natural products: (http://www.clearskin.net/viewtopic.php?t=9523 )I listed some of the other natural lines that I tried that worked pretty well for me: Hannesdottir (not by itself though), MyChelle and Naturally Clear. Linda Chae’s Organic Essentials products didn’t clear my skin but they didn’t aggravate it either. You can do a search on the board on these products to find my posts about my experience with them. Naturally Clear is probably the most reasonable, but I don’t know if they ship to England. You’re probably better off getting recommendations from people in England so you won’t have to pay a fortune in S/H. Naturally Clear’s main active ingredient is niacinamide. You should be able to find topicals with niacinamide locally, I would think. Don’t give up hope Vik85 — I feel confident that you will find a regime that works for you.

  93. Thanks lenore, I’ll have a look at the other ones you recommended. Didn’t you say that the mychelle products were working for you? What made you stop using them?

    The big scar zit surprised me today. I was just sitting down minding my own business when I felt this trickle down my face… it just starting oozing pus! Sorry to be so graphic but I’ve never had this happen before. This is the most unusual zit I’ve had and I’m trying to be so careful because anything could make it worse. I don’t know what to do with it tonight. I left it last night but this happened today. I was thinking of leaving the mask on but because the skin’s so delicate, having something harden on it might make it worse. Anyone have any ideas?

  94. I’ve had that happen to me also Vik85, like when I smiled or laughed, and it caused pus to come oozing out. It’s a miserable feeling, especially when on a date! I’m so very sorry. I don’t think that using the masque would hurt as long as you were very careful in how you rinsed it off. When you rinse it off, hold a damp washcloth or facial sponge over it first to soften the masque (or spray with the toner) and then rinse the masque off very gently, dabbing rather than rubbing. I think the spot serum says not to use on open sores though, doesn’t it? Read the masque instructions and make sure it doesn’t say that also, I can’t recall.

    The reason I stopped using MyChelle was because my skin eventually started to feel really dry and like sandpaper and I also had huge blackheads sprinkled over my face that were stuck in my pores like cement. Her acne products do work but they do contain various acids and strong enzymes also. They are the "chirally correct" versions of the acids for the most part, but they are still drying. The Vit. C. serum is kind of strong also. After using the Clarity products for a couple of weeks, these ancient blackheads just slid right out of my face — what a relief after them being stuck in there for freaking ever.

    A girlfriend of mine had great luck with ProActiv (and her acne had gotten really bad) but it’s full of chemicals and it’s not at all gentle like they claim. The toner burned my skin really bad. I met this young girl (she was a waitress in a vegetarian restaurant) who had mild to moderate acne and was using ProActiv. We started discussing skin care products and I told her about Naturally Clear, and she switched to using it instead of ProActiv. I ran into her like a year later and her skin looked fantastic — perfectly clear and glowing. She was still using the N.C. products and was super happy with them. I think she was like 20 or so, so it’s possible that she had just finally outgrown acne also, I don’t know. I haven’t seen her since. For me, the N.C. products definitely helped reduce the number and severity of the pimples, but my skin was still kind of clogged.

    Vik85, take a look at this woman’s website, Benita von Klingspor: http://www.benitabvk.com/ . She’s a naturopath and a vegetarian. She’s 79 years old and she’s really strong, vibrant and health (I’ve met her). She’s written some books also about nutrition and one is about caring for cats. She uses European methods and doesn’t believe in enemas and colonics.

  95. The strange thing with this one was that I didn’t even move my face… it’s high up on my cheekbone on the outside of my face so I guess it just gave up and burst on itself!

    The Naturally Clear site looks really good and I’m tempted to try it… especially as they have a money back guarantee. I think the capsules may be cased in gelatine though so I’m going to have to email them with a few other questions too. Taking 2 pills with every meal does seem a bit excessive. Anyway I’m going to go and email them now. Thanks for the recommendation πŸ™‚

  96. I don’t know if Naturally Clear ships to England though. I don’t think they used to. Their products are pretty simple, natural, affordable and effective but not organic. I think that Dr. Fuhrman’s vitamins are all vegetarian including the capsules. ( http://www.drfuhrman.com ) I think that he himself is a vegetarian, not sure. This is what I take and use of Dr. F.’s products:

    Gentle Care — (3 a day because I’m a senior)

    Osteo Sun (He has both vegan and non-vegan. I take the non-vegan ones — made from lamb’s wool but cruelty-free. The capsules are cellulose, not gelatin.) — 4 a day

    DHA Purity — vegan Omega 3 supplement made from algae. I think this is an important one for skin and a really good one in general.

    Favorite Flora — probiotic powder.

    Veggie Zest — dried veggie powder seasoning.

    Pomegranate and Black Fig vinegars — not organic, but they’re the only vinegars that I like well enough to not need to use any added oils for salads .

    Look on the right side of the page and select "supplements" or "Food/Kitchen" for the Veggie Zest and vinegars. Dr. F. doesn’t believe in putting Vit. A into supplements because it can be toxic to the liver and also doesn’t believe in high amounts of Vit. C. Most vitamins make me nauseous but his don’t. I haven’t read his book yet, but from the articles of his that I’ve read I would recommend his book. I have also skimmed the Baroness’s (Benita Von Klingspor) book and met her, and I’m really impressed by how strong and healthy she is at 79 years old. Her hair’s really shiny and healthy looking also. I think there’s a section about skin care in her book also. I haven’t read her whole book yet either, but it looks to be a good one.

