My first green smoothie!

Hi folks
This is my first post, so be gentle! I was on here yesterday and was fascinated by the Green Smoothie posts. I’ve been trying on and off the follow Karen Jesset’s recommendations in her book ‘Clear Skin’ which basically advocates binning the toxic junk foods and eating lots of fresh fruit and salads as a way to clear your skin.

I’m ok with eating fruit but struggle a bit to motivate when it comes to salad. So imagine my joy to find that thread on green smoothies and discover a way to incorporate a lot of greens without having to – um – chew them!

I’ve invested in a Vita-Mix (not arrived yet) so this is what set me out on the hunt for good smoothie recipes.

Today I made my first green smoothie using the following:

handful baby spinach
tinned pineapple chunks
tinned pears
frozen raspberries
Bit of juice from tinned pineapple / pears
mineral water

And it is YUMMY! I know its probably better to use fresh pineapple and pears but I couldn’t find any ripe ones in my local supermarket, so thought tinned fruit (in juice rather than syrup) was better than nothing!

Anyone else tried / currently trying the green smoothies? Had any good results with clearing your acne?

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