Can anyone recommend good healthy lunch ideas?

Hi all

I’ve started the green smoothie regime today and am going to try and have one for breakfast and one in the evening.

I work in an office and am looking for ideas for healthy foods to prepare and take in with me (preferably non-dairy and non-wheat as I’m trying to cut back on those things) – so I don’t get tempted to just opt for an unhealthy sandwich! I make alot of hummus and eat that with oatcakes which is nice, but can’t eat that all the time. And I’ve made nice butternut squash soup before.

Any ideas which you use? Needs to be fairly easy to prepare as I’m a bit of a lazy cook! :wink

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3 thoughts on “Can anyone recommend good healthy lunch ideas?

  1. Are you a vegetarian or do you eat meat? I like to eat leftovers cold next day for lunch, like e.g. salmon, broccoli with salad dressing on it and salad. I bake the salmon with some olive oil and Dr. F.’s Veggie Zest on top and then squeeze lemon on it before eating. I also eat plain soy yogurt with a little agave syrup, and/or blueberries and raw pistachio meats for breakfast or lunch. I make raw almond/seed butter sandwiches using sprouted bread and a little agave syrup. I use the Food For Life sprouted breads that have no added gluten. It does contain sprouted wheat, but the sprouted form of wheat doesn’t seem to cause me problems.

  2. Hi Lenore, thanks for the great ideas!

    I do eat fish but don’t really eat meat any more (don’t call myself a vegetarian, I just don’t like meat that much) – so the salmon idea is great, might try that. Can’t get the Dr Fuhrman dressings or products in the UK, but I guess I can manage without those.

    I bought a nice 3 bean salad to have for lunch today so hopefully that will be nice. I love hummus, that’s my problem, could eat it morning noon and night but I guess that’s not that good for you, ha ha! 😀

    Do you know any nice recipes for other bean-style dips / spreads? I’d like to make a nice spicy bean spread or similar but don’t have a recipe.

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