    Cindy Schroeder, the facialist who has the website http://www.healingessentials.net , has seen good results for her acne clients with Hannesdottir. I was using a combination of Naturally Clear, Hannesdottir and Linda Chae products for a while. I wouldn’t use Hannesdottir cleanser because it’s got sodium lauryl sulfate in it though (or at least it did). I really liked that seaweed mask a lot though. I think I was using the seaweed masque as both a masque and a scrub, and then using Linda Chae’s Clarifying cleanser, Sheer Moisture lotion and make-up remover pads (for my eyes), and N.C.’s spray. It’s kind of a pain to have to order from 3 different places though, and pay S/H for each, but that combination was working pretty well for me, if I recall. You could just keep it simple and use the N.C. products though — nothing wrong with them, although I definitely need a moisturizer in addition to the spray.

  97. I got a reply from naturallyclear but it was very brief and didn’t answer most of my questions. All they did was give me the price of shipping to the UK ($33!) and send me an ingredients list. They didn’t tell me about their animal testing policies or whether I would need to take their tablets. I have a multivitamin which includes the 3 main ingredients they promote. It also says that you should check if youre taking any other supplements whether you’d be exceeding your RDA so I don’t know.

    Lenore, have you ever taken a break from skincare? I read somewhere that most acne is caused by too much care and if you think about it, it makes sense. I don’t get acne anywhere but my face and that so happens to be the area I give the most attention to and may in effect aggrevate instead. Apparantly if you leave your skin and just wash with plain water for a few weeks then it should clear up. I’d be interested to see if this is true. You seem to have tried every product out there so just wanted to check if you’d tried this approach and if you had any luck (which I guess you wouldn’t, otherwise you wouldn’t have tried all these others)

    I’ve finally found a new moisturizer for my mother… I’ve been looking for one for weeks! The company’s 100% vegan and has had good reviews. They’re very reasonable too and I just really like their ethics so can’t wait to see what my mum thinks about the moisturizer. I’m getting one which has MSM in… there’s some good info about it on the site http://www.rawgaia.com. They sell supplements too but they’re quite pricey so I don’t think I’ll buy them just yet.

    Here’s an article about them which made me like them even more. I’ve read quite a few reviews from people saying they helped with mature skin. They could benefit from marketting it in this way but choose not to….

    UK-based skin care company, Raw Gaia, recent decision to stop using the terms β€œanti-aging, wrinkles and rejuvenation” or any reference to them from their products is being referred to as a backlash against the anti-aging market. Raw Gaia also issued a statement deriding what the company calls β€œfalse standards of beauty…”

    Raw Gaia said the move is meant to disassociate itself from the β€œmadness” currently existing in the industry which is driving women to feel unhappy and dissatisfied about themselves. They are stressing skin care that leads to healthy skin instead of stressing the anti-aging angle.

    Managing Director of the company, Lisa Lennon was careful to note that skin care was important, and Raw Gaia was advocating its use, but people should take care of their skin because β€œthey feel good and not because they feel inadequate or happy” because they do not fit the image of airbrushed perfect women in ads.

  98. What a lovely website. I love raw organic vegan food and products. If you ever visit Los Angeles, there’s a wonderful raw foods vegan restaurant in Silverlake called Cru (it means raw in French — http://www.crusilverlake.com ). They have a few cooked items also on their menu.

    Re Naturally Clear, I know with the Vit. A that you have to check whether you’re exceeding the recommended daily amounts by combining it with other supplements. I think that Vit. D can be toxic when overdosed also, not sure. I can’t recall if the capsules were gelatin or not. Email them again with your questions — I find that numbering the questions sometimes helps. If you still don’t get an answer, I’d be happy to call their toll free number for you, which I doubt works in England, and ask them myself. They’re very nice over there, or at least they were years ago. They have a moneyback guarantee, which doesn’t do you much good though due to the shipping costs. Take a look at my posting at http://www.clearskin.net/viewtopic.php?t=9502 . There’s a link there to info on how to formulate your own niacinamide topical cream at home.

    There was an acne board fad a while back of the "do nothing" method, where people only used water and nothing else. That doesn’t work for me because I like to wear foundation make-up to cover scars and all and I also want to wear something with SPF. If you do a search on "do nothing method" you might find some posts here. My experience with skipping using skin care is that I break out. A dermatologist who was on the board for a while did suggest taking periodic rests from skin care products that contain benzoyl peroxide though because the skin becomes tougher and thicker after a period of time from using B.P. and then you have to use stronger percentage products in order for it to get through. He said that giving it a rest for a week or two allows the skin to get back to normal and allows the B.P. to penetrate again. I’ve read about many for whom ProActiv worked for a year or two and then suddenly stopped working, and this might be the reason.

    Re the "what’s wrong with wrinkles" philosophy, I’m not particularly looking forward to looking like an apple doll myself. I would never use Botox or get plastic surgery though, as I don’t like the look that that gives — weird and unnatural. I’m not against using wrinkle creams that contain polypeptides made from algae and such though or using the SkinLift light, etc. I’m not in any hurry to have more or deeper wrinkles on my face, particularly with the ageism one faces in finding a job, in this country anyway. I do really regret having had that chemical peel done though because I hate what it did to my skin. I was hoping it would help the scarring — I didn’t have it done for wrinkles and I feel that it actually aged my skin. Big mistake. I noticed that at the Gaia website they talk about preventing aging and "wrinkle repair" in their product descriptions though, which seems in opposition to what they say in their "What’s wrong with wrinkles" article.

    As to the Raw Gaia skin care, I would be hesitant to put cocoa (or cacao) butter on my face. That’s a "4" on the comedogenicity list at http://www.zerozits.com/Articles/acnedetect.htm . Their creams seem awfully rich for acne-prone skin. They do sell them at that acne website though, http://www.acne-advice.com/products/skin_care/index.shtml , so maybe they’re working for people with acne, don’t know. They mentioned macca root on their "Acne tips" page there ( http://www.rawgaia.com/skin-care-info/top-ten-tips-for-acne.asp ). I tried maca for a while some years ago. It was recommended to me for chronic fatigue. It tastes yummy, but I was getting headaches, like I sometimes do from chocolate and coffee, so I gave it away.

    I’ve never heard the term "prebiotic" before (in their acne tips section):

    3. Probiotics and prebiotics

    Taking a probiotic supplement and eating prebiotic foods (such as onions, garlic, artichokes, bananas) will help restore the levels of beneficial bacteria that are destroyed by antibiotics.

    I know that onions and garlic have anti-bacterial properties but I never heard the term "prebiotic" before. Here’s a definition of it:


    (You have to copy and paste the entire link, including the word in parentheses.)

  99. well im sort of sad that vik’s giving up on evansgarden but at the same time im kind of relieved…it pained me to hear about her skin just getting worse. ive been there with a lot of products that others raved about. πŸ™

    i hope one of the other natural products works for you and you will never have to go back to chemicals.

    as for me, my skin has been pretty much the same recently. i recently got a jeep, so after i ride around with the top down my face does get pretty gross, but other than that ive been fine. i just ordered some refill products (clarity lotion, spray, and a masque) and my mom ordered some anti-aging stuff (i think more money than ive ever seen her spend on herself so im excited for her) and i ordered the deoderant powder. ive been using trader joe’s deoderant which worked fine in the winter but now that its getting hotter its just not cutting it. hopefully this stuff works better for me than it did for vik…did you try the powder or the spray?

  100. I have both the powder and the spray (Romantic scent) and I think the spray works better for me (sorry Hannanay). Another good deodorant is Home Health’s Herbal Magic roll-on deodorant (I use unscented).

    A few days ago, a lady in my choir told me that I had beautiful skin! I protested, telling her I thought she had much better skin, and then in an email she wrote back to me: "p.s. You do so have beautiful skin…" I think that’s the first time in my life that anyone has ever told me I had beautiful skin, on my face anyway. This stuff must be working better than I realized. I still see all the scars, but I guess with make-up on at least, someone who has normal eyesight as far as I know thinks I have beautiful skin. Wow!

  101. That’s great, really happy for you lenore πŸ˜€

    I used the certainty powder deoderant and in all honesty I probably would’ve seen better results if I rubbed baking soda under my arms. Now I use a crystal rock which works brilliantly. I just rub it on after my shower and it keeps me 100% smell free all day. It doesn’t have any scent which may not appeal to some people but if that’s the case, you can always wear perfume. I used the rock while travelling for a year and it only went down the tiniest amount so I assume it will last a good few years. I lost that one but this new one’s just as good.

  102. aaaaaaaaaah lenore thats so exciting!! doesnt that just make all your struggles worth it? cant wait until i get to that day. πŸ™‚

    oh welll….ill try it anyway and hopefully it works okay. :/

  103. how wonderful lenore!! you must be SOOOOOO pleased!!I’m really happy for you!
    I’m still waiting for my clarity range… its been about 3 weeks since i ordered it, so, it should be here soon ( i hope!)

  104. Thank you for your support ladies. Honestly, I don’t feel at all like I have beautiful skin, but I guess at least with make-up I look okay. Vik85, I hate to tell you this but Dr. Weil said that the crystal deodorants that claim that they don’t contain aluminum actually do. I didn’t feel that the powder worked very well for me at all but the spray’s pretty good. Geckogirl, I’m keeping my fingers crossed. Vik85, keep us updated on the Gaia stuff.

    This is from http://www.drweil.com/drw/u/ART00320/body.odor.html :

    What natural treatments for body odor does Dr. Weil recommend?
    Since the bacterial breakdown of sweat is what causes most body odor, try these measures to reduce body odor naturally:

    • Because stimulants, including coffee and tea, contribute to body odor by increasing the activity of apocrine sweat glands, try eliminating these beverages and any others containing caffeine.

      Splash rubbing alcohol in the armpits to reduce bacteria on the skin.

      Look for deodorants in health-food stores that contain extracts of green tea, which is a safe, natural antibacterial.

    Aluminum in deodorant products can be irritating or harmful. Avoid "natural crystals," which may contain aluminum – even if they say they don’t.

  105. YAY!! I got my clarity range!
    I got it yesterday… I arrived a few days earlier, but my boyfriend collected it from the post office and only gave it to me yesterday – on my birthday – coz he bought it for me as a b-day present πŸ™‚

    So, i’ve used it 3 times now… and i’m really enjoying it!
    The masque seems to work pretty well for drying out the spots.

    I also got a teeny trial of rose perfume… and also some anti oxidant cream, that i wasnt expecting!

    Only downside is customs charged a TON in duties… my boyfriend didn’t want to tell me how much… but i think about $20 πŸ™

    oh well… i’m excited to see how it goes! πŸ™‚

  106. yay yay yay!! i really really hope it works well for you! people started saying my skin looked better right away, but im only now starting to really agree. i hope it works as well for you! a few things that i would recommend:

    1) try to nip under-the-skin zits in the bud with the on-the-spot serum. it doesnt do much once the zit has come to a head, but when its under the skin, the serum sometimes makes it go back down.

    2) use the mask a lot. (although, i do use the old mask. apparently the new mask isnt quite the same so youll have to figure it out for yourself…)

    3) use the spray a lot–throughout the day too if you can afford it. its magical.

  107. ok – so my last post was just a quickie…

    I have only used the Clarity DreamSoap so far (not the Lavender Bloom yet) – wow, a little really goes a long way!
    The spot Serum – I don’t have anything special to say about it yet… seems good tho πŸ™‚
    The Lavender masque: I don’t like the smell at all… but it works REALLY well!! I used it as a spot treatment and left it on overnight – and by morning, the 2 spots i had put the masque on, were pretty much little dry specs! I am planning on using the masque 3 times a week (i wanna make it last as looooong as i can!
    Clarity lotion and Oily Skin moisturiser – i started using both of them… but i think one is suffiecient… I’m sticking to the clarity one for now… its very moisturising… i like it a lot!!
    Perfection Mist: feels so refreshing! not sure about the benefits… but it feels really good!

    Now, as far as results go… i am certain i see an improvement… am i crazy?? is it possible??? I’ve only used it sunday twice, monday twice, and this morning… so 5 times…??? it can’t work this quickly can it??? πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ can it πŸ˜€
    i am still getting small pimples, but the quality and tone of my skin looks better… and the clear patches on my skin feel softer and smoother. hmmm… i think i love this stuff πŸ™‚

    also, probably worth mentioning… last week i went to a dermatologist – coz i was feeling really down about my skin and stuff… she put me on an anti biotic (tetralysal – i think spelling is correct) and prescribed me some face wash and cream… which i havent been using, obviously – coz i wanna use my new stuff from evan!! i am taking the antibiotics tho – but the derm said to me that they will take at least 4 weeks to notice any improvement – so i’m not giving them any credit for my skin.

    Anyway – so far, so good πŸ™‚ I wish i could buy one of EVERYTHING off evan’s site… i really love how this stuff feels, and it isn’t a mission to use like i thought it would be… what with shaking and mixing and stirring etc… its avtually kinda fun going into the bathroom and spending 10 minutes mixing these "magical potions"! haha.

    well… thanks lenore for introducing us to this stuff! i am looking forward to the day someone says to me "you have beautiful skin!"… and for the first time, i believe it will happen!

  108. This is a very promising start GekkoGirl. Evan says that many people do experience very quick results from the products. My skin is really clear right now and has been for a while. They are lovely products. I use the Light Cream for under my eyes, on my neck and around my mouth mostly. What make-up and/or sunscreen are you using?

  109. I don’t wear foundation every day ( i used to until my skin started breaking out badly)… I would LOVE to try evan’s foundation… but will have to think about it due to cost etc (the currency in SA is horrific! and what with the added duties i had to pay – this really cost an absolute fortune!!)
    When I do wear foundation, i just use a revlon foundation – i have never really known about organic and mineral makeup etc… i’m really interested in it now tho πŸ™‚ just have to find something locally!

    Sunscreen – i am not a good girl when it comes to sunscreen! and i know i should – especially living in africa nad being quite fair… I have a spray on sunscreen made by placecol ( think they are austrailian, but quite big here in SA) … a link to the sun products is http://www.placecol.com/sun-protection.html and i use the Milky Spray SPF15 when i remember to use sunscreen – it works pretty well – in that its not shiny/oily etc and doesnt make me break out.

    Lenore – with the foundation powder… does one mix it into the clarity lotion or the regular light cream?

  110. okay i am so super excited right now. eep!! hehe sry.

    okay im trying to remember what you said other than it’s working…

    you talked a little about makup and sunscreen. evan actually thinks that commercial sunscreens can give you skin cancer. i was sceptical at first, but i did do some research and now i think she might be right. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sunscreen if you’re interested. sooo…ive just been using makeup with sun screening benefits (like lenore) and staying in the shade as much as possible.

    when choosing an organic makeup, be very careful. theyre so expensive, you dont want to waste your money on something that could break you out. lenore is pretty knowledgeable about which ingredients break you out, so id say you should talk to her about it before you buy. other tips when using makeup:

    1.) apply right after washing your face. once i put makeup on in the middle of the day, and i broke out the next day. i think that’s because the makeup was trapping dirt/bacteria on my skin. same if you reaply throughout the day–dont do it without washing first.

    2.) use cotton balls or cosmetic wedges, or, if you MUST use a brush, wash it every time you use it and keep it somewhere where it wont get contaminated. or, if you find a organic liquid foundation with sunblock (or use evan’s mizes) just wash your hands first. personally, i just use cotton balls, which work fine.

    **still excited!!!** XD

  111. oh i should also say that ive started using the deoderant powder. the first day i just used a little and it didnt work well at all. i was really dissapointed, but as i was reading the label i noticed that it said to adjust the amount as necissary, so i used a whole bunch the next time and it worked well. ive also started washing my whole body with the dreamsoap, which i think is helping with BO. i havent seen a huge difference in body acne yet, but ive only been using it for a few days.

  112. wow – i wike up this morning and the whole right side pf my face is smooth and clear! (well – its red and blotchy from old scars etc – but nothing too serious!)
    The left side is lookoing beter than it has in a while… I had one new little zit when i woke up, the older ones along my jawline are slowly fading (i think).

    I think the masque is a great product! Also the clarity dreamsoap and clarity lotion. I havent really used the lavender soap or oily skin cream yet. I can’t say I’m mad about the spot serum tho… i find it brings the zits to the surface quicker – i guess thats a good thing tho.
    Also love the mist – feels so great!

    I have made a wishlist of a bunch of other products from http://www.evansgarden.com that i want… will keep you posted if i decide to get anything!

    all in all, im happy… and looking pretty πŸ™‚ hee hee

  113. Yes!!!! Im so excited.

    As for me, I skipped my foundation (gabriels–it helps protect your skin) for the last few days, thinking i was being so brave. i woke up with i think about 4 whiteheads. haha oh well. my overall skin is still lookin great!

  114. I’m so excited that the products are working for you already GeckoGirl. I’m wondering about the antibiotics though. I find that taking certain supplements and being on an anti-inflammatory type of diet works as well as taking antibiotics. I took so many antibiotics for so many years and in the end I ended up with the acne getting much worse (cystic). From what I’ve read, they weaken one’s immune system. They may work for a while but then resistant bacteria start to form and the acne can get worse in the long run. That’s what I believe from what I’ve read and from my own personal experiences. Don’t just drop taking your antibiotics becaue of what I’ve said though. It may actually be worse to stop mid-way than to complete the course. My doctor told me to taper off of them gradually also.

    I feel that it would be best to use nothing but Evan’s products on your face because if you add in sunscreens or make-up with chemicals, you’re kind of defeating the purpose of using pure organic products. I mix the foundation powder with her foundation base cream for oily skin (similar in texture to the Light Cream). You can also just apply the powder alone. When I tried using another brand of natural liquid make-up I started to break out. My skin’s been really clear. The only thing that annoys me is that bad zit between my eyes has left a red mark and is still slightly raised. That zit came when I was being really lax in washing my face regularly and using the mask. I’m going to be really regular from now on. I’m really bad about using the masque regularly. I probably should be using it 2x a week for good measure.

  115. ok – i took the plunge and ordered some more stuff…
    Velvet Nourishing Facial Scrub
    More Clarity Lotion
    More Simply Sensational Masque – Lavender
    Heavenly!(tm) Antioxidant Lip Treatment(Orange Vanilla Creme for my mom and Golden Peach for me)
    Pure Mineral Foundation Powder Samples (HOPE they match my skin tone… i ordered 5 samples…)
    Meadow Foam Hand Soap – Cherry

    can’t wait to get it… will post back about the new stuff πŸ™‚

  116. They all sound yummy. If these foundation colors don’t match, you could send Evan a sample of a foundation that matches your skin and ask her to give you the powder numbers that are closest to that. It’s hard to tell colors from a computer screen.

  117. ja – I’m hoping one of the samples matches – but if not, I’ll just use it as a test… wear it on a day i’m home all day, and just see how it feels, and stays on all day etc (and hope i don’t forget i’m wearing funny foundation and go out – haha – that would be funny!)

    I’m really excited about the velvet facial scrub… i always exfoliated once a week, and since i’ve been using the clarity range, i feel that i’m missing out on a part of my routine.

    My skin is looking smoother and clearer everyday… even though i have a pretty biggish zit on my right cheek – it’s not as red and inflamed as i would expect it.
    I am really very naughty when it comes to zits… i am addicted to squeezing and squooshing them. I’ve been trying so hard to keep my hands off my face since I started clarity tho. Even the one or 2 zits i couldn’t resist, didn’t get as gross and red and infected as they usually do when i squeeze them. (YOu’d think i’d learn squeezing = makes it worse! it really is an addiction!)

    Anyway… even my mom said to me last night my skin is looking better (i haven’t told her what i’m using… i wanted to see if anyone would notice the improvement without anticipating results – if that makes sense…?)

  118. ja – I’m hoping one of the samples matches – but if not, I’ll just use it as a test… wear it on a day i’m home all day, and just see how it feels, and stays on all day etc (and hope i don’t forget i’m wearing funny foundation and go out – haha – that would be funny!)

    That would be funny if you went out like a mime in white face or something. You could practice doing "the box" and "the stairs".

    I’m really excited about the velvet facial scrub… i always exfoliated once a week, and since i’ve been using the clarity range, i feel that i’m missing out on a part of my routine.

    Please tell me how you like that. I’m going to ask Evan if she recommends it for acneic skin. I’d like to try a sample of that myself.

    My skin is looking smoother and clearer everyday… even though i have a pretty biggish zit on my right cheek – it’s not as red and inflamed as i would expect it.


    I am really very naughty when it comes to zits… i am addicted to squeezing and squooshing them. I’ve been trying so hard to keep my hands off my face since I started clarity tho. Even the one or 2 zits i couldn’t resist, didn’t get as gross and red and infected as they usually do when i squeeze them. (YOu’d think i’d learn squeezing = makes it worse! it really is an addiction!)

    It is very addictive. I copied down some tips for helping kick the squeezing addiction somewhere on the board here. I’ll look for them. I think one of them said to get one of those rubbery squeezy balls and go work on them instead of your face. Dr. Fulton said to wear gloves.

    Anyway… even my mom said to me last night my skin is looking better (i haven’t told her what i’m using… i wanted to see if anyone would notice the improvement without anticipating results – if that makes sense…?)

    That’s the best test that something’s really happening. That’s exciting! :tu

  119. Here’s one thread about picking with links to other threads about picking/squeezing:


    God, my stupid computer is so messed up that it takes like 3-5 minutes to just open up a new window (like the "view more Emoticons" window). This is ridiculous. That started happening after I downloaded an M.S. Windows update that was supposed to block spyware. It was just a regular update thing that popped up. :help (Took me several minutes to get the little "help" guy in there.)

  120. Thanks for the squeezing etc tips Lenore πŸ™‚

    well – I’ve been using the clarity line for 2 weeks now… i have noticed that my skin is so smooth and pretty soft too! I am actually very suprised, I must admit! I really didn’t expect such result so quickly!

    I’m pretty sure my pores around my nose etc are slightly smaller too… My skin on my face is not as red as it used to be… so it seems like the older scarring redness is softening too!

    I do still get a new pimple every 2 days or so – BUT they are not nearly as red or inflamed as before… infact – if you didn’t know it was there, you might not even notice it, just looking at me – especially with makeup on!

    I’m not sure what the most powerful product in the kit is… but if I had to choose, I’d say its the masque (I have the SS lavender masque – I have ordered another one too). I use the masque about 2 to 4 times a week, but i use it as a spot treatment almost every night (leave it overnight).

    I am so so impressed with this line! I LOOOOVE washing my face in the morning and evenings, I really look forward to it πŸ˜›

    I will say that I am a little disappointed at how quickly the spot serum ran out. I ordered the medium kit ($84) and the spot serum lasted less than 2 weeks πŸ™ so – thats not too great.

    But in general – i’m totally impressed and happy… I hope my skin cntinues to improve on this range, at this rate!

  121. I am so very pleased to hear that you love the products too GeckoGirl and that you enjoy using them also. They really are lovely. As your skin starts to clear more, you will find that you are using less and less spot serum. Eventually, you will have the opposite problem where you will end up with a stockpile of unused spot serums from the kits. I don’t even order the kits anymore for that reason, just the products I need. Evan said that it’s okay to use the masque as frequently as every day until the skin clears, although it could get drying. I would like to see you using only her products on your skin, meaning her make-up also, because they are so pure and work so well together.

    I also recommend her As Young As I Feel Serum. I feel it helps to clear the acne and also helps soften down the pitted scarring. It is very expensive though, so I’m going to use it every other day or maybe 3 times a week instead of every day to make it last longer. The serum is not as pleasant to use as her other products because it contains emu oil and has kind of a gamey smell and greasy feel to it but I do feel that it is effective. My skin feels really soft after I use it. It does absorb into the skin really well.

  122. for some reason i havent been notified at my email that this board had more replies. anyway, im really glad that this is workin for ya!! its also cool that you said you were surprised it worked, cause i was sort of wondering if for me it was just a mental thing, since i had wanted it to work so bad. but now i know that it really is the wonderful products, and im not wasting my money for something that my mind actually controls!!

    well, my skin is pretty much the same as usual. i had my period last week (i only get it 3-4 times a year) and i had a little breakout, but nothing too serious. my main concern right now is body acne. i dont really want to use clarity stuff on my whole body because of the price, and i also doubt those products would be strong enough for body acne. a few nights ago i mixed the bare & beautiful (or something like that) body cream with a few drops of tea tree oil and applied that. do you guys think thats a good idea?

  123. I’m not sure if the body cream is good for acne-prone areas or not. It’s a pretty thick, rich cream. I was using Naturally Clear scrub and spray for my chest and back, but I think I’m out of it now.

  124. anyway, im really glad that this is workin for ya!! its also cool that you said you were surprised it worked, cause i was sort of wondering if for me it was just a mental thing, since i had wanted it to work so bad. but now i know that it really is the wonderful products, and im not wasting my money for something that my mind actually controls!!

    Yes – I honestly AM suprised it’s working so well… I feel like I’ve tried EVERYTHING… I was even on Roaccutane about 18 months ago – and that did sweet nothing for me (well, nothing positive anyway!)

    I am so happy with these products! I wish I could get them quicker… waiting for them is the worst!

    I LOVE washing my face each day πŸ™‚ and I browse Evans website constantly, making notes of what I want to try next – i wish I could have one of everything! πŸ˜›

  125. As far as I’m concerned, Accutane is pure poison, or as a friend of mine put it, "chemotherapy for acne". It was being researched initially for treating cancer. I’m just so jazzed that the Clarity products are working for you two. May you both continue to get more and more clear to where your spot serum bottles become dusty from lack of use. I hope that Vik85 is having success with the new raw vegan line that she’s trying.

  126. Congrats Geckogirl πŸ˜€

    I hope it keeps working for you. I loved using her products but my skin just didn’t agree which is a shame. I agree with lenore… accutane is poison. I used differin which I don’t think is as strong and it just totally ruined my skin. I think it permanently made it weaker and I just wish I’d never tried it. Anyway good luck with this new natural range… I’m sure you’ll never go back to harsh chemicals again!

    Hannanay… how did you find the certainty deoderant?

  127. haha i browse the site all the time too. its fun!! and now my moms addicted to the anti aging products, which i swear have already made her look so much better <3

    thanks for the good wishes lenore, you are such a blessing! you really seem to care about us, i appreciate it!!

    yup i hate differin too. we should start an i hate differin club. πŸ™‚ but im so glad to be off it forever now!!

    well the deoderant was certainly not as good as id hoped, but ive found that if i put a LOT on i smell fine for that day, even tho i still sweat. evan said i should do a cleanse. we’ll see. but its amazing for razor (or wax) burn. i actually wax, and i usually end up with mega irritation, but the deoderant powder somehow helps. one good thing…

  128. Thank you HannaNay. That was really sweet. I don’t have any children, so you’re kind of like my "kids" to me. Which of Evan’s deodorants did y’all try, the spray or the powder? The powder didn’t do much for me. The spray worked okay, but I think the perfume in it was making me sneeze and stuffing up my sinuses a bit, not sure. I try to remember to hold my breath when I’m spraying stuff on for that reason. I’ve gone back to using Home Health’s unscented Herbal Magic Roll On Deodorant. Here’s the ingredients in that one:


    Algae Extracts, Aloe Vera Gel, Deionized Water, Witch Hazel, Sodium Bicarbonate
    [Baking Soda], Herbal Extracts of [Fennel, Hops, Chamomile, Balm Mint,
    Mistletoe, and Yarrow], Grapefruit Seed Extract. Contains no Aluminum ,
    Artificial preservatives or colors.

    I found the ingredients listed here: http://www.internatural-alternative-health.com/ingr/ingr157230.cfm . I don’t believe in anti-perspirants though. I believe it’s healthy to sweat. You can always use underarm shields if you don’t want to stain your clothes.

  129. Oh my goodness Lenore that’s really sweet of you to say. Thanks!

    Um, I use the deorderant powder. It’s okay, so im going to use it up before i buy anything new.

    Did you ask Evan about the face scrub yet? gecko, what do you think of it so far?

  130. I haven’t received my other goodies yet πŸ™
    They took about 3 and a half weeks to arrive last time… you guys take living in The States for granted! πŸ˜€

    I’m having my stuff sent to my sister in Florida, and she’ll send it on to me… that way I don’t have to pay HUGE amounts at customs (last time they charged me about 45% of the total goods… which really sucks!!).

    The moment I get my parcel, I’ll let you know how I find it… I really can’t wait! I’m so glad I tried this stuff!!

  131. Here’s an email exchange with Evan:

    Me: Do you recommend the Velvet Scrub for acne-prone skin? (That’s the only scrub you have, right?) We (the ladies on the board) are curious to try it.

    Evan: If the skin is particularly sensitive, I’d say only scrub very gently. I feel the masque is better, gentler and it does exfoliate β€” and only use the scrub if your skin can take it being scrubbed. Velvet is pretty gentle, though.

  132. Thanks for that info!

    I’m still looking forward to it! My skin isn’t really very sensitive – so, hopefully it’ll be ok πŸ˜€

    TO update – my skin is looking and feeling good.

    I don’t have any spot serum or Clarity lotion left πŸ™ so, I’ve been using the light moisturiser in the evenings and Nutraderm moisturiser during the day (I’m waiting for more Clarity lotion).
    Still loving the masque – its a FANTASTIC product!!

  133. uh oh — I have this HUGE problem going on along my jawline…
    I felt a big zit about 4 days ago coming up, and I’ve been doctoring the area with the SS lavender masque overnight… it kinda went away – but this morning it was all big and bumpy and red πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ – after a night of masque!
    And it multiplied and now I have THREE monster zits on my jaw πŸ™
    I guess they could be worse – they aren’t too red… but still
    I wish I had some spot serum left – but thats looong gone.

    Holding thumbs it sorts itself out quickly… I must NOT squeeze it!!!

  134. Oh, shoot. The Clarity lotion and the spot serum are essential products in the Clarity system though, so you can’t really blame it on the Clarity products. Also, I looked up Nutraderm on drugstore.com and found the ingredients for Nutraderm Therapeutic Lotion (couldn’t find "Nutraderm Moisturizer"):

    Water Purified, Mineral Oil, Sorbitan Stearate, Stearyl Alcohol, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Cetyl Alcohol, Carbomer 940, Diazolidinyl Urea, Methylparaben, Triethanolamine, Propylparaben, Fragrance

    It contains Sodium Lauryl Sulfate which is very comedogenic and also irritating. I would recommend that you stop using that immediately. It’s full of chemicals anyway. Are you familiar with the acne detective list at http://www.zerozits.com/Articles/acnedetect.htm ? I don’t go by it 100%, particularly since they added in ingredients after Dr. James E. Fulton, Jr. created the original list (like algae extract, some of them of which I find to actually help my skin).

  135. Oh no, I don’t blame Clarity at all… My skin would probably be tons worse if I wasn’t using it (it’s also that hormonal time of the month – so I shouldn’t be too sad about my skin!).
    I guess I was hoping I could get through this week or so without any skin problems πŸ˜€

    Thanks for the link Lenore… I’m not clued up on all this stuff at all, so I appreciate the help.

    I wish I could find a moisturiser that I could buy off the shelf here in SA that’s non comedogenic.

    My light lotion from Evan is also nearly finished, thats’ why i’m only using it in the evening, and something else in the day – while I wait for my other order to arrive.

  136. hey guys! its been a while. ive been having a bit of ba breakout lately. im on my period, ive been kinda stressed, my diet is horrible (i work at an ice cream shop during the summer so i always kinda eat whatever in the summer and then go healthy again in the fall) and i spilled my clarity lotion on the sink a while back and then tried to scoop it back in, so now i guess it might be contaminated. ah well, everybody else keeps saying i look fine, and everyone agrees that i look much much better than before i started clarity. im still a believer.

    gecko, hows your jawline healing up?

    lenonre, any updates?

    i think i might order the scrub for my nose–i have some cloggged pores and blackheads there that have started to bother me now that the bigger problems are going away. but my first budget item is more clarity lotion–it just might take me a while to scrape up the cash.

  137. I’m sorry for the Clarity lotion accident Hannanay — bummer. I’m almost out of the stuff myself, and I’ve got to order it tonight. I keep forgetting to. I’m debating whether to get the AYAIF again though. Are you on their email list for specials? They had the Clarity kit on sale (just 5% off I think) for a while but it’s over now. I don’t need the whole kit though. I’ve got extras of the serum and the masque. My skin’s been staying clear. I’m feeling bummed, though, because that one bad zit that slipped through (the bindi zit, between the eyes) has left a reddish raised scar. Would you believe that I still haven’t gotten batteries for the Martel SkinLift hand unit yet either? I wonder if I could have prevented the scar by using the light. I’ve been so deeply fatigued that I’ve barely been able to make it to the drugstore, the market, etc. I’m going to contact a healer who was highly recommended to me (acupuncture, nutrition, supplements, herbs). She said he was extremely intuitive too.

  138. Hannanay – my jawline cleared up A LOT QUICKER than normal… even though i was very naughty and fiddled with it a lot :oops

    My order arrived HOORAY!!! :rock
    I ordered Scrub, MeadowFoam handsoap, foundation samples, more clarity lotion (a nice BIG bottle!!), more lavender masque.

    I used the scrub last night – my verdict:
    It smells great! I’m not a huge fan of the whole organic smell – i thought the lavender masque smelt horrible – but this scrub somehow reminds me of muffins baking, haha, i have no idea why πŸ™‚
    Anyway – its very rough, but leaves skin nice and smooth. I don’t think it would be good if you had lotsa pimples, or broken skin… but my skin is pretty good – a couple of red blemishes – but nothing bad. This morning I woke up looking, well… fantastic!

    The meadowfoam handsoap is so cool – it’s light and foamy and i can’t think of the right word to describe it – other than delightful! haha – even tho i never say delightful in my everyday conversation! It’s very nice and light and gentle. I bought it coz i wash my hands a lot… and i hate putting cream on afterwards, so, i have very dry hands – hoping this’ll help.

    Also got free sample of a mens cologne, and a bar of citrus soap.

    I’ll post about the foundation samples once i use them for a full day.


  139. oh yes – the other day, my mom told me my skin looks great, and it was glowing!!! :rock she even asked if i had any makeup on! (which i didnt)…


    :rock :yup :rock :yup :rock :yup :rock :yup :rock :yup :rock :yup :rock :yup :rock :yup

  140. Yaaaaay!! That is so exciting Geckogirl. I can’t believe I actually let myself run out of Clarity Lotion before ordering. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that my skin will hold out okay until it arrives (made my order yesterday). In the meantime, I’m going to try mixing some of the spot serum with the Light Cream in lieu of using the serum. My spot serum bottle was almost empty, so I put it upside down in a little baby food jar so that whatever was left would drip down to the top. (I still have two full bottles of spot serum though.) Anyway, when I went to use the upside down bottle, the serum came out so much faster than normal. It normally takes an eternity for the stuff to come out. I think I’m always going to store it upside down from now on, or at least once it’s halfway used up or so.

    As to using something off the shelf, you’d be better off and safer using aloe vera gel and maybe a little jojoba oil if necessary (Desert Essence is a good brand) rather than using the chemical laden stuff, especial the ones containing acnegenic chemicals (like the Nutraderm). I hope you’ve stop using that.

  141. Unfortunately, the package from Evan ended up sitting out in the 100 degree sun outside for God knows how many hours. The two creams are totally wrecked (yellowy, liquified, curdled) and some of the other products seem off to me also. Now I’m going to have to go even longer without the Clarity Lotion, which is really making me anxious. I’ll just make sure I use the masque at least twice a week and hopefully I’ll be okay. I don’t know yet how this situation is going to be handled. I’m really bummed about this. $187 worth of products cooked in the sun and ruined — that really sucks.

  142. Oh NO! how frustrating!
    That really does suck… at least you have spot serum… better than nothing πŸ™‚

    I’m also pretty much out of Light Cream…
    I have the big tub of Clarity (got my stuff about 10 days ago – i think.
    Next order I’m going to orger more Clarity dreamsoap, Light Cream and spot serum.
    I really do like the Velvet Scrub – it is pretty rough – but my skin isn’t bad anymore, so, the scrub is cool πŸ™‚

    I won’t order the meadowfoam handsoap again… it smells great etc etc, but it goes really quickly, and I was hoping it would be more moisturising/nutritious to my hands – it’s winter now and my skin on my hands is pretty dry, and i LOATHE using handcream during the day.

    The lipgloss is nice – smells good and looks pretty – but I can’t really say more than that. I am glad I tried it tho πŸ™‚

  143. I just tossed two jars, one medium one large, of the Rose Bouquet masque that were in my fridge. They went bad anyway. I also threw out a bottle of spot serum. The kits just don’t work for me because I use the products up at different speeds. I’m still pretty much clear (one really small one on my cheek) without having the Clarity Lotion so maybe I can get away with just the Light Cream and the other Clarity products. Gotta run now…

